Life Can Be Challenging.
It Helps to Have a Guide!

I Offer You a Personal Meditation & Clearing Partner

Most people think nothing of going to school to learn, taking music lessons to be proficient, having a coach for sports, or getting a mentor for business, so why would you continue trying to evolve spiritually on your own? You can learn so much from someone who has walked the path ahead of you.

In my case, I have spent over 50 years on a dedicated spiritual path and over that span have developed some remarkable higher-sense perceptual abilities to tap into the subtle realms where the patterns determining your life reside. I can guide you right over the phone into levels of consciousness that are quite difficult to attain on your own without a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

Everything you think, feel, and experience originates from mostly hidden subtle-energy programs that cause you to react, have undesirable conditions, and become stuck. These programs also attract people and situations to you that further interfere with your happiness and success. And, in more than 90% of the time you really don’t know why you are the way you are or why what happens in your life happens.

During my intuitive counseling sessions, I use a remarkable process that I’ve refined over numerous decades to clear you of your subtle energy patterns–quickly reducing and eliminating whatever issues are present in your life. The limiting patterns are progressively removed at a very deep level and therefore never return.

By working with your unconscious programs, chakras, aura layers, ancestral patterns, and other subtle-energies, I am not only able to help you remove your obstacles, but also assist you in reaching higher levels of consciousness as you progress along your spiritual path.

Shifting your consciousness to higher levels is the missing key from most clearing and healing modalities, but it is what insures your results are permanent. When your vibrations are higher you no longer attract or create negative health, financial, or relationships issues.

For full information on my privates phone sessions visit my dedicated website here: www.JonathanParker.Solutions    

Over the years I’ve received many letters of gratitude for my teachings and private sessions and I’d like to share one I received recently from a mother describing how I was able to help her and her daughter whom I worked on remotely without her daughter even knowing I was clearing her. Here is what she wrote in her own words:


“Good morning Jonathan, Here is my testimony. Thank you for continue to work with me and my daughter.


As my daughter was growing up, she endured a series of harrowing experiences – her parents’ separation, her father’s devastating stage 4 cancer diagnosis, and his eventual passing when she was just 16 years old. These trials took a toll on her mental well-being, leading to self-harming tendencies during middle school and occasional bouts of suicidal thoughts.

In high school, she found herself in the company of troubled peers, falling victim to a brutal assault that resulted in her hospitalization. When she embarked on her college journey, her mental state was deeply troubled, and she was struggling to cope. It was at this juncture that I reached out to Jonathan for assistance in cleansing her energy.

The results were astonishing. Within a mere 30 minutes after the clearing session, my daughter called me, her demeanor transformed. Her voice resonated with cheerfulness and warmth, a stark departure from the depleted and despondent person I had spoken to just a few hours earlier.

It became evident that my daughter carried layers of lingering dark energy that necessitated multiple clearing sessions. During these moments when residual darkness resurfaced, causing her to slip into a state of depression, Jonathan graciously extended his help. Each time, the impact on her mood was immediate and palpable after the clearing session.


I also personally underwent private clearing sessions with Jonathan, and they were nothing short of life-altering. Words cannot sufficiently convey the depth of my gratitude. Jonathan truly possesses a gift for transformation, a genuine miracle worker. ”  –Sunny

This Method is a Quantum Leap Beyond Talk Therapy

This process works much faster than typical psychotherapy, with which I am very familiar, because unless you remove a negative subtle energy program, it will continually repeat itself.  I spent five years in graduate school studying psychology and counseling so I know what the benefits and limitations are. The approach I use saves you years of “working on it” and accelerates your progress so you can finally take the next step on your evolutionary path—removing blocks and leaving your struggles in the past.

The sources of some issues are very difficult to find on your own, but through the phone sessions you will discover that you are able to uncover them and clear them 100 times faster than you can through your own efforts. This is not an exaggeration.

The biggest obstacle is that 90% of what limits or blocks you is that the patterns and forces causing it are below your conscious awareness, and are therefore difficult to clear working on your own. 

"Over the many years of my counseling and healing work, I have found that it is very difficult, and nearly impossible, for a person to clear themselves completely of blocks and limitations, or to experience the rate of growth they would like by working alone."
Jonathan Parker

About Individual Phone Sessions…

My refined intuitive abilities enable me to work at levels that are a quantum leap beyond conventional talk therapies and psychological techniques. This allows me to not only clear your issues, but also guide you to rise to states of clarity, deep love, and spiritual realizations.

