Your chakras should open and close naturally as you go through the day, but for most people they can also be partially or completely stuck or blocked. When you have negative feelings and reactions that is a good indication you can benefit from chakra healing. If you have had energy work done and have been told that one or more of your chakras is closed or blocked, or if you sense this might be the case, there are some simple chakra healing exercises that you can do yourself to help change this.

Below are a few simple exercises that can help you to begin opening and clearing each of your subtle energy centers or chakras. If you are experiencing a sense of being blocked or stuck in any way it might be necessary to have the help of a professional healer to clear them completely. This takes time and patience but can really accelerate you through the process if you truly want to experience chakra healing and take your energy and consciousness to new levels. One of my meditation retreats can help you tremendously in this area, as can I through my individual private phone sessions. Here’s more information on my retreats.

Root Chakra Healing Exercise

The root chakra is at the base of your spine and it opens downward. It is concerned with physical matters and security. To open and balance your root chakra you can undertake many activities that make you more aware of your body. This includes such practices as yoga, Tai Chi, walking with mindfulness, and active forms of meditation such as running energy.

When practicing mindfulness in any physical activity, it is important that you move slowly and place your focus on your body while you are doing an activity; moving too fast or doing an activity that is too intense removes the awareness of your physical body from the exercise.

Relationship Chakra Healing Exercise

The second chakra is very important in all of your relationships: family, sexual, friendships and others. Healing your relationship chakra can be done through a number of means. Doing hip circles helps to open this chakra as does swimming or any exercise that moves your lower abdomen.

Deep breathing while focusing your attention below the naval is another method with thousands of years of history behind it. This process is also good for relaxing the entire body. One way to begin this procedure is to preface the breathing exercises with belly laughing. The way you do this is while sitting up straight put both hands on your belly and start to laugh from you belly. You should feel your lower abdomen going up an down with the laughs as belly laughing utilizes the diaphragm and distends the lower abdomen.

By practicing belly laughing you will find that deep belly breathing will be easier. It is not unusual for people to tense or tighten their throat when they speak as well as breathe shallowly with their chest, but belly breathing will relax you, deepen your diaphragmatic breathing, and open your lower chakras. By staying in your head intellectualizing and analyzing everything you can loose touch with your heart, emotions, and sensuality which are all processed through the four lower chakras. Belly breathing is a way of helping to correct this problem. This is an ancient Chinese Taoist breathing exercise which gives you more vitality. The Taoists believe that people who regularly practice breathing exercises live longer, look younger, and feel better.

Sit on a chair with your back straight and feet touching the floor. If your feet don’t reach the floor put a pillow or blankets under your feet. Put one hand over your navel and relax your shoulders. Inhale to the count of 5 through your nose and send the breath to your lower abdomen. Feel the lower abdomen expand at your navel so that it bulges out and expands. Your diaphragm will also move lower. Keep your chest relaxed as you exhale to the count of 5 with a little force that pulls your abdomen back in as the air is released. It should feel as if you are pulling your navel back toward your spine. Repeat this five or ten times.

You will find much more on this subject in my free article titled ” The Art of Making Spiritual Meditation a Part of Your Life“.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Exercise

If you are having troubles with your solar plexus chakra there is a simple meditative exercise that you can do to help improve your energy, relax the tension there, and aid digestion. This third chakra is where people experience anxiety, self-doubt, worry, guilt, nervousness, stress, and a whole lot more.

This exercise can be done inside or outside, but if possible sit outside in the sun. Shut your eyes and focus on the power of the sun and the many wonderful ways that the sun affects your life everyday. Visualize the warm sun soothing your solar plexus while you imagine a sphere of pink unconditional love about the size of a baseball in the center of the solar plexus chakra. Imagine that beautiful energy radiating throughout your body from the inside out. Acknowledge the warmth of the sun dissolving any disturbance, tension, or anxiety. Do this for  5-10 minutes whenever your third chakra is troubling you.

Heart Chakra Healing Exercise

If you are having emotional tightness in your chest, emotional pain, grief, regrets, betrayal, emotional fear of relationships, or experiencing feelings of lack of love in your life you might want to work on clearing, opening, and healing your heart chakra. One way to do this is by doing a simple visual meditation exercise.

Sit in a straight back chair and close your eyes. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Turn your attention towards your heart and picture yourself actually entering into your heart space within your chest. Picture a grassy hill with a temple on top, which is representative of your heart center. Walk up the hill and into the temple. You are now in the core of your heart. How does it look? How does it feel?

Call in angels to bring a soothing healing presence while you visualize your heart in green healing light. Send your heart blessings of forgiveness, peace, and unconditional love. When you feel the energies shift and relax or when you feel ready then you can leave the temple.

Throat Chakra Healing Exercise

You throat chakra can also be healed through meditative practices. Burning sage can sometimes help with this chakra as the throat is sensitive to this tangy fragrance and will respond to it. The fifth chakra is your communication chakra so reciting healing and relaxing mantras while meditating are also helpful at opening and clearing your throat chakra. Pick a mantra with vowel sounds that open the throat when intoned such as ah, oh, or aum. There are thousands of mantras you can choose from. You can just use the open sounds I just suggested or words or phrases that are meaningful to you, but in all cases draw out the open throat sound on the vowels. For more on this see my free article titled “Your Meditation Practice“.

Third Eye Chakra Healing Exercise

If your intuition has been feeling blocked you probably need to work on healing, clearing, and opening your third eye chakra. You can do this by meditating with focus on your third eye, which is between your two eyes on your brow. You can rest one of your hands over the sixth chakra with your palm centered over the point between your eyebrows. As you hold your attention on this point imagine you are breathing in golden light through that chakra and releasing and dissolving any doubts or tensions when you exhale. If you begin to see any colors, but especially violet or purple, that can be a sign that your third eye is beginning to open and you are becoming more visually aware of subtle energies.

Please check out this free full script for a third eye meditation to open your intuition.

Crown Chakra Healing Exercise

Your seventh chakra at the top of your head can help you with many important functions of the mind such as decision making and free will, but it is also your gateway to inspiration and spiritual awakening. To help with chakra healing of your crown chakra you can place your fingertips on your hairline surrounding your entire face. Your pinky fingers will be touching at the center of your forehead. Slowly move your fingertips back into your hair one or two inches and stop. Imagine you are breathing golden light in and out the top of your head. Imagine that golden light flowing into your brain and following a central channel to the center of your head. At that point imagine a sphere of golden light about the size of a golf ball radiating the light through your entire body. Allow your fingers to rest for a few moments while you give yourself permission to relax and open to your higher self. Close your eyes during this exercise and focus on the sensations. Keep moving your fingertips an inch at a time until you reach the back of your head while asking this chakra to open to divine light and inspiration.

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