Ultimately, the release of karma comes down to the subject of surrender.  In a spiritual context, surrender is about releasing all forms of holding or all forms of resistance and all forms of attachment.  Ultimately, all spiritual paths converge and agree on the surrender approach, although the methods of implementing it vary.

To switch to letting go of what you have previously invested greatly in creating takes time, attention, choices, and deep surrendering every aspect of yourself that sustains the pain or struggle.

Let’s say you are having financial stress, and you have feelings of being unworthy of abundance. You would take the words describing what you are feeling and experiencing and plug those words into a surrender intention while connecting with the feelings behind the words. 

For example, one sentence I recommend for surrender is:  “I am willing to surrender and release the need for financial stress and feeling unworthy.”

As you repeat this process each time reaching deeper and deeper into the belief patterns you will eventually reach the core and when you surrender and release that core, then that issue will be gone.

Another aspect of surrender involves a paradox.  Surrender is letting go of all resistance in all its forms. Besides a direct focus on releasing negative traits or attachments, surrender can also be used to surrender resistance around positive experiences coming into your life. I know this sounds strange, but here is how it works.  When you release and let go of the resistance around something wonderful and good it expands even more in your life.   This application of surrender causes what is inharmonious to leave your life, and what is harmonious to fill your life.   This may seem like an obvious method for releasing fear or pain, but what may not be so obvious is that by surrendering something good in your life, it can expand.

For instance,  If you plug the following into the surrender formula I gave you above: My Bank Account; My Stock Portfolio; My Relationship, etc.  surrendering wouldn’t imply they would cease to exist, but rather any resistance or fear attached to them would. 

This works because you would no longer be sustaining negative attachments to something which can be very wonderful and good. When the fear and resistance around something you desire is released, then the goodness that emanates from your soul is free to expand and fill your life. You could apply this principle to someone or something that you love and what you love will deepen and be more fulfilling.  In the case of a loved one you would find your love and your relationship with them deepens. Retreats and private phone sessions can accelerate this process for you 100 times faster than trying to do it on your own.

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