Whether you are aware of it or not, you are evolving. That’s why you experience challenges and difficulties…so you can grow through them.

We can only grow through challenges which cause us to discover our inner spiritual resources and truth.

Now, the question is how can you accelerate this process so you can move up through the levels or stages of consciousness without struggle and suffering?

The answer lies in applying inner reflection and addressing your beliefs and reactions. This is not something you can think your way through because it’s accomplished by surrendering the analytical mind that is continually attempting to fix and figure everything out.

I know, that sounds strange because you’ve been taught that rational, logical thinking will solve all your problems. If that were true you would have resolved everything a long time ago. Right?

The key to accelerate your evolution is you must be willing to let go or surrender. I know it seems counter-intuitive but surrender is a powerful transformative force that radiates your true brilliance of your soul.

Why? Because the more you are willing to surrender and let go, the more your soul emerges in your life. As you deepen your relationship with your soul, deep love, inner peace and fulfillment will automatically surface in your everyday life.

One of the best ways to systemize the letting go or surrender process is to address the limiting programs that have been running your life. This is often referred to as the ego or false self, and it runs primarily on fear in its many forms.

The ego is always seeking more safety and security and as a result has created a wide spectrum of defense mechanisms that operate through your chakra system.

In the last article I outlined many of the issues your chakras process and I lead you through a beautiful healing and clearing meditation.

If you missed that email, here is the chakra meditation.

As you evolve, you move progressively up through the issues unique to each chakra. The speed that you move through each chakra’s lessons depends on how actively you participate in your evolutionary process.

Once you participate in your evolutionary process, the process accelerates.

If you aren’t paying attention or ignore your evolutionary lessons, the lessons and consequences of the chakra you are working on will keep repeating until you do pay attention and clear them.

Now that you’re better acquainted with your chakras, the next step is to willingly surrender, clear and heal the energies that unconsciously limit your life. This process is best done in a meditative state.

So to assist you with this process, consider purchasing my Chakra Healing program.

This program will take you systematically through each chakra and the conscious and subconscious issues stored there for deep and lasting results.

In this way, you can accelerate your spiritual evolution for a much smoother awakening then if you are not actively involved in clearing the limiting energies of each chakra.

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