Since ancient times humanity has sought the means of resolving health issues of pain and diseases through energy healing and self healing methods. The practice of directing healing lifeforce energy through a practitioner’s hands or through projecting healing intentions has been utilized for millennia.

For many thousands of years the Chinese applied acupuncture techniques and directed healing energies through Qigong while Ayurvedic medicine developed in India more than 5,000 years ago and incorporated using subtle energy healing. In fact, virtually all cultures have incorporated accessing the healing power of various forms of energy healing and spiritual healing including the laying on of hands and the use of healing prayers.

Today, energy healing is being more widely acknowledged. In the September 2010 issue of the newsletter from The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), which is a branch of the National Institute for Health’s Office of Alternative and Complementary Medicine stated that “energy healing therapy has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments and health problems, and is often used in conjunction with other alternative and conventional medical treatments.” They also list more than three dozen forms of energy healing. Throughout Europe and increasingly in the U.S. clinics and hospitals are offering energy healing as part of patient’s treatments.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing works on what is called our subtle body or spiritual body. This aspect of our energy system has been recognized by spiritual masters as what sustains our physical body, and as such is a key to our health and healing. It is also within the subtle energy body that the causes of what manifests in the physical body are often rooted if the condition is not due to genetics or environment. Even in those later cases, energy healing can often be a helpful adjunct to other treatments.

One approach to energy healing utilizes the mind-body connection. This refers to the fact that our mental and emotional states are strong influences on our physical condition. We can utilize this association to our advantage with such techniques as visualization, guided meditation, positive affirmations, and self-hypnosis.

Essentially these are variations on the use of mental imagery on the desired outcome which engages the mind to bring about the results. One feature of the mind is that it does not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, so by focusing on the positive end result, the mind works to bring it about. This tool has been applied to virtually every disease and condition as well as to improve every type of performance.

I have incorporated these tools into hundreds of audio programs that will guide you through these processes.

A second broad category of energy healing addresses issues held in the subtle energy body of a person. This includes the aura, the etheric body, the chakras, and other non-physical fields. If a person is not experiencing optimal health, in addition to physical symptoms, they usually have blockages in their subtle field as well. This can be caused by energy patterns called “thought forms” which are composed of emotional energy, memories, and mental factors such as beliefs, perceptions, and conclusions. Virtually every issue we face from our emotions, to self-image, to weight loss, to troubled relationships, and even difficulties with finances can all be treated with energy healing.

An energy healer addresses these components and facilitates removing the subtle energy thoughtforms or shifting the nature of the energy in them. The typical results people report are feelings of being lighter, clearer, more peaceful, happier, having more well being, and having more energy.

How You Can do Energy Healing On Yourself or Someone Else

Modalities that address subtle energies are sound healing, aura clearing, reiki, laying on of hands, chakra healing, balancing, and clearing, prana healing, qigong, and various forms of shamanic healing.

In general, these methods make use of the energy healer’s energy field having a healing and clearing effect on the person receiving the treatment. Often this includes the use of directing subtle energies with the hands. It is not necessary to actually make physical contact for it to be effective, but using the hands even when focusing on distant healing helps the energy healer to sustain the focus and intention.

For instance, if you are wanting to direct healing energy to another you can sit across from him or her and hold your hands with your palms facing the person. You can be close to the person or several feet away. Remarkably it works either way. At this point you can utilize whatever form of energy you are familiar with while holding a positive intention for that energy to effect a clearing and healing. Even if you are not trained with reiki, prana healing, qigong, or in the use of other subtle energies, you can still use this technique for positive effect, for we all have the ability to direct  subtle healing energies to another with positive intentions.

While holding your hands up with palms toward the person think to yourself, “I surround you and fill you with healing light. I ask and intend for the healing light to dissolve all causes of discomfort.” Always word your intentions positively and in present tense. You can accompany your words with a visual image of the person being filled with pure white light with a little gold light as well.

You can essentially use the same technique for self healing by turning your hands toward yourself and repeating the above procedure.

This method works because of an observation made by Rupert Sheldrake with what he calls morphic resonance which means that a person being worked on receives a transmission of subtle energy imbued with the positive healing intent of the sender through the morphic field both the sender and receiver are in regardless of the distance between them.

Without Spiritual Healing You are Only Half Done

Regardless of the approach taken in healing if the underlying cause is not addressed, the results may be temporary. Energy healing in its many forms may remove or clear the subtle energy aspects of a condition, but it does not necessarily change a person’s thinking or consciousness about the condition. This is where spiritual healing comes in because it brings another dimension to the healing process.

The objective of spiritual healing is to reveal the fullness of the true self or soul. This is the aspect of a person sometimes also called the higher self, the God within, the divine presence, and the authentic self. This deep truth of our being has been overlaid with many layers of mental and emotional filters which prevent a person from having the full gifts the soul makes available. The filters are collectively referred to as the ego and it colors your perceptions of who you are. It creates distortions and distractions from your soul. Through addressing these components in the spiritual realm you can gradually realize your deep inner truth and be set free from the many entanglements of the ego.

Spiritual healing can include prayer, forgiveness, spiritual chanting, and aligning with the inner spiritual light of the soul to create a consciousness shift. Prayer in this context includes holding a positive intention for a positive outcome and it can be applied to others as well as for self healing.

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