It is so important for you to know how to heal your throat chakra.

Once you realize the importance of what is regulated with your throat chakra you’ll see how it affects your communication within yourself and with others.

A healthy throat chakra, which is the energy center just below your Adam’s apple, is one that communicates honestly, creatively, and expressing your empowerment. That comes across as confidence and directly expressing what you believe in your heart.

What often happens, however, is as we are growing up we are conditioned to be guarded and not totally honest either with ourselves or others. So social pressure can cause you to not articulate your truth and to squelch expressing your opinions or even valuing your own beliefs.

If you were shy as a child you may have developed a soft voice and kept your opinions to yourself. If you couldn’t openly express your thoughts and feelings, it is likely that there are constrictions in your throat chakra.

12 Indications of blockages in your throat chakra:

•    Your voice is affected by your emotions
•    You are uncomfortable expressing your ideas
•    You get nervous when asked to speak in front of others
•    You sometimes try to push your opinions on others
•    You are accused of mis-communicating in your relationships
•    You sometimes feel ignored or not valued by others
•    You keep a lot of things to yourself fearing not being accepted
•    You are shy and feel “out of place” in groups
•    You struggle to have a voice of your own
•    Your relationships squelch you voicing your thoughts and feelings
•    Your voice cracks or sounds thin
•    You often speak authoritatively or aggressively

How many of these signs can you relate to?

When you have an open and clear throat chakra you will feel more confident in expressing yourself; you will speak openly, fluently, honestly, and will be unafraid to share how you truly feel.

Here are 12 methods to clear and heal your throat chakra:

1. Use Mantras
Mantras are words or sounds that move and clear subtle-energy. You’ve, of course, heard of Aum or OM, but there are thousands of others, so you’ll need to experiment with ones you best relate to. For instance, you might like to repeat the word: peace or love, or even a phrase like, “I am love and peace.”

2. Sound Healing
Sound healing is naturally suited to clearing the throat chakra. Instruments such as musical instruments, or even gongs and tuning forks or listening to music with healing frequencies will help. Go to and type in “Healing Music” and you’ll find a lot of variety to choose from.

3. Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing
Deep breathing is not only relaxing and rejuvenating it also helps clear you. Most people are shallow breathers only utilizing the upper part of their lungs. To breathe with your diaphragm you breathe deeply into your stomach so that it expands gently. Not only does deep breathing calm you, but it also helps you to become more empowered. There is a section in my free ZEN e-book that explains breathing techniques in detail.

4. Use Herbal Teas
Use herb teas such as peppermint, elderberry, clove, cinnamon, Echinacea, spearmint, fennel, and slippery elm to help keep your throat clear. You will find some combination formulations for the throat where you buy tea.

5. Express Gratitude Daily
When you express gratitude and express being thankful your throat chakra will relax and open. In addition, blessing everyone in your life daily shifts the quality of the energy between you and others and opens and clears the throat chakra. I suggest you say something like this: “I bless you with every wish and intention for good health, happiness, and abundance.”  Download my free e-book titled “The Gratitude Secret”.

6. Be Forgiving
Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing and clearing methods there is. By its nature it releases the contracting energies that restricts the chakras. I have a free e-book on this subject titled, “Freedom Through Forgiveness”.

7. Laugh Often
Laughing releases stuck and stagnant energy. Norman Cousins used laughter to cure himself of cancer.

8. Clear Throat Blocks with Yoga
Balance your throat chakra by doing yoga stretches such as the fish, lion, and plow pose. You might also like to try simply rolling your neck around gently first in one direction and then in the other to loosen any tightness and stimulate blood flow.

9. Sing
Singing is a beautiful way to gently open the throat chakra. If you feel self-conscious, sing away from other people. Even if you think you can’t sing well pushing yourself to sing can open up channels. Find some songs with positive themes, put on headphones, and sing along.

10. Do a Throat Chakra Meditation
Imagine a swirling ball of luminescent blue light in your throat chakra area. Feel the ball of blue energy dissolving all blockages or self-judgments. I have a Rainbow Meditation to clear your chakras.

11. Get a neck massage
Neck massages are so soothing and calming as they help to redistribute the energy trapped in your neck. Seek out a neck massage from a professional masseuse, or alternatively use a hand massager to massage your neck. I recommend heating up a heat pack and applying it to your neck before you massage yourself as this will encourage your muscles to relax.

12. Practice Being Assertive
Often people become self-conscious when attempting to express themselves to others. I knew a psychologist who assigned his clients with what he called “Shame Attacking Exercises” that would have people do obnoxious but innocent things out loud, such as announcing the time every few minutes in public. After you do that numerous times you become more comfortable verbalizing in public. I have an audio program titled, “Be More Assertive” that will help with this.

In conclusion:

Pick a few of activities from my list above and spend 3 weeks implementing them. Most changes take at least that long to integrate.

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