Have you wondered how to heal your heart chakra?

When was the last time you felt receptive, forgiving, and generous?

It was probably when you felt safe and loved, or maybe you were holding a pet, or you were out in nature. That was a moment when your heart chakra was open.

However, when you experience feelings of being isolated, lonely, resentful, or anxious, your heart chakra is blocked.

Pretty much everyone has some degree of their heart chakra being either partially shut down, shielded, or outright blocked.

There can be a variety of causes, but some of the most common are things like being taken advantage of, being betrayed, experiencing physical or emotional abuse, being raised by an emotionally cold or emotionally unavailable parent, being denied love and affection, and shutting down to giving and receiving love.

Now what do you do about this?

What is the Heart Chakra?

Your heart chakra is where you’ll experience grief, regret, betrayal, and relationship disappointment, but it is also your center of self-acceptance, unconditional love, caring, compassion, and openness.

And most importantly, it is also the easiest place to connect with your soul which is the primary way to heal your heart chakra.

What is Heart Chakra Healing?

Heart chakra healing is the practice of opening, clearing, supporting, and supporting the soul integrating in your heart-chakra.

The best way to begin clearing and healing your heart chakra is by identifying the issues that have closed it down or block it.

Here are some of the major symptoms to look for:

  • You feel disconnected from people closest to you
  • You avoid socializing with people
  • You need something from your relationship you aren’t getting
  • You feel emotionally distant from others
  • You feel difficulty connecting with people
  • You hate being alone
  • You try to connect with others by being a people-pleaser
  • You find it hard to forgive and you hold grudges
  • You find it hard to let go of bitter and angry thoughts
  • You sometimes feel jealous of other people
  • You tend to have self-critical thoughts
  • You replay or relive your traumas
  • You feel wounded by having been victimized
  • You struggle to give or receive love freely
  • You are suspicious and mistrusting of people
  • You have issues with your physical heart, lung or chest region such as asthma, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, or feeling heaviness in the chest

How many of these signs can you relate to? Even one of them indicates a blockage in your heart chakra.

Did you know that there are actually two types of heart chakra imbalances?

Here’s a breakdown of the difference between the two:

Suppressed Heart Chakra = lifeless, defeated, stuck, contracted (not enough lifeforce energy flowing through) resulting in anxiety, isolation, and self-critical thoughts.

Defensive Heart Chakra = agitated, reactive, self-justifying resulting in clinginess, smothering displays love, and adopting the role of a victim or martyr.

So what does an open and clear heart chakra look and feel like?

  • First, you’ll feel open and receptive. Feeling lonely, resentful, and fearful will be gone. You’ll no longer be needy or defensive. You’ll experience self-love and acceptance and be open-hearted with others.
  • Secondly, as you expand and deepen into your heart your caring and love will become more unconditional regardless of how others treat you.
  • Third, as you connect with your soul through your heart chakra you’ll dissolve old wounds and toxic behavioral patterns that damaged your relationships.
  • Fourth, and a byproduct of integrating your soul will be a deepening peace and trust in life, accompanied by unconditional love towards yourself and others.

I know some of that may seem difficult or even out of reach right now, but you’ll discover it will become who you are. You’ll experience inner transformations in being loving, expansive, receptive, and forgiving of both yourself and other people.

I have an important program to help you will all of this. It is called Soul Solution Journeys.

When you embark on your personal Soul Journey, you will:

  • Learn how to identify underlying issues or patterns that cause pain and struggle…
  • Find out how to dissolve physical, mental, and emotional core issues as well as spiritual blocks and limitations…
  • Discover how to merge with your soul’s presence and find your truest Self…
  • Soul Solution Journeys gives you the hands-on help you need to eliminate problems at the core, connect directly to your soul, and begin living a life of heart-centered radiance, happiness, and fulfillment.

Please do something extraordinary for yourself today and dive deeply into this life-changing program. It will help you heal your heart chakra and accelerate you on your spiritual journey.

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