How Relaxation-Visualization Get Your Subconscious Working for You
(And Not Against You)

Your subconscious mind is that portion of your mind that exists beneath the level of conscious awareness. It is very much like an information storehouse that holds all your memories, attitudes, emotions, beliefs, and habits. This information, which exerts a powerful influence on your life, is available to your conscious mind, but is not usually part of your conscious awareness. The subconscious also controls most of your bodily reactions and metabolism. Breathing, blinking, digestion, walking, emotions, etc. are functions that are carried out subconsciously. We don’t have to think about blinking in a sandstorm anymore than we have to remember to shiver when it is cold.

Similarly, if you had a traumatic experience involving water, it is possible that each time you are near water your subconscious would replay this experience like an internal recording. This triggers your body, emotions, and metabolism to respond the way it did during the real danger. This is a simplified explanation of how people develop fears and phobias. To recognize how your subconscious directs your daily life, consider how easy it is for you to walk, play a favorite sport or instrument, or drive a car. Once you learn to do these things, you do them automatically. The information is stored in your subconscious mind and your conscious mind draws on it as the need arises.

Your Source of Your Reality

You have probably heard the expression, “You are what you think.” However, this premise does not merely refer to what you know you think, but also to what you don’t know you think. It is your inner thoughts and beliefs which determine how you experience your world. The subconscious mind is actually the force that is in control of all aspects of your life—probably far more than you realize.

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Whether you are rich or poor, happy or sad, bored or excited, loved or unloved, and all be traced to your inner or subconscious belief system This important principle is the foundation of all the materials and methods you will encounter in the audio programs I’ve recorded.

In other words, you are aware of many of your beliefs—such as: it is right to be honest and fair, and it is wrong to steal from or hurt others. Yet, you may be unaware that deep inside your subconscious is the belief that you do not deserve financial success or to have lasting, loving relationships. And you wonder why you don’t have the income you want or your relationships are not as fulfilling as they could be.

Each person grows up with some ideas about him or herself that are negative, inaccurate, or outdated. Over the years, these self-limiting ideas persist (stored mostly in the subconscious) and continue to create more negative self-beliefs and experiences. This downward spiral can be stopped by replacing false, outdated ideas with positive beliefs, thoughts and attitudes.

  How Our Audio Programs Work

It is not enough to try to alter an aspect of your life at the conscious level. The change must be effected at the subconscious level before any true, lasting results can be achieved. The questions is, “Is it possible to change the subconscious?” The answer is definitely, “Yes!” Our audio programs work on the subconscious mind using the most innovative methods available to achieve inner changes which are then reflected in the condition and experiences of your life. The techniques used in our audio programs enable you to replace negative self-defeating thoughts and attitudes in your subconscious mind with positive, life-enhancing beliefs. As this happens, your inner mind automatically begins to create the kind of life that you desire.

Step-by-Step Elimination of Negative Beliefs

Many people wonder why their subconscious accepts and retains self-defeating, negative beliefs in the first place. The subconscious is peculiar in this way. It accepts information without question and proceeds to direct a person’s life accordingly.  

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For your entire life you have been listening to and following the scripts embedded in your subconscious mind by parents, friends, relatives, educational systems, and others. Those thought habits, attitudes, and inner beliefs form the strengths and shackles that you live with. These subconscious limitations are what have been preventing you from enjoying complete success, happiness and personal fulfillment, and they will continue limiting you for the rest of your life unless you take positive steps to change them.

For example, if you were repeatedly told as a child, “You are slow. You’ll never amount to much,” your impressionable subconscious probably accepted these ideas without question or logical considerations. Chances are, it then went one step further, creating self-talk statements such as, “I want to be a success, but I am slow and stupid. I can’t even think about doing much with my life. No one would want me. Why even bother to try?”

This is how self-defeating beliefs are established. And, because they are deeply rooted in your subconscious, they remain until you replace them. Our audio programs provide you with powerful, step-by-step mental reprogramming techniques to rapidly and permanently dissolve negative ideas and to replace them with positive beliefs, such as, “I excel at whatever I do. I have a sharp, quick, and alert mind. I am a success. I am a winner in life.” If you use the audio programs frequently, you will be amazed at their effectiveness! Once a positive suggestion has been accepted by your subconscious mind through repetition, the way is paved for more successful and positive ideas to be accepted. In this way you can gradually create a whole new self-belief system and a foundation for a high degree of happiness, fulfillment and success.  

