Spiritual Healing – Are You Ready?

Spiritual healing has a powerful effect on bringing you into a healthy balance mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The result of that can also lead to improvements in your energy level and overall physical health.

Spiritual healing is related to forms of subtle-energy healing but it brings in another important healing force. Spiritual healing reaches into the depths of your beliefs, judgments, reactions, wounds, and underlying blocks.

The type of spiritual healing that I teach merges and integrates the highest enlightened awareness of your soul through all levels of your thinking and reacting. It even penetrates to the depths of your subconscious blocks and roots out the limitations and causes of disturbances buried and hidden in your past.

Spiritual Healing is Something You Can Learn
to do on Yourself

Spiritual healing can take your meditations and other spiritual practices a quantum leap beyond what you experience without it.

That is because spiritual healing goes to the underlying roots of every force driving your life including all the factors that cause your challenges and disappointments.

Ultimately, You Have One Main Obstacle to Address–Your MIND!

Everything you experiences starts in your mind by energizing creative and attractive forces. The problem lies in the fact that most of those forces are hidden in your unconscious so you don’t even realize what is causing your life to experience all the things that you do.

Spiritual healing includes shifting your consciousness to higher levels of attention. This is done by integrating the deepest nature of your true self or soul.

The soul is composed of qualities you long for such as unconditional love, deep acceptance, expansive peacefulness, and sustained joyfulness to name a few.

What’s more, your soul is who you really are. That is why it is also called your True Self. Who you think you are is actually a projection of identities held in the depths of your mind. All the identities are illusions created, projected, and sustained by your mind from unconscious programs.

Those identities have tricked you into thinking that you are those identities, but when you let go of them and your soul emerges in its fullness, you feel like you are awakening and being freed from a deep dream.

At that point, you view your life and everything you know in a new context. That is why it is also called Liberation.

The process of helping you awaken is
what spiritual healing is all about.

Spiritual healing is a system of processes that reconnects you with the true essence of who you are.

There are several ways to approach spiritual healing, and you’ll want to include a number of them in your spiritual practice depending on what is the most pressing in your life.

Your spiritual healing program should address:

1. Your Subtle Field (Your aura and chakras)
2. Mental Healing (of your judgments and beliefs)
3. Emotional Healing (of your heart wounds)
4. Physical Healing (of your body)

Where to Begin with Your Spiritual Healing

• It is best to take an inventory of your current life situation. What is the most pressing issue? What are you struggling with or feel you are blocked from?
• If there is more than one issue list them in an order of priority with the most important ones at the top of the list.

Often when you begin the spiritual healing process you will discover more aspects of what needs to be addressed so don’t worry about trying to create a long list at this time. More will reveal itself to you as you progress through the spiritual healing applications.

Start with a physical or emotional pain that draws your attention.

Depending on what your issues are, will determine what type of spiritual healing methods you need. For instance, if you are addressing physical pain you would need methods to address physical issues first.

In that case you would start with a variety of physical healers to determine what benefits you the most. For instance, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranial sacral, reiki, breath work, therapeutic touch, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, meditation/visualization, etc.

In addition, often energy clearing techniques can open subtle-energy channels so your lifeforce can flow freely and that can sometimes relieve physical symptoms.

Once you’ve addressed the physical issue you’ll want to
investigate the underlying causes that led to the physical
condition. This is where spiritual healing comes in.

The causal factors are usually not obvious or on the surface, but have deep underlying causes such as beliefs and fixations.

How can a belief cause a physical problem?

A common example of that would be a belief that you have done something wrong or you were bad in the past and therefore you deserve to be punished in some way.

I know, you may not think you consciously believe that, but if you have a subconscious program that believes it, you could be setting yourself up for an illness, accident, or pain. Spiritual healing is a process of investigating those unconscious programs and dissolving them.

Spiritual healing is about identifying, acknowledging, exploring, and releasing the causes of what you are going through. In almost all cases, these approaches are not simple or even blatantly obvious.

Let’s start here….

Every physical, mental, and emotional issues has patterns which show up in your aura and chakras.

That includes the 7 major aura layers and the seven major chakras. If a person is not experiencing optimal health, in addition to physical symptoms, they usually have blockages in their subtle field as well.

Essentially every issue you live with from your emotions, to your self-image, to your weight loss challenges, to your troubled relationships, and even your difficulties with finances all have patterns in your subtle-energy field and therefore can all be treated with energy healing and spiritual healing.

A healer addresses these subtle programs and facilitates removing the subtle energy thoughtforms and/or shifts the vibration and consciousness held in the aura, chakras, and physical body.

The typical results people report are feelings of being lighter, clearer, more peaceful, happier, having more well being, and having more energy.

How You Can Do Subtle-Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing
On Yourself Or Someone Else

Energy healing methods that address subtle energies are such modalities as sound healing, aura clearing, reiki, laying on of hands, chakra healing, balancing, and clearing, prana healing, qigong, and various forms of shamanic healing.

By using such methods the energy healer’s energy field interacts with the subtle-energy field and has a healing and clearing effect on the person receiving the treatment.

This usually includes the use of directing subtle energies with your intentions. It is not necessary to actually make physical contact for it to be effective, but using the hands even when focusing on distant healing helps the energy healer to sustain the focus and intention.

