“The tie that binds” “Your pulling on my heart strings.” “No strings attached.” Our language makes use of metaphorical language to describe what we unconsciously know to be true. Humans connect with one another with energy cords of attachment. This is all the more real to the trained clairvoyant who not only “sees” these energetic cords, but who is also able to help with removing them and accelerating the healing of the relationships that created them.

Every interaction and emotional exchange with others creates subtle-energy connections. These energy cords then continue the transference of energy between the two parties until the connections are broken or dissolve. The only instance where these types of attachment serve the individuals involved is in the case of mothers and their babies, because infants and small children need and rely on the nurturing and care of their mothers for their growth and development.

A common problem, however, is that most people have numerous subtle energy connections from their parents and others still hooked into them. When we interact with others in our society it is not only common, but a regular daily occurrence to have people project their energy to you in the form of their judgments, emotions, beliefs, and intentions. This is especially true if they want  something from you, or want to control you.

Can you think of (m)any interactions with others in which they do not want something from you or in some way want to manipulate or control you? Not unless you live around mostly enlightened individuals.

This being a practical reality of life on planet earth, I can say with assurance that you have many attachments to many people. This keeps a conduit open between you in which the energies from others continues to have subtle, or not so subtle, influences on your daily thinking, attitudes, and conditions.

Because of the existence of these energetic cords and other factors, it is often difficult for people to get over old relationships, move through grief quickly, break old habit patterns, get over diseases, and move into a new life free of the “baggage” of the old life. When you scan your life for every past relationship you have had, you should also scan for how people from your past have corded you this also includes organizations.

How to Cut Negative Energy Cords

Put yourself in a relaxed, meditative state when you do this work. In order to break karmic cording with others that has controlled you, limited you, or kept you the victim in relationships, visualize the person standing opposite you, or if it is an organization, name it and say to yourself as follows: “It is my intent, and my desire to formally sever and remove attachments, hooks, cords, judgments, distortions, pictures of reality, or any energetic impressions that I have gone into agreement with, with this person now release, detach and dissolve them from me.”

It is helpful to get in touch with any feelings you have about the person or organization, as this brings the cords and attachments to the surface. Call upon your spirit guides to assist you, and give them permission to help you. You can also use your hands to pull the cords off by raking through your aura, or making motions of pulling the cords off. You should also imagine a meter in your mind’s eye rating the degree of intensity of the attachment on a scale from 1 to 10, and then recheck it after each removal process. It usually takes several sessions for each person or organization that needs to be removed.

Visualize yourself and the other person or organization pulling strands and cords from each other. While you are making separations, say, “I am not available to interact with you in this way anymore. I am free, and you are free.” Scan yourself. Check the meter, and when it is at zero and you feel complete, visualize a computer screen and push the delete button to clear the screen. Repeat this process with EVERYONE you can think of–it does not even have to be a serious issue. This will free you from the victim role and help you be more in control of your life. For some you may need to repeat this process several or many times, if your connection with them was strong. As cords are removed, deeper layers rise and need to be removed. Scan through your entire lire, taking three or four people a day for each session, and go back down through you earliest memories of childhood and pull the cords between you and them.

When you have completed this process over a series of days or weeks, continue the same process as people’s names and organizations continue to come to mind in the months ahead. People’s names you had completely forgotten about will come to mind as you sift around in your subconscious mind. You can erase the hurt, pain and limitations you are still suffering with to this day, unbeknownst to you. Be sure to take a look at your part in the picture. You do not have to be a victim or suffer any limitations anymore. Be sure to bless and release each person with love. Doing this proess with a clarivoyant who is experienced in this work can greatly acceleate you though this growth process. I can tell you that of the many sessions I’ve done with people to clear them of other people’s energy, I often hear them say they feel profoundly better. It is a “felt” difference they feel almost immediately.

Question and Answer

Dear Dr. Parker, In an earlier quote, you said to be careful of the people we thought of and spoke of, because it would bring their energy to us……my question is – even if we do not speak the name of someone who brings negative feelings to us – if someone else speaks the name, how can we change our emotional reaction? How can one change their, very old, very conditioned emotional response. Thank You! Karen

Dear Karen, There are no short answers to your questions, and I don’t think they can be adequately resolved with anything written. The above article contains some of the answers, and I’ll cover a little more here for you. The subject of emotions is a sensitive one for many people because emotions are regarded as the treasured distinction that makes us human; however, the solution to many human problems and the answer to your questions lie in becoming neutral and non-attached.

One of the main reasons people find it difficult to remain neutral in situations is they have emotionally charged situations from their past still resident in them. When similar situations arise in their life, they trigger or activate the thoughtforms resident in the individual’s four-body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies). These thoughtforms resurrect the emotions, and as the individual feels these emotions he usually fuels them more thus perpetuating the cycle.

Emotions and thoughtforms are energy, and energy can be released and/or dissolved. Many people believe that they are the unwilling slave of their emotions and there is nothing that can be done about it, but this is not true. Trapped negative emotional energy is a cause of disease, accidents, and problems, yet these energies can be released.

There are a number of ways of doing eliminating negative feelings and emotions, but the most elegant ones are a bit complicated to explain here–that is something I spend a fair amount of time with in the workshops, but here are some ways emotional energy can be discharged: by crying, talking about the emotionally laden subject (catharsis), massage, acupuncture, changing your philosophical outlook, yoga, and other forms of energy work.

One way of releasing negativity that I explain on some of my audio programs is to enter a relaxed state and visualize putting the situation (people and words) on a screen and then disintegrate everything with a laser beam. This actually discharges the energy each time you do it, until it no longer affects you. In some cases it will take many months or years to completely release all disturbances unless you have someone helping you.

One of the goals of many philosophical religions is to become non-attached this eliminates the source of the negative emotions. This is often a life-long process and requires a more involved discussion than is appropriate here. I hope this gives you some insights. The situation has a resolution, but it requires a degree of training and commitment.

Blessings, Jonathan

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