Imagine attracting instead of pursuing what you want in life. Imagine living your highest visions and dreams. Through energy healing you can come face-to-face with your deepest desires and go beyond what you can imagine to discover new ways of thinking, feeling, and living!

That may not be what you normally think of when you think of  energy healing, but all aspects of a person’s life can be and are addressed through the healing power of energy healing.

What Lies at Your Core?

You can be sure that whenever something is not going right in your life, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, you will discover thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are at the root of it. And it doesn’t matter if you consciously believe in them or not or if you even know about them or not—in most cases you don’t. These are your “blind spots,” and these factors are at the root of your “core issues” which can be cleared through inner healing. 

For inner healing to be complete it must include not only clearing the symptoms but also the underlying beliefs and subtle patterns. As you clear the patterns something wonderful reveals itself. Everyone, whether consciously aware of it or not, is in the process of discovering and uncovering what is called their True Self. The True Self is the real you under the cloak of your many personality traits and identities. Yes, under it all is a very pure, wonderful, loving, and radiant being as God created you to be. As your inner healing deepens it reveals your soul with all its beautiful goodness and deep nature of love.

The deeper you go into self healing through energy healing, the more you will know the love, peace, and freedom of an awakened life. It is what your soul longs for and it is your destiny!

Inner Healing for the Deepest Blocks of Your Life

Through utilizing the healing power of many heart-centered methods you can systematically clear and eliminate limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, blocks, limitations and other issues. As you deepen into self healing you will simultaneously open and expand your awareness into greater and greater realizations of your inner beauty and sacredness as a being of love and light. 

As you transform and clear your consciousness, the causes of pain, suffering, and struggle vanish, and you automatically begin to have a life of deep peace, love, and happiness.

When you remove all of the issues of the false self, you are left with the beautiful deep truth of who and what you are as you were created to be.  Your True Self or soul comes to the surface, your mind begins working in new and wonderful ways, and your perceptions become quite clear. You become a purified being of love, beauty, harmony, inner strength, gentleness, fulfillment, and so much more. 

The Premise & Promise of Energy Healing

The underlying factors that cause disturbances are composed of subtle energy. The subtle energies are composed of beliefs, emotions, and memories which can be re-contextualized into healthy patterns.

The transformational process is difficult to do on your own, but it is done many times faster and far more effectively if you have someone help you who is skilled in these matters. Those individuals are generally referred to as energy healers or spiritual healers, but there is a broad variety of approaches, and you will want to find one who resonates compatibly with you.

Most people never discover the issues and patterns controlling their lives. While the term energy healing may relate to physical issues, it has more to do with the transformations of consciousness which underlie all conditions, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

Your negative traits can actually be eliminated. This is not something that very many people know about, and it is not commonly believed, much less taught. 

Here’s the Big Key Holding Your Back!

Everything that manifests in your life is a reflection of an inner belief. I know that you may not even fully believe that right now, and I understand why you may not because most of the factors that shape your life are unconscious. Most people think they have little choice in the way things turn out in life, and they feel at the mercy of some invisible force.

There are ways to become free from the forces that have seemed to block you. Many have already done this and are now enjoying lives of incredible freedom, peace, love, beauty, happiness, abundance and an ever unfolding, enlightened joy in living. 

Steps to Inner Healing Through Energy Healing

1.  There is no “quick fix” when it comes to healing, but by discovering the nature of your beliefs you are more than half way there in the self healing process. That is because you generally only clear or heal what you are aware of.

2.  To discover your belief patterns you need to be conscious of what your inner self-talk says. To do that I suggest taking a day in which you stop what you are doing every hour and ask yourself some questions such as:

What thoughts have been going through my mind?
What have I been thinking about my life?
What have I been thinking about my relationships?
What do I want in my life that I don’t have?
What do I think I need to be happy?
What do I think about my health?
Do I believe I deserve to have abundance?
and other similar soul-searching questions.

It is also helpful to pay attention to your conversations and notice how you explain and describe topics.

It would be best to write down your thoughts; perhaps journaling them either in writing or in digital form.

3.  Once you have some insights into what your limiting beliefs are you can then begin to clear them. There are actually many approaches to this part of the healing process. Here are just a few:
a. guided imagery, relaxation, visualization, meditation, and self-
b. acupuncture, homeopathy, chakra healing, sound healing, qigong,
aura clearing, reiki, and shamanic healing.

In addition to the healing power of these inner healing techniques there is another very important aspect to total self healing.

4.  The Journey to Enlightenment

In addition to the clearing and healing, you will find more enlightened states of consciousness naturally reveal themselves to you. Here’s what that means. As you refine your ability to connect with your inner soul essence and open your heart to a beautiful deep love you will automatically awaken to what are called higher states of consciousness and living. 

Through energetic healing you can progressively become clearer and clearer until you reach refined states of awareness in a surprisingly accelerated way. When you have cleared your heart, body and mind with the essence of love and light, the only thing left is the purity your soul was originally created with, but which became buried and forgotten under the effects of the ego.

Spiritual awakening brings the deepest freedom that exists—freedom from suffering and the emergence of a continuous state of happiness. Once you taste this path and break free from the bondage of the ego, you will experience unspeakable beauty and fulfillment. 

Yes, you can reach a state in which you experience little or no moods, negative emotions, or struggle. Everywhere you look, you will see a universe of exquisite beauty. At times you may even be overwhelmed by feelings of wonderful bliss and deep love. You will enter a beautiful state of universal harmony and automatically live mindfully in each moment.

Discover Tools for Healing & Transformation

Since life is short, you certainly don’t want to waste your time endlessly pursuing paths that leave you with more questions than you started with. If you have a sense that your life is on the verge of a new beginning at this very moment, those feelings tell you that you are ready to leave behind the old life and reach for the higher states of consciousness and find more peace, more fun and more fulfillment. I look forward to joining you on the greatest journey of your life.

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