Have You Ever Failed at Anything?

by Jonathan Parker on April 8, 2016

Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  He was talking about all the times he tried to create a light bulb that didn’t work.  This is an interesting perspective isn’t it? But it isn’t how most people react most of the time. I remember how I often put myself down in the past when things didn’t go the way I planned. It took me years to figure...


by Jonathan Parker on March 31, 2016

Strong self-confidence develops at a young age by having a strong support network of loving parents, family, and friends who encourage the child to keep working to succeed even when they fall short. That forms the foundation of how to improve self-esteem and confidence.  It is very important for parents to be on the watch for their children’s faltering self-esteem and know how to increase...

Who Are U?

by Jonathan Parker on March 23, 2016

When I was in my 20s I’d swing from being arrogant to feeling incompetent. I thought, “Why am I feeling and acting like this? I don’t like the way it feels, and it certainly doesn’t help me help anyone.” I remember being really frustrated with myself for somehow automatically doing this, because I recognized neither were true. Everyone does this to themselves but it isn’t healthy and there is...

How to Have Self-Confidence

by Jonathan Parker on March 14, 2016

There is no wondering why my friend Danny Everett was successful and won Gold in the 1988 Olympics. He is the most confident person I’ve ever met. Danny and I play tennis together a few times every week, and he is such an incredible role model of how to build up confidence. He is always focused on playing at the top of his game, and positively encourages me and other players.  I’ve also...

Your Power of Positive Self-Esteem - Part 1

by Jonathan Parker on February 18, 2016

  If someone says that you have high self-esteem, they may be paying you a compliment or criticizing you. Why is this? Well, self-esteem sometimes means you feel self-respect and positive value, but it can also mean an exaggerated favorable impression of yourself. Either way, it is a commentary on how you feel about yourself. It is also a strong determiner of the quality of your...

The Cause of Failure...or Success!

by Jonathan Parker on February 10, 2016

  Your self-esteem determines whether you will be a success and feel happy, or not.  Why? Because your self esteem affects how you judge your appearance, accomplishments, skills, and talents. And that affects all your actions.  The level of your self-esteem is a major component of your self-image. It is how you feel about yourself and your life. It includes how worthy and deserving...

Help! My Inner Child Hurts

by Jonathan Parker on January 24, 2016

When you first hear the term “inner child” you may think it is a weird idea. After all, you are now an adult and your childhood is far behind you. The idea that there is still some sort of child trapped inside of you may not make logical sense to you; however, as you reflect on it you will realize that who you are today is heavily influenced by the problems, strengths, habits, perceptions, and...


How to Heal Your Inner Child

by Jonathan Parker on January 24, 2016

The emotional wounds you have suffered in your childhood may reveal themselves in damaging ways in your relationships as an adult.   Regardless of your age, you have experienced several problems and heartaches in the past.  Whether it was bullying, loneliness, insecurity or even lack of attention and affection from your family, all of these affect your current relationships with others...


3 Steps to Forgiving

by Jonathan Parker on January 24, 2016

Just about everyone has heard of forgiving and no doubt thinks we should do it, but when it comes right down to how to forgive people often are at a loss. A dear relative of mine used to say, "I can forgive, but I can't forget." Well, that never sounded like forgiving to me but I recognized the difficulty she was having with people who had been cruel to her. No doubt she heard someone...

Self Help

How to Forgive

by Jonathan Parker on January 24, 2016

Healing a relationship with someone else must begin by healing yourself, and forgiveness is a key to opening your heart and letting yourself back in. Answering the question, "what is forgiveness" will open the doorway to your own heart and soul and lead you to a healing of the very core of the issues.  The regular practice of forgiveness unfolds the qualities of your heart and soul such...

Self Help

How Do I Forgive?

by Jonathan Parker on January 23, 2016

  In this article I will lead you through a process so you will answer the question for yourself, "How do I forgive myself and others." This is an important question to answer because sometimes forgiveness seems to be quite difficult, especially when one has suffered greatly. Through this process you will come to understand forgiveness to a greater depth by engaging in the process...

Self Help

The Power of Positive Thinking

by Jonathan Parker on January 23, 2016

Whatever negative thoughts and beliefs you hold they can be changed through the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking is not the defining characteristic of most people. Everyone has a concept or image of who they think they are, and for the most part, they define themselves based on limitations concluded from past experiences. Yet, these conclusions are actually nothing more than...

Mind Power

Jonathan's Free Videos

by Jonathan Parker on December 12, 2015

  I just posted a new video on my channel and I don't want you to miss it. You'll see it at the top of the list on my channel. Here's a partial list of some videos I think you'll enjoy: 4 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work7 Reasons Visualization Techniques Fail3 Painless Ways to Become Clear of Negative KarmaLearn to MeditateVisualization Techniques to...

Change how others treat you in 5 minutes!

by Jonathan Parker on December 3, 2015

  Do you ever feel like people take advantage of you, judge you, or even victimize you? Do you get hit with some upset frequently that causes you some kind of internal or external pain? Did you know there is something you can do that will actually change the way people treat you?   Most people believe you can only affect yourself, and you can’t do anything about anyone else. They...

Learn to Tune Into Your Inner Subtle Space‏

by Jonathan Parker on November 27, 2015

Have you felt like your energy is drained?  It might be! Do some issues you struggle with keep coming back?  That’s not just your karma! Have you unexplained aches and pains?  There is always a cause! Does it seem like it takes a lot of effort to move forward?  It is probably not bad luck! Have you had a hard time controlling your weight?  It may not be what you think!...


To Paris with Love

by Jonathan Parker on November 17, 2015

Billions of us walk the earth wondering why the earth is being destroyed and why there is so much conflict and war... And why is it so difficult to love our enemies? Do you feel love for those who inflicted their violence on innocent people in Paris recently? Loving your enemies doesn't come easy for most. It's difficult to love those people who seek to defeat or harm us. Many would go so...

How to Raise Your Consciousness Above 500

by Jonathan Parker on November 9, 2015

Would you like to have a map so you could identify where you currently stand in your pursuit of growth? One of the most fascinating ways to determine your level of consciousness was created by the late Dr. David Hawkins. He called it the Scale of Consciousness and this is how it works... *     Below 200 on the scale are all the negative emotions...fear, anger, guilt, etc., *...


by Jonathan Parker on September 21, 2015

The Most Effective Technique  to Remove Blocks, Negativity, or Patterns that Limit You Do you know what a squeeze chute is? It is a device composed of metal pipes that force cattle and horses into exactly where a rancher wants them, and then traps them there while they are examined, marked, or given treatments.  I was watching a local rancher driving horses into one of those the...

Wayne Dyer

by Jonathan Parker on September 3, 2015

The recent news about Wayne Dyer passing has caused some people around the web to question what he taught. One person posted this recently in a forum... "Has Dr. Dyer been able to heal himself? (he was diagnosed with Leukemia years ago) Despite Dr. Dyer's obvious devotion to the idea that we can perform miracles, his own life actually denies the veracity(validity) of this theories...

Your Power to Overcome Pain (Part 2)

by Jonathan Parker on July 8, 2015

During Jerry Seinfeld's show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee last week he said something very insightful on pain. Pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap. When you stub your toe on the foot of the bed, that was a gap in knowledge, and the pain is a lot of information really quick. Yes, pain is a message, but too often you are probably misinterpreting it. It's natural to want a quick and easy...

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