The sessions are about helping you clear at all levels; physically, emotionally, romantically, financially, spiritually, and all other areas that may be interfering with your living a balanced, enriched and enlightened life. If you have felt stuck, blocked, limited, confused, or frustrated these sessions can help you.

If you would like to read more about my background and how I developed my abilities click here.

Drawing on the experience of doing more than 50,000 individual sessions, I can help you make the shifts in your consciousness so you can rise out of your struggles and blocks and realize your dreams. (I can also work remotely on your children, loves ones, and other friends and relatives without them being on the phone.)

Thank you for the reading. Although some of the information was hard to ‘hear’ I did feel the truth of it and it had the effect of a great clearing and lightening of my body, mind, and spirit. I feel like I have an entire acre of room in my body and aura that wasn’t there before and this feels very calming. I also feel a tremendous power and energy boost. The pain in my hip has been significantly reduced and this makes me very happy. Thank you for your loving attention and willingness to help.
B.F., New Mexico

Some Of The Areas I Can Help You With Are:

  • Release blocks and restrictive patterns
  • Address childhood & adult traumas
  • Explore spiritual development, awakening & enlightenment including non-duality
  • Address health, healing & wellness
  • Clear unexplained symptoms or conditions
  • Repattern the cellular, genetic, and DNA memories
  • Clear confusion and eliminate fear and worry
  • Activate the laws of attraction
  • Resolve relationship conflicts, questions, & attract love
  • Remedy paranormal phenomena
  • Enlighten the mind
  • Remove whatever is causing you to be stuck
  • Clear lifetimes of karma
  • Surrender all resistance to allow all goodness
  • Learn to live in the Infinite Awareness of Now
  • Allow your Soul to participate and integrate into your daily life
  • Clear deep issues of anger, abandonment, fear, futility, discouragement, etc.
  • Engage the Ascension process
  • Have Peace! Live awake! Live Abundantly!
  • Discuss and explore higher realities, and have fun in the process!

Your Work Within A Session…

At the beginning of the session I will ask you to list all of your questions and what you would like to explore. This allows me to see how many of them relate to one another, and what to focus on in that session. It also allows me to know how much time I can devote to each issue.

After asking your questions and presenting the issues you wish to explore, I will silently look with clairvoyant vision at which issue to start with. I will look at the energy surrounding it and communicate to you as to what has gone into creating it in your life. This attunement process enables me to see not only see what is happening in your life but the reasons why. I will talk to you about what is behind those experiences.

I will next move into your healing process and work on the energies affecting your issues. Through a series of remarkable techniques, I am able to change or remove the underlying core qualities that are causing the difficulties. Some people can actually feel the negative patterns being pulled out and removed, and they notice they feel much lighter and have a sense of well-being.

I want to thank you for the work you did with me about 2 weeks ago over the telephone. Since them, I have felt much less tense, and lighter about my situation. I am not as bothered by my father or about some of the other negative things I have gone through in the past. Also, I am noticing that I am withdrawing myself from negative people and situations much more quickly than I have in the past. Moreover, my energy level has improved and I am moving in a positive direction. I am deeply thankful for the healing power you have demonstrated in my lie and will continue working with you.
E.S., California

Benefits Of The Sessions…

There are numerous benefits most people experience from the counseling sessions. After a session, you will feel a tremendous sense of relief, and will feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. This comes from the shifting and release of various energies throughout the session.

I look at your past and see how it is affecting your future. I also look at where you are holding past emotional experiences, mental habits, and judgments, and how you are creating your future based on those experiences. When I remove those patterns, you will feel more stable, secure, empowered, joyful, enthusiastic, and hopeful. Mentally, you will feel clearer and more aware of what is occurring in your life and why. This clarity is accompanied with a sense of new mental direction of how to achieve your goals.

Your sessions will be learning experiences of fascinating insights and techniques you can use to empower yourself for the rest of your life. Through a variety of processes, you will experience a greater sense of awareness and understanding of your life experiences.

Your session will be a quantum leap toward your ability to manifest your life goals–providing you with a next step toward those goals. You will get valuable information about yourself, who you are as spirit, and what you are working through in this life. The sessions can change your life in ways you never imagined.

Scheduling An Intuitive Counseling  Session And What To Expect…

As with any other form of therapy, it is not realistic to expect a complete clearing and healing with only one session. For this reason, I recommend a commitment of scheduling at least two sessions so you can receive the most benefit.

The first session is usually spent explaining a lot of how the clearing process works and giving you tools to begin using yourself between sessions. I will also begin the healing and clearing process which in the second and subsequent sessions progressively delve more deeply into your issues and the causes underlying them.

