How to Ascend to the Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension is a consciousness level filled with those who have evolved into the deepest form of love. The upper fifth dimension is where all the beings live continuously in unconditional love. Can you imagine how you’ll feel when you ascend to the fifth dimension?

In order for you to evolve to ascend to the fifth dimension you are required to clear and open your heart chakra. If you’ve found yourself being guarded in your relationships, or withholding love those are good indications your heart chakra is blocked.

Most people experience their heart chakra shielded or shut down at some point in life; it’s not uncommon for this to happen even if you’re currently feeling OK otherwise!

Some of the most common circumstances that cause you to close your heart chakra include having been taken advantage of, being betrayed, or being neglected or abused physically or emotionally. These usually start in childhood when you feel like you didn’t receive all the unconditional love and support you wanted 24/7. Everyone has experienced this whether they’ll admit it to themselves or not.

It is simply impossible for your parents to shower unconditional love on you twenty-four hours a day since they have personal and business responsibilities and commitments that don’t include you.

Why Your Heart is Shielded

Your heart chakra is the most important energy center in your body to enable you to ascend to the fifth dimension of consciousness. It’s where you experience grief, regret, betrayal and relationship disappointment but also self-acceptance and unconditional love for yourself and others. It is where you’ll find caring and compassion toward all life and everything life throws your way

When you’re feeling heartbroken or disappointed, it’s comforting to know that your heart chakra is where you can turn to heal and ascend to the fifth dimension of consciousness.

Addressing deep heart-felt wounds can be difficult at first as you bring to mind grief over relationship pain, disappointments, or betrayal; however, these feelings should be addressed and cleared because unresolved emotional trauma may lock you into spiritual stagnation in painful patterns.

What a Closed Heart Chakra Feels Like

The first step to clearing and healing your heart chakra is identifying what has closed or blocked it. Symptoms that may be present include:

•  You feel disconnected from people closest to you
•  You avoid socializing with others
•  You fear letting people get too close to you
•  You feel emotionally distant or shut down
•  You can’t get past being defensive or resentful
•  You feel like nobody likes you
•  You hold a grudge
•  You have a hard time forgiving people or yourself
•  You sometimes have angry thoughts
•  You have regrets
•  You are on guard after being betrayed
•  You are jealous of other’s success
•  You feel you’ve missed out happiness

These feelings hurt so much it is difficult to give love where there isn’t any given back.

What Happens When Your Heart Chakra is Shut

A closed heart chakra can result in a lifeless, defeated feeling that you’re stuck and can’t get the love you want. The result is anxiety, isolation, or depression which causes you to be critical of yourself resulting in more emotional pain. This could lead to feeling victimized and adopting martyr roles.

The suppressed or defensive feeling can come from any situation where life isn’t flowing smoothly–whether at work for example if we get stuck doing menial tasks day after days without progress being made on your projects; also defining yourself by what others think. This gives way to anxiousness as well isolationism from loved ones due to fear of judgment.

When your heart chakra is closed you’ll find it hard to be happy and free. You’ll hold on tight, not forgiving or letting go of your painful memories and fearing that the pain will come back again in some form; whether through flashbacks or worries about what could happen next. You’ll find yourself “waiting for the other shoe to drop,” anticipating you’ll be hurt again. You’ll struggle giving love freely without feeling threatened by its receipt. So you remain guarded because there’s always been an underlying sense people and life itself can’t be fully trusted.

What It is Like to Ascend to the Fifth Dimension

When you ascend to the fifth dimension in consciousness, you’ll experience a sense of freedom and lightness as you move through your day. Life takes on an ease of effortless effort. You’ll be open-hearted with others, selfless in giving love to those around you who need it most – even if they don’t seem to deserve it!

A clear heart chakra shines brightly like a gemstone. You’ll feel inspired, filled with lightness of being, happy and peaceful. An open and clear heart chakra radiates peacefulness and a desire for loved ones’ happiness. Negative thoughts or feelings disappear.

As you expand and deepen into your heart, the caring love that has always been there will become more unconditional regardless of how others treat you. As a result of clearing and opening your heart chakra you’ll automatically connect with your soul through this chakra and you’ll find compassion and love emerge and deepen. Old wounds will heal quickly while toxic behavioral patterns either disappear on their own or diminish significantly over time; sometimes even without conscious effort!

As your heart chakra clears and opens your soul emerges and integrates all through you bringing deep peace and trust which translates into a field of unconditional love and acceptance that radiates from you.

Integrating Your Soul Into Your Heart

When you embark on your personal soul journey through your heart chakra, the journey will be transformative at the deepest levels. You will learn how to identify underlying issues or patterns that cause pain and struggle in order for them to be released and dissolve into nothingness. You’ll discover which blockages might still remain even after all efforts at self-healing have been exhausted – these are typically mental) and emotional core problems combined together with spiritual blocks and limitations preventing your complete integration with your soul or truest self.

In order to ascend to the fifth dimension it is essential to surrender completely into unconditional love. Love is your destination and the way to arrive.

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