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Guided Relaxation: The Gateway to Your Inner Mind

Deep relaxation is one of the most valuable skills you will acquire while listening to our audio programs. Stress and tensions dissolve while at the same time your mind becomes crystal clear and alert. Natural, healthful relaxation is a valuable self-development tool that you will continue to enjoy for years to come. Medical research has shown that developing the ability to relax deeply can prevent or relieve stress-induced illness. In addition, relaxation enables you to quickly get to the source of subconscious limitations that are impeding your personal development.

When your body and mind become relaxed, free of worry, strain, and tension, you are able to eliminate negative mental patterns and establish positive ones. When you are deeply relaxed, the subconscious is most open to change. Learning to relax is very important because lasting change can only be accomplished by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. All you need is a few undisturbed minutes, a private location, a comfortable spot to rest, and one of our Guided Relaxation/Visualization/Meditation audio programs.

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Receiving the Most From Relaxation Sessions

Guided Relaxation and Visualization sessions are intended to be used in a quiet environment. Select a place where you are free from distractions and will not be disturbed. Position yourself either sitting comfortably or reclining with your arms and legs uncrossed. Be assured that the natural relaxed state you are guide into while listening to our audio programs does not require you to go unconscious or surrender your control. Your mind will remain aware and clear, throughout the sessions.

Also, be assured that should you need to attend to any situation that arises while you are listening to the programs, you will easily be able to do so simply by opening your eyes and getting up. If you are in a deeply relaxed state, you may wish to rub your neck, arms, and legs, stretch out and say, “Fully alert!” You are always in control. The narrations in the programs are merely guides to help you relax physically and bring about a clear, natural, and aware mental state. Relaxation sessions are not intended to be used while driving, operating machinery or while you are involved in any other activity.

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What Does Relaxation Feel Like?

The relaxation process involves carefully guided, systematic release of muscular tightness and tension. You’ll notice your respiration becomes calm and regular, your heart rate slows and worrisome thoughts gradually disappear. How can you tell if you are sufficiently relaxed to benefit from the relaxation sessions? Some people needlessly worry about this. Be assured hat as long as you are following the guided instructions and feel relaxed, you will receive the intended benefits from the sessions.

Eliminating Distractions

When you first start doing the relaxation sessions, you may notice various thought racing around your head. Although these random thoughts may appear to intensify when you become physically relaxed, you are actually just becoming more aware of them. It is natural for your mind to have many thoughts. However, your mind will be quieted and drawn to the information presented by the voice guiding you. This will become easier for you as you continue using the audio programs over the weeks and months. Most people develop good concentration as an automatic and effortless by-product of listening to the guided instructions, visualizations, meditations, and affirmations.

While you are listening to the programs, realize that your mind can only concentrate on one thought at a time, and it is up to you which though that is. If you notice you have drifted off into random thoughts, gently bring your attention back to the voice in the program. With experience, distractions will occur less and less. If you experience a spinning or swaying sensation while you are deeply relaxed and find it distracting, simply tell yourself firmly, “Stop. Stabilize,” and focus your full attention on the words in the program. This will normally alleviate the problem. Tightness in the forehead area or having a headache during or immediately following a relaxation session is rare and generally temporary. These discomforts may be due to tension, anxiety, or trying too hard to concentrate. Such distractions may be eliminated by temporarily shortening the time you spend in relaxation and allowing yourself to gradually become accustomed to longer sessions. Itching or tingling are passing sensations which may appear to intensify simply because you are more likely to notice them when you are relaxed. These sensations generally decrease as you gain experience in relaxation. With regular listening you’ll find you are able to more quickly and easily achieve pleasant and natural states of deep relaxation.

Staying Awake and Aware

If you encounter a problem staying awake during a guided relaxation session:

1. Listen when you are feeling fresh, when you are feeling at your best, when you re wide awake and energetic. If you feel sleepy, take a short nap before beginning the relaxation session.

2. Maintain a sitting posture in a comfortable chair or on a pillow on the floor, keeping your back straight.

3. Take a brisk, ten-minute walk to invigorate yourself just prior to listening to the audio program.

4. Leave the lights on and have the temperature in the room on the cool side.

5. Listen in a room where you never sleep so there is no association of relaxing with falling asleep.

6. Keep your eyes open while you listen to the audio program a number of times gradually close them for portions of the programs and eventually close them for the entire session.

7. Maintain a slightly relaxed state and if you tend to fall asleep, fast forward past the relaxation instructions and participate in the visualization and affirmation portions while you are alert.

8. Should you feel like dozing off, increase your breathing rate, open your eyes, and say to yourself, “I am mentally alert and awake.”

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