Sessions are about 50 minutes long. A session every two to four weeks is optimal time between sessions, but if your scheduling permits than more frequent sessions may be set up. Some people work with me weekly, some monthly, and some occasionally as they feel the need.  Many schedule all their sessions many months or even a year in advance.

When you schedule your appointment, you will be given a special phone number to call for your sessions.

It is your responsibility to mark your calendar and remind yourself as I usually do not do reminder call or send an email.

7 step best meditation technique
I look forward to another great year of great work! Our session this past Wednesday facilitated a complete 180 in terms how I was relating to and thinking about life. I am eally happy to be working with you this year. My husband and I were reflecting on where we were at the beginning of the past year and where we were at the end- and we both have experienced so many tangible benefits from doing this work – the most important one is that joy is much more abundant for us now. We laugh more, help each other clear issues, we’ve moved to a town we love and I genuinely love our life. (This is very different than where I started the year.) so thank you – from the bottom of my heart. I feel like these shifts have come about because of our sessions and the opportunities that you have opened me up to. I feel like I get so many nuggets of wisdom during the sessions along with the clearing. I love these sessions, I love you and Jackie and am so so grateful to be here now with you in my life. It’s nice to live in love again!
C. V., Iowa


Fee for Sessions

If you want to schedule individual single sessions they are $300 each. Two or more sessions scheduled at the same time is $550 (which is $275 each).

When you commit to working with me for 3 or more months I recommend scheduling two sessions each month. The rate for this is $1500 for 6 sessions payable in advance (that is $250 per session). 

Sessions must be paid in advance with a credit card. You must email me to schedule. You can email me through the contact form on the “Contact” Tab at the top of the page.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. Your appointment reserves 50-minutes with me and therefore you must notify me at least 24-hours prior if you can’t keep your appointment. You are responsible for the appointment time and if I do not have sufficient notice (24 hours), you will be charged for the time. For more information on why I charge for sessions see this short article: Why Spiritual Teachings are Not Free.

I am usually able to offer you a make-up time at no additional cost.

There is even more information on my private sessions on my session website:

To schedule your appointment it is best if you send me a message or question using the contact form on this site and I’ll let you know what days and times I have available. I do sessions Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I will usually email you back within 48 hours.

Please Note:

Be aware that the forces operating in your life took a lifetime, or many lifetimes, to develop and it takes time to discover and unravel the many causative factors which are laid down in many layers. If you want to make significant progress, you will need to make a significant commitment much like a commitment you would make with any doctor or therapist to rebuild your life in a healthy way.

You are making an investment in yourself that you will benefit from for the rest of your life. It is important to learn how to bring in the soul and higher self to transform you from the inside out. If you are patient, you will find the process to be quite profound. Read and believe the many testimonials we continually receive.

How Phone Sessions Bring About Awakening, Spiritual Discoveries, & Enlightenment

Your divine nature and inheritance is one of deep love toward yourself and others. A love which heals all things and returns everything to a state of total purity. Your soul holds the remembrance of this state from the time of creation and yearns to return to it. Your sessions represent a sacred opportunity for you to move more deeply into surrender and freedom.

I have undergone remarkable spiritual awakenings and as a result am able to transmit consciousness awakenings to you through a unique and remarkable process in these private sessions.

Once you have cleared your blocks, you can move into enlightening frequencies and realms through a unique process of meditation and attunement with me. In these dimensions, you will experience the  flow of higher love energies, oneness, and expanded awareness.  In the process, you will shed all that you have clung to that is not of your soul’s nature, and purify yourself of ego creations in order to return to the heart of love.

I will assist you in diminishing or removing the chatter and mental distractions of the analytical mind, and open you to be able to sustain higher spiritual realities including non-duality. You will begin to see and feel your soul’s light in a state of perfect purity, peace, and deep love in your heart. You’ll begin to trust life and suffering disappears.

If you are seeking the peaceful states of non-dual awareness and expanded consciousness advanced meditation can bring, I am able to help you understand and experience this wonderful spiritual experience.

This is a unique opportunity to meditate and work personally with one who has attained expanded awareness and enlightened consciousness, and who can help attune you to these wonderful states of being.

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How Phone Sessions Assist with Improving Health, Healing & Wellness

Throughout your life, you have experienced various levels of physical and emotional trauma. Although you may have long forgotten the original events, the energy from these stresses stays with you in the form of blocked energy patterns in your aura that continue to create and attract difficulties and challenges.

