How to Make Meditation Transformational Breakthroughs

The sad truth is that most meditators never really get beyond some general feelings of being relaxed.

What are you achieving with your meditations?

Maybe a more relevant question is what are you not achieving through meditation that you hoped you would? What is missing?

How do you breakthrough the “Box” that has you trapped and blocked?

How do you elevate your mind and your consciousness beyond the “normal” limited range that keeps most people going through life like zombies?

They never experience the inspiring sense of aliveness that lights them up from the inside out, or the otherworldly sense of satisfaction and wholeness as every cell in their body radiates love and fulfillment. Yet, all of that and much more is attainable through the right kind of meditation. Here are some of the more common approaches to meditation that lead to disappointing outcomes:

  • Listening to meditation music, binaural beats, and mantras won’t get you there…
  • Visualizations don’t take you far enough…
  • Sitting for extended lengths of time in silence is usually disappointing…

You come out of those sessions feeling like you’ve done something, yet nothing seems to change.

Those approaches simply won’t cut it if you want to evolve to the highest realizations of consciousness.

Not only are most practices getting you nowhere fast, but they almost certainly contribute to developing bad habits that stunt your growth.

But how do you make the breakthroughs you want?

Fortunately…That’s exactly what you are about to learn, and once you do, the stark realization will dawn on you that having profound, extra-ordinary breakthroughs is easier and more natural than you imagined.

Did you know I’ve been leading meditation retreats for over 40 years? In that time, I have refined many ways to get your mind to let go of the distortions and limitations that have been keeping you trapped.

This enables you to have precisely the kind of realizations you’ve yearned for your entire life; and it is a lot easier, and a whole lot simpler than you thought it could be.

Not all meditations are created equal.

There are all sorts of approaches to meditation, but most of them don’t produce lasting results because they don’t target the mental and emotional patterns that create the traps.

Watching your breath, reciting a mantra, and trying to quiet the mind are likely to leave you unsatisfied and unfulfilled over the long term. In fact, they can be discouraging and lead you to quit meditating thinking meditations don’t work!

The techniques I utilize literally turn conventional spiritual practices on its head. I have developed a number of methods that produce lasting results and I want to share with you one of the most profound guided meditations I have ever recorded.

Everyone senses there is something missing from their life, or something they wish were different. I have created the most effective and thorough method for addressing this and I’m making it available to you completely free.

When you listen to this one-hour meditation you will find deep insights into the many ways you have allowed some form of lack to influence your choices and decisions. And, most importantly, you will be guided step-by-step to clear these blocks and limitations.

This meditation is not available anywhere else. It is my free gift to you. After you have used this meditation for a few weeks please let me know of your experiences with it. .
Here is the link: Freedom from Lack 

From the Heart,


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