The Law of Karma

We’ve all heard the saying that we reap what we sow, and we often think of this in terms of something negative happening to us. But this also applies to the good we set in motion and it is reflective of an ancient universal law referred to as the Law of Karma. Some people don’t like that word because it sounds like Eastern religion but it is really just an observation or description of the way life works. A more modern way of saying it is, “what goes around comes around.” Most people accept that as true because we’ve all seen it happen in our life or others we’ve known.

Karma is certainly not just about bad news. In fact, it has as much to do with good news because it describes setting in motion the forces that continue bringing us what we love and enjoy as well as creating new and wonderful things for our life. The way the universe is set up we experience the results of what we have energized in the past whether we believe in karmic forces or not. This is called the Law of Consequences which is a reality in everyone’s life. In most cases people don’t make a conscious connection with their blessings or suffering now as a consequence of past actions they don’t remember, but since we warehouse our memories, attitudes, beliefs, fears and guilt in our subconscious mind we are subject to what those forces create and attract. This is the foundation of the law of attraction.

How to Free Yourself from the Pain of Karma

I will describe two painless ways to become free from negative karma. They both work very effectively when applied in a personal development, self improvement, or spiritual growth program. When used in combination they can bring relief and a spiritual transformation in a relatively short period of time.

The first method is to recognize, acknowledge, and remove each pattern through clearing and releasing techniques. In the first step, you must determine what the pattern is. It is likely there are two components; a belief and an emotional reaction. It takes a little introspection to tune into your inner space and determine what underlying beliefs or conclusions you have about your situation, and to also acknowledge what emotional reactions you are experiencing as a result. That is the most important part of the inner healing process because you usually only clear and release what you specifically identify. So ask yourself what you believe about your situation. Describe your conclusions in one or two sentences. In addition, what words would you use to describe how this situation makes you feel? What emotional reactions do you have in regard to this situation?

Once you have finished step one then you utilize any of several techniques to release the hold those beliefs and reactions have on you. One effective way is through self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. This methodical approach requires that you specifically identify the karmic pattern and either express deep self-forgiveness, or let go of all the underlying beliefs, judgments, and emotions.

You can do this by saying to yourself, “I forgive myself for the suffering I caused myself,” and other similar phrases relevant to your specific situation. Verbalizing your forgiveness statement makes it much more effective than just thinking about it. You will find that the more you forgive yourself the more you automatically let go of the pain and suffering you have experienced even if other people were involved causing it.

Another Method for Healing & Transformation

Forgiveness is only one of many techniques that can be very effective for emotional healing and spiritual transformation. Another approach is to utilize positive affirmations to replace the negative ideas. Identifying the negative experiences and describing them in words to yourself gives you the understanding of how to formulate your affirmations. Prosperity affirmations, health affirmations, and spiritual affirmations engage the power of intention to not only clear the negative subconscious patterns, but to lay the foundation for creating positive results in your life.

You can effectively do this by taking your description of the negative condition in your life and constructing a positive affirmation that is the opposite of the negative condition. For instance, if you are having a financial difficulty you may be thinking, “My life always seems to have a financial struggle.” You can create a positive affirmation that is the reverse of that statement like this, “My life automatically and easily creates and manifests money and prosperity.” By repeating statements like this over the weeks and months you engage the creative power of the subconscious mind to take your life in positive directions. In this way you become the master of your own destiny and your karma works as a positive force in your life.

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