If you have feelings of fear, worry, anger, rage, resentment, grief, discouragement, guilt, doubt, self-judgment, self-criticism, self-blame, futility, feeling trapped or stuck, powerlessness, betrayal, or other emotions, I am able to help you release them permanently. I can work with you on: 

  • Stress
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Moods
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Shame
  • Abuse
  • Betrayal
  • Low energy
  • Low confidence
  • Grief
  • Mental confusion
  • Physical ailments
  • Diseases
  • Aches and pains
  • Proneness to accidents
  • Bad luck
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Self-sabotage
  • Feeling manipulated or victimized
  • Muscle twitches
  • Back & neck problems
  • Headaches
  • Pain
  • Effects from drugs
  • Unexplained physical sensations
  • Entity attachment
  • Psychic attack
  • And so much more!

Sometimes physical conditions are a result of subtle-energy blockages and they can often be cleared with a result that physical symptoms diminish or vanish. I do not diagnose conditions but rather look for the energy patterns that underlie symptoms.

In some cases, the results can be substantial, however, how long results will take can vary greatly from one person to another.

mindfulness techniques for stress reduction

Important Information

This information is provided for educational purposes only, and is offered for your general information, and should not replace the conclusions drawn from a careful and complete evaluation by your physician. In some cases, symptoms may indicate a serious health concern that needs medical treatment. We recommend you follow all relevant therapy suggestions and recommendations made by your physician(s).

The content of this website and my subtle energy therapy sessions are not intended to diagnose or be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on any of my websites.

I do not recommend any specific tests, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on my sites for the treatment of medical conditions. The information is given for your education only. Reliance on any information provided by me or the experiences or opinions of anyone employed by Quantum Quests or others appearing on our websites, or other visitors to our sites is solely at your own risk. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jonathan using the contact form on this website.