For instance, if you are wanting to direct healing energy to another you can sit across from him or her and hold your hands with your palms facing the person. You can be close to the person or several feet away. Remarkably it works either way

At this point you can utilize whatever form of energy you are familiar with while holding a positive intention for that energy to effect a clearing and healing.

For instance you can imagine violet light surrounding the person and the area where the problem is located and holding the intention for the violet light to dissolve all discord, blocks, and negative energy.

Even if you are not trained with reiki, prana healing, qigong, or in the use of other subtle energies, you can still use this technique for positive effect, for everyone has the ability to direct subtle healing energies to themselves or another with positive intentions.

While holding your hands up with palms toward the person think to yourself, “I surround you and fill you with golden healing light. I ask and intend for the healing light to dissolve all causes of discomfort.”

Always word your intentions positively and in present tense. You can accompany your words with a visual image of the person being filled with pure golden light.

You can essentially use the same technique for self healing by turning your hands toward yourself and repeating the above procedure.

This method works because of an observation made by Rupert Sheldrake with what he calls morphic resonance which means that a person being worked on receives a transmission of subtle energy imbued with the positive healing intent of the sender. Through the morphic field both the sender and receiver are in contact regardless of the distance between them.

Healing Without Spiritual Healing Is Incomplete

No matter which energy-healing method is used it is important to address the underlying causes. Otherwise the results may be temporary. Energy healing may remove or clear the subtle energy aspects of a condition, but it does not necessarily change a person’s deepest beliefs and judgments that caused the condition.

This is where spiritual healing comes in because it brings another dimension to the healing process–the transformation of consciousness.

The goal of all spiritual healing is to integrate the fullness of the true self or soul. 

The Soul is who you truly are, but it is overlaid with many layers of consciousness that reflect limiting identities.

These identities create mental and emotional filters which prevent a person from having the full gifts the soul makes available. The filters also trick you into believing you are those identities which are collectively referred to as the ego. The ego colors your perceptions of who you are. It creates distortions and distractions from your soul.

By addressing these false identifications you can gradually realize your deep inner truth and be set free from the many entanglements of the ego.

Spiritual healing can include prayer, forgiveness, spiritual chanting, and aligning with the inner spiritual light of the soul to create a consciousness shift. Prayer in this context includes holding a positive intention for a positive outcome and it can be applied to others as well as for self healing.

In order for a healing of any type to be completely successful, it is essential that the underlying causes are cleared from all levels.

If you don’t heal an issue through all belief levels you don’t really fully heal it. You may temporarily avert symptoms, but if the subtle-energetic patterns are not cleared, the pattern will find some way of resurfacing or re-manifesting in the future.

This is why some people have been working on the same issues for 20, 30 or more years, and why some go almost endlessly from one challenge or illness to another. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Start Your Healing at Your Heart Center

Your heart center is the easiest location to access your soul and when your consciousness is centered there you feel balanced, harmonized, peaceful, and fulfilled.

For instance, even though a condition may be located elsewhere in the body, as you probe more deeply you may find some heartache, abandonment, anger, or feeling unloved held in the heart chakra.

The digestive system may be where the symptom manifests but it is not likely the place where the cause is.

In this example the heart holds the key. When you heal what is held in the heart the other areas can heal as well.

This is done by connecting with the highest enlightened aspect of the soul by requesting it and holding the intention for it to integrate into the issue.

You can facilitate the process by putting your attention on the center of your chest (this is called your heart center) and request the soul to emerge and radiate through the causes of the condition.

Because the soul is intelligent it knows what to do and how to do it, so all you need to do it make the requests. It may help if you imagine the soul as a brilliant ball of healing light radiating through your entire body and into the areas where you perceive the condition to be.

Healing the core is about a shift in consciousness and returning to the pure nature of the soul and the deep love that is there. The love and light of the soul can wash, clear, and fill all the places that cry for love and healing.

Going to the heart and core brings the deepest transformations.

There are a number of ways to approach energy healing and spiritual healing.

My Color Therapy & Healing program has 12 guided energy healing sessions and a great deal of information on a variety of healing methods.

If you’d like to really address some of your deep issues the Chakra Healing program has 12 guided meditations that help you address their core.

Since nearly all the issues we deal with as adults have their roots in our childhood, the program Heal Your Childhood is one that everyone should experience. The program is really about healing as an adult by addressing issues that have been with you since childhood.

Everything you think, feel, and experience originate from mostly hidden subtle-energy programs that cause you to react, have undesirable conditions, and become stuck. These programs also attract people and situations to you that further interfere with your happiness and success. And, in more than 90% of the time you really don’t know why you are the way you are or why what happens in your life happens.

During my intuitive counseling sessions, I use a remarkable process that I’ve refined over numerous decades to clear you of your subtle energy patterns–quickly reducing and eliminating whatever issues are present in your life. The limiting patterns are progressively removed at a very deep level and therefore never return.

Shifting your consciousness to higher levels is the missing key from most clearing and healing modalities, but it is what insures your results are permanent. When your vibrations are higher you no longer attract or create negative health, financial, or relationships issues.

For more information on my private sessions either in person, by phone, or internet connection click here: Private Sessions


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