Summary:  All religions talk about the fact that we must learn to surrender, but there is little to explain the subject or how to do it. This introductory article will help you harness the power of surrender as you continue on your spiritual journey.


Enlightenment is a process of elimination. Letting go of everything we are not in order to realize the truth of what we are. The challenge is that there are so many things we feel we must release, it often seems like an insurmountable and endless task. Fortunately, there is a way to effect rapid and wide-spread releases so it is not necessary to enumerate or remember every last item to be released. It is all done through the process of surrender. To become free from the pain and limitations of life, you must release the past, and meditation coupled with surrender is the way.

When you first hear that you are to surrender, you might feel threatened for you remember the use of that word in warfare in which the side that loses surrenders. Like many people surrendering, losing their homes and being banished to the wilderness and desert regions. But the surrender I am talking about doesn’t mean giving up your power or anything else. It is not resignation. It is actually expanding into a greater empowerment – surrendering to something greater. Here’s how it works…

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Thy will be done.’ It is part of what is called, The Lord’s Prayer.  Most people assume this means resigning to the mysterious unknown will of God, and it might mean that God’s will is for you to be sick and poor and there is no way to know for sure. Thankfully, it does not mean that. It does not mean surrendering to an unknown mystery.

When you surrender, you are surrendering to the Infinite, not the finite. The will of God can only be for your greater good. By that I mean greater life, greater love, greater happiness, greater abundance, greater expression, in fact, as much life as one can conceive will become a part of that person’s experience. Here’s why…

Remember the scripture that says, “Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” That verse is sometimes quoted in reference to karma, and usually in a negative way. But what that means in other words is, The Universe always says, yes to whatever you think, say or do. As you keep your mind focused on the greatest good you can conceive, that is what unfolds for you more and more.

Many people think they are supposed to be happy with less and think they surrendering leads to less. The exact opposite is true. When you surrender, you are surrendering to more and more of what life can be.

Surrender means “taking no thought” and watching as the “Red Sea” of obstacles parts before you. Yes, obstacles melt, and positive creative forces go before you to straighten out all the crooked places. You stay focused on your highest good, and you are taken care of.

Surrender is trust to the highest power. It is letting go of controlling “how” life will manifest for you, but knowing it is always the expansion of good. Surrender is releasing how we thought things should be, to make room for the greatest good imaginable.

So go through your life and give up, release and fully surrender everything you can think of; this is the art, science and power of surrender. Surrender every person, every possession, every feeling, every hope, every desire, everything you like and don’t like. Include: your body, your need to be right, your dreams, your fears, your gray hair, your fat stomach, your anger, your mind, your mortgage, your mate, your fear, your need to be enlightened, your discouragement, your children, your friends, your enemies, your debts, your lacks, your limitations, your impatience, your mind, and your life. Then affirm your highest ideals which is the natural unfolding of your True Self. Hold to those ideals regardless of outer circumstances, and the world of illusions will melt and a greater reality will unfold around you.

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