From Others Who Have Experienced the Private Phone Sessions

I would like to offer a long overdue testimonial and thank you for the  profound results I experienced from a telephone consultation I had with you  back in 2006. As you may remember, I was very distressed at the time about an  unhealthy relationship I was in with a woman. Your UNBELIEVABLY effective session cleared out my fixations preventing healthy relationships. In a few months I was in a very loving and fulfilling relationship with a wonderful woman. We were engaged half a year later and are currently celebrating our seventh year of marriage! I am not at all certain that I could have broken free of my issues without your help. Thank you SO much for all your recorded programs and service throughout the years. They are unequaled. With much gratitude and appreciation.
Scott Olsen,  Jacksonville, FL
Working with Jonathan has given incredible speed and clarity to my healing journey that I otherwise would not have experienced. I have done so much healing and clearing work on my own, often taking days, weeks, or months to clear something. Working with Jonathan multiplies the speed at which things can be cleared by many times over, and I find things lifting in a single session with him that I have been scraping away at for ages. I also find that the longer I have worked with him, the more profound of a healing I experience at each session, as at each one more is identified and cleared, and more quickly. There is a cumulative ‘snowball effect’ that is truly awesome to experience. I can feel things that have caused me sufferingon all levels literally lifting away, and I experience in my day to day life amazing changes in myself, and the freedom and clarity that brings. I cannot express enough how much these sessions with Jonathan continue to accelerate and support my progress towards a more whole, healthy, and balanced way of being. The changes that his energy work creates are real and tangible, and I have watched my life change before my eyes. I am grateful for having connected with him as a healer and teacher to help me find my way along what might otherwise be a frustrating and confusing road.
Nikki Rice, Ohio
I just wanted to drop Jonathan a line and let him know just what effects I have experienced after I participated in a phone reading with him just 2 short months ago! I'm an artist and was in quite the fix with an agent that proved to be dishonest. I felt stuck and kind of doomed really. She wouldn't release me from our contract yet she wouldn't represent me except to do harm. My collectors and galleries were experiencing loss of faith in me and my art and there wasn't anything I could do except keep doing my best to gather evidence for the upcoming court proceedings. It was ugly and draining to say the least both emotionally and financially. Having tried all "earthly" angles with no success, I called my mentor and "guru" Jonathan. I didn't know how he could help, I just felt he could. Jackie turned me on to the phone call sessions and I said YES! It is now July 7th and that agent is out of the picture easily, my sales are thru the roof, I've sold my most expensive piece ever, one of representing galleries is going to double in size and feature me as one of their premier artists, and yet the peace and calm in my moods, emotions, energies is noticable. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I love it!
Val Warner
I would like to sincerely thank you for the healing.The healing was earth shattering and has changed my life.
Tracy D., New York
I have not found anyone besides Jonathan Parker that has been able to help me clear my issues. No one compares with Jonathan. In fact, I have never found anything that comes close to the work Jonathan does, nor have I ever used or even heard of the processes he uses. I have accomplished more in 6 months working with him than I did in the previous 20 years! He is truly a Miracle Worker!!! I know that if I had not met Jonathan and done the work we did I would have had at least 20 more years of frustration and pain. I have been given the gift of taking my power back and living in my power and I am not the same person. Besides helping me remove the cause and core of my problems he is also a master teacher who teaches you how to be empowered and master your own life. He has taught me so many things to change my life. At long last I can live and be happy. The struggles and deep emotional pains are gone. I feel free for the first time in my life! I love myself! I love life! I feel exhilarated!
Suzanne Stanton, Texas
I've kept putting off writing to see if I still felt different. It has now been more than two months and I DO still feel different-MUCH better than before our session. I can't thank you enough for what you did. I've been telling people how I got healed in so many aspects of my life--but particularly the healing that went on with my head due to my severe reaction to the drugs I had to take to treat malaria. I do honestly believe you saved my life in a wondrous way, and I'm now able to put all of that behind me and move forward. I did try every imaginable healing technique I could think of to get better over the years, but your healing, your grace, your power and intent are what I think saved my life. I'm SO glad I did it! I'm eternally grateful. Thank you so much.
Kristen L., CA
In my individual session with you, you identified sluggish, muddy, depressed energy and armoring. You worked to clear my aura and directed me to open my heart, develop trust and feel and give love. Energy began moving through all of my chakras and the armoring dissolved. I feel lighter, brighter, and more open and charged with love energy. With your help and insights I feel that my life is being transformed. Your work is truly a blessing to me.
Nancy Hutton
I want to thank you again for the session we shared last year. Since our session my life has been loaded with positive changes. I've also learned to tolerate issues that at one time would have thrown me into a state of confusion and depression. Thanks again.
Kelly Lucas
I have been endeavoring to reach higher levels of consciousness while living an 'everyday life' (job, kids, family, etc.). What has frustrated me the most are deeply entrenched patterns of negative thoughts and feelings. These patterns are easily triggered into action by everyday events, and seem to flow in a nearly steady stream of resistance to my emerging God Presence.
What I expected from my phone sessions was how to more efficiently remove these negative blocks. What I experienced was infinitely better. Jonathan actually removes the blocks through his gifts of clairvoyance and healing. Jonathan is able to very accurately identify where the block is, what it looks like, and how it has been manifesting trouble in my life. Then he removes the blocks and replaces them with love and light. The result for me has been that major frustrating patterns of negativity are removed and gone after a single session. As I go about my day, I realize that many of the negative patterns are gone -other patterns took several sessions to clear away. I look forward to additional sessions with Jonathan.
Kate G., New Jersey
For many years I struggled with a chronic health problem. In just a few healing sessions with Jonathan, he helped me to accelerate my healing process and to move into greater levels of love, joy and understanding. During the healing process Jonathan literally pulled the blocks out of my aura. We went through the process a few times and each time the intensity of the emotions became less and less until they no longer held any power over me.
The sessions with Jonathan have helped me a great deal in many areas of my life. I feel more peace, love and joy coming into my life. I am healthier and have more energy throughout the day. I also have a much better self-image and feel that I am in a better state of mind. Also, I feel more in touch with my Higher Self and more grounded than I have ever been. But perhaps, most importantly, I am more in touch with my God Presence. I am very grateful to Jonathan for what he has done for me and hope that others get a chance to experience this.
Robert Sowalsky, Massachusetts
In our session you did some work on a girl in our neighborhood who was having difficulties with my son and I was having difficulties with her mother. I asked if any healing could be requested and you said, 'I'd be surprised how much healing we can request for others.' You did the clearing and pulled energy off and this morning the girl's mother called me for a very friendly chatty conversation. She said she is sorry we drifted apart lately. (We hadn't spoken in 3 months). My son is also getting along better with the girl. Also, all the neighborhood kids played ball in the street right in front of our house. You cleared the area and now they no longer play right outside our house-they moved the game up the block! WOW! What amazing developments resulting from energy work alone!
Eileen M., NJ
I noticed that a tension I've had in the pit of my stomach, around my second and third chakras, was gone. It had been part of my life for as long as I could remember. But it was gone. I just felt calm. . There is a calm and peace and quiet there. I feel my soul filling me. I know I'm not done, and that I've still got a long way to go, but this feels like such a major piece fulfilled. Thank you, with all my heart.
Bob Rutter, Jacksonville

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