Have you observed that some of the same kinds of things keep happening in your life? Perhaps you have experienced money problems repeating, relationship struggles resurfacing, or health issues returning. This is because there is a continuity to the energies you expended in the past and they continue to affect you until they are altered by new energies or until they run their course and exhaust themselves. This is called the Law of Continuance.

The energies are in the form of beliefs, conclusions, reactions, judgments, strong opinions, and emotions. These are the main components of what is called karma. Karma is simply a word that refers to energies which have been set in motion and is why most patterns continue to repeat themselves in a person’s life. These are the forces that drive us to engage in self-discoverymeditation, and overall personal development.

If the energies were negative your inner mind or subconscious mind would likely seek to balance them with something positive. What usually happens in addition to the Law of Continuance is that the Law of Balance or Compensation takes over and a person’s life is spent attempting to compensate or balance the negative energy from childhood or even from a previous life. This can take several forms.

Here’s How This Works

For instance, if you stole some money from your parent’s drawer when you were a child, you would likely harbor some guilt which can lead to certain consequences. Here’s how. Guilt is a form of fear which acts through a person’s subconscious mind to seek paying for that guilt which could be a causative force behind accidents or loss.

If you ascribe to a belief in past lives it could work like this: If a person used his or her hands to bring suffering to others in a past life, they could either be likely to be using their hands to help people in their current life, perhaps as a masseuse, or they may have difficulties with their hands. A lot of the difference in the manifest result is dependent on the attitude of the person when they initially put the energy into motion (Law of Consequence). For example, it is one thing to cause harm to another, but it is quite another to do it intentionally without regard for the suffering of another.

Please don’t jump to any conclusions about people. You certainly don’t want to make the mistake of judging others every time you see someone with a handicap or deformity. Nor should you assume that masseuses, chiropractors, doctors, and others who are serving and helping people were criminals or inquisitors. It is much more likely they were exposed to their career choices when they were a child, or they could have been healers for several lifetimes (Law of Continuance).

In addition, sometimes a person’s subconscious mind has programming which sets them up for what are regarded as negative conditions, but which then refine and develop specific traits such as love, compassion, patience, or empathy. I am only giving general examples in this article of some of the ways the Laws of Balance, Continuance, Consequence, and Compensation are aspects of karma.

Each situation is unique and you don’t want to pass judgment on yourself or anyone’s condition. This short article is explaining just some of the factors that can affect a person’s karmically driven destiny so you can better understand your current situations and release any negative energies associated with them. Understanding how we create situations is the first and most important step in clearing the causes and turning your life around. This can be done through several effective means such as energy healing, healing meditations, and positive affirmations.

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