Is it True that Time Heals All Wounds?

You’ve heard the saying, “Time heals all wounds,” so why then do you still feel wounded from childhood, as well as have grief, regret, anxiety, anger, worry, resentment, and depression?

Some people spend years in therapy trying to not only figure out how to heal their past, but also searching for ways to move past their past.

Wouldn’t you think that if years have passed since your negative symptoms first appeared that you would no longer be affected by them? That is all too often not the case. Why is that?

The Failing of Traditional Therapies

Something few traditional therapists are willing to admit, or even know about, is a peculiar fact that the causes of emotional pain from your past are about more than just your memories.

You see your emotions are activated not only by memories but also by subtle-energy patterns called thoughtforms that are composed of pictures of past events, your conclusions about those events, and the emotional content of the event.

Every emotional experience you have creates these thoughtforms which reside in your aura and chakras and other places. Then when something similar happens or someone brings up a related topic, the thoughtform activates and you replay your emotional reactions.

By and large current science doesn’t recognize or believe in these thoughtforms because their instruments can’t detect them. However, those of us who have higher-sense perceptions can not only see them, but we can clear them thereby reducing the painful components. When this is done you become more neutral emotionally about painful and negative events that happened which enables the saying time heals all wounds to become true. It is only through subtle-energy clearing that becomes a true statement.

There is More to Your Thinking and Emotions

As if the idea of subtle-energy thoughforms isn’t challenging enough to conventional science and therapists, there is one more possible source of the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. You see, you also gather, accumulate, and store-energy thoughtform patterns from other people and a variety of sources. Here is a list of the more common sources of thoughtform transferences:

  • Groups you’ve been part of…
  • People you have had relationships with…
  • Your ancestors…
  • People you come in contact with and interact with…
  • People you have emotional reactions to, and most certainly
  • People you live with!

Most people are unaware of this fact, and therefore they accumulate a great deal of subtle energies throughout their lifetime, and have no idea of the degree they are affected.

So you acquire energy patterns from your family, ancestors, friends, business associates, and even people you engage with socially. These energy patterns attach to you in the form of thoughtforms which contain memories, beliefs, and emotional reactions. These thoughtforms then attach themselves to your body, aura, and chakras and they continually replay their programs especially when a memory is activated.

A Painful Personal Experience

A number of years ago my right shoulder had a pain that would not go away. It bothered me for over a year and I had a number of massage therapists try to give me relief to no avail. I tried using a variety of pain relieving lotions, vibrators, frequency machines, infrared lights, and every other suggestion people proposed, but none of them gave me permanent relief.

Then one day a friend of mine who is a clairvoyant energy healer was visiting me and I mentioned the problem to her and asked her to see if she could help. Within a few seconds she asked me, “Who is Cynthia?” I thought that was a strange question to ask, but I replied, “she is a person I knew decades ago, but no longer had contact with.” My healer friend then said the energy in my shoulder was from that person, and she proceeded to remove the thoughtform. Within seconds the pain was gone and it has never returned.

This would undoubtedly baffle any conventional scientist and they’d be inclined to dismiss this as a coincidence. I also might have considered that if it were not for the fact that I had tried numerous therapies for over a year to no avail and the pain disappeared with in a few seconds of my clairvoyant friend identifying and removing the thoughtform. I thought it was remarkable enough that my friend identified the thoughtform from a specific person she had no way of knowing and whom I hadn’t seen or thought about in years. The whole experience was quite astounding. In this case it can accurately be said that no amount of time heals all wounds.

More Sources of Problems

It is an extraordinary concept that you can acquire energies imprinted with beliefs and programs from people and organizations, but that is exactly what happens. For instance:

Every group you have belonged to has interests, rules, and beliefs. By being a member of that group you submit yourself to taking on what the group’s purpose is and what characteristics and beliefs they transfer to their members. These can include social groups, fraternal groups, religious groups, special interest groups, internet groups, employers, governments, and informal groups. In some cases, these influences cause members of the group to internalize some of those beliefs which in turn exerts a measure of control over the members beliefs, judgments, emotional reactions, and other behaviors.

In most cases, the influences and effects happen without you considering where they came from. You probably think they are your own beliefs and reactions, and indeed they may have become that. Because you experience the effects of these thoughtforms internally, it is natural to assume you are the source while never giving a second thought to the possibility that you acquired a thoughtform program from someone else or a group.

These thoughtforms are why the saying that time heals all wounds is simply not true. All time does is bury them under other thoughtforms until some event wakes them up or triggers them, and you feel the pain, program, or thoughts all over again.

If you find yourself thinking thoughts that are not characteristic of you, or you are reacting emotionally spontaneously, now you know where they are possibly coming from and why it is not true that time heals all wounds.

However, This is Just Part of the Problem

A bigger issue is knowing what to do about these thoughtforms. All subtle energy patterns contain programming and it is these programs that influence the way you think and emotionally react.

Time may acclimate you to the energies and so you get used to them and think they are part of you but the thoughtform programs continue to affect you.

Since thoughforms acquired from other people are not your energy, they create disharmony in your energy field and cause you to think, feel or react in ways you would not if you were fully clear of their energies.

Who Are You Beneath the Thoughforms?

Furthermore, the personality you think is yours is actually a mixture of your own energy and the energies that come from parents and other people with whom you have spent time.

While some of your personality is due to your past lives and genetic influences, some of your personality is also due to subtle-energetic patterns you’ve been accumulating your entire life.

The tricky part of this is that in many if not most cases you think the way you think, feel, and react is just the way you are, when in fact, that is not true. Other people’s energy on you work like programs giving rise to thoughts and feelings inside of you that you assume are you. And as in my personal example of the pain in my shoulder, even some physical ailments can be due to other people’s energies on you.

This is Strangely True

I have found that it is not unusual for a person to be carrying around the energies of dozens of people without knowing it or having any idea of it.

I recall working on a medical doctor who spent his days in a hospital and he had absorbed so much sickness energy from the people he interacted with that his health and emotional life was being affected.

Naturally, after I worked on him he felt much lighter, clearer, and more like himself. But anyone who has a career that especially puts them in those kinds of situations needs to do regular subtle-energy clearing.

Because these energy patterns are invisible to normal perceptions people do not ordinarily realize that what they are feeling, how they are reacting, or even how their health is might be influenced, if not outright caused, by someone else’s energy on them.

And how could a person conclude otherwise? People are usually only aware of what their senses tell them or a doctor or therapist tells them and neither of those sources of information are usually attuned to the subtle realms where thoughtforms are.

Once you clear the energies of others off of you, you will recognize the difference in how you feel when someone else’s energy is on you and when you are clear. Often you don’t know who you really are until the thoughtforms are removed.

When you get the energies of other people off of you, you will start to feel lighter, clearer, and more alert, awake and like yourself. You may even feel ecstatic and euphoric at times. I’ve even seen people become a little giddy for awhile because they began to feel their true being and soul for the first time in a long time or ever.

Check out my free e-book on Psychic Self-Defense it will give you some ways to clear yourself, but if you suspect you may be struggling with thoughtforms you’ve acquired from other people or groups, it would also be a good idea to have me help you with some private sessions. Clearing these thoughforms is the only way time heals all wounds. You can get the free e-book here: Psychic Self-Defense

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