30 years ago I wasn’t even sure what is the Soul is or even if it really exists so I decided to dedicate all myself to discovering all I could.

Of course we all heard about our Soul when we were growing up, but exactly what is the soul? Where is it? What does it do? How do we connect with it?

I grew up assuming we all have a soul somewhere inside of us, but I never had a real understanding about what is the soul.

Most of the books and articles I found were not talking about the Soul from the writer’s direct personal experience, but a collection of deductions of people speculating about what the soul is or pursuing philosophical debates.

That’s when I concluded I would need to have my own personal experiences with the Soul if I were going to understand what is the soul and what its participation is in our evolution.

Discovering What Is the Soul

If you have been following my life’s work you already know the result of several years of dedicating my life to soul discovery through meditation resulted in my book The Soul Solution.

I named the book that because once I had a direct personal realization of the Soul I realized the Soul is the key to accelerating our evolution and ascension…in fact, it is the only resource that can!

Confusing the subject I found the soul addressed with different names and perspectives such as Higher Self, God Self, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, Divine Self, Enlightened Self, True Self, etc.

All those labels are attempts to explain the deep underlying nature of what we are at our core.

Compounding the confusion about what the is soul is the fact that we live our lives with many filters based on our deepest beliefs. Our beliefs are formed out of the many conclusions we’ve come to based on our experiences and observations collected through our senses.

Therein lies the difficulty with getting to know what is the Soul…it is not accessed through the physical senses and therefore most people can only speculate about it. Unless a person dedicates him or herself to delving deeply into the subtle realms where the Soul exists he or she can never really know who they are, what they are, or what is the Soul.

I’ll explain further below what I have discovered and why it is so important for you to have your own experiences with the Soul. Nothing is more important to your becoming a cleared and enlightened being than merging with all your Soul is.

The Soul is your deepest true essence and it is composed of the most sublime and beautiful qualities you can imagine or ever experience.

How do you transform your soul understanding from an intellectual concept into a deep realization and sensing experience?

What Is The Soul?

In the ancient philosophy called Samkhya which dates back thousands of years; even predating Eastern religions as we know them, the Soul is referred to as the Ahamkar. It is your unique individually without separation from the Divine.

Here’s the surprising truth about the Ahamkar: it is also referred to as the ego, but not in the way it is usually talked about in the West.

Westerners are familiar with referring to the ego as a negative aspect of human nature but that is not what the Ahamkar is. For this reason I have come to designate Positive Ego and Negative Ego.

Negative Ego is a fear-based collection of defensive weapons the finite and conditioned mind has created to survive. All the negative inner experiences you are familiar with such as anger, anxiety, depression, futility, worry, blame, criticism, and hundreds of variations are all what make up the constructs of the Negative Ego.

Underlying these programs lies your true nature; your Ahamkar or Soul. When you establish a sustained connection with your Soul your life changes in all the positive ways you’ve dreamed of and wished for.

What is the Soul? It is a glorious presence of pure unconditional love, kindness, peacefulness, joyfulness, and happiness. It is also your greatest healing resource that can lead to the highest clearings, transformations, and realizations. Discovering your Soul is discovering your greatest  resource for your spiritual journey.  https://www.jonathanparker.org/the-soul-solution/

The lower-level negative emotions of the Negative Ego are so strong they suppress people’s experience of the Soul.

At a point long ago on our life journey before we consented to experience the physical dimension we looked at the human experience as a potentially fun adventure. It wasn’t until we got here that we realized we were trapped in a nightmare of limiting and sometimes terrorizing events that focused us on survival needs.

Oh sure, there is certainly fun to be had in this third dimension but most people’s activities are about supplying physical needs and struggling with the many challenges of being in a physical body while living in a society constructed by others who are also fear driven and struggling.

Liberation is Breaking Free

There is a phenomenon in our spiritual journey known as Self-Realization and Liberation that frees us from the confines of control we typically live under. For some it happens spontaneously and for others as a result of dedication to spiritual practices. There seems to be no way to predict when or how it will occur, but there are things that can be done to increase the opportunity for it to occur.

This is sometimes called “Awakening,” “An Epiphany,” or “Enlightenment.”  Some also refer to this as “Ascension” which means the raising of consciousness to a higher level of awareness.

Exactly what that is isn’t easy to define or explain because it is not an experience that happens through an intellectual process. In fact, the more the mind is involved, the less likely it is to occur.

How to Accelerate Enlightenment

I have found a way to shorten the time for your consciousness to shift. In fact, when people ask me how long it will take to become enlightened, I suggest they focus on releasing and dissolving everything that interferes with that happening. The more completely that is done, the quicker the enlightening event will spontaneously occur.

If you primarily engage in a passive form of meditating on transcendence or peacefulness, or even non-duality you are not likely to eliminate the blocks and obstacles to full ego dissolution and enlightenment. You need to be proactive.

Ascension and enlightenment are everyone’s destiny. It will happen to you sooner or later. If not in this lifetime, maybe the next, but you can insure it happening in this lifetime by dedicating yourself to discovering and letting go of every obstacle your mind holds and that includes all the beliefs the mind has constructed.

That’s a big job as it requires you to pay attention to everything your mind thinks and believes. It requires you to be willing to surrender your attachment to everything you value. There is a skill and an art to that process, but it requires persistence and dedication for as long as it takes.

You May Not Want to Hear This

And I’ll frankly tell you one other thing you might not want to hear: it is very difficult and nearly impossible for you to do this on your own. The prideful Negative Ego seems to have a need to figure things out on its own. The problem is the Ego cannot release itself from itself and it can only operate in the linear matrix of its own beliefs.

I hear people frequently say they just need to meditate more and go within and they will discover all they need to know. Well, I know people who have been doing that for decades and are not much further along then when they started; although they may well be able to find more peace through their practices.

It is extremely helpful to have someone point out your blind spots and subconscious belief programs. Most of what you have to release you aren’t even consciously aware of. That’s why discovery is the most time-consuming part of the process.

How Your Life Can Change

Once you discover what is the Soul and you are Soul Merged you’ll experience life in ways your mind can’t anticipate. The Soul exists in a reality beyond what the analytical mind knows anything about. Here are some of the tangible results of merging with the Soul:

  • Negative Emotions Diminish and Eventually Disappear
  • You’ll Live Everyday Feeling Happy and Joyful
  • Your Mind Becomes Effortlessly Quiet and In the Now
  • You’ll Experience more Openness and Acceptance
  • Creativity and Inspiration Become Your Daily Experience
  • Often Intuitive Abilities Emerge
  • You’ll Be More Understanding and Tolerant of Others
  • Your Expression of Love Deepens and Becomes More Unconditional
  • There is a Very Deep Peacefulness That Come Over You
  • Your Perceptions of How Others Operate Become Clearer
  • You’ll Feel More Empowered and Aware
  • Spiritual Inspiration Becomes Your New Normal
  • Your Relationships with Others Becomes Enriched

These benefits barely touch the surface of all that awaits you.

Ways to Reconnect With Your Soul

The methods below not only guide you to understand what is the Soul, but also to experience it in a greater fullness of all it can bring to your life.

1. Use Visualization

Although the Soul is beyond form in its highest state, it does help to conceptualize your Soul Body as having form. To give you some suggestions use a search engine to bring up images of Ascended Masters. Imagine those images are you.

2. Practice Tuning Into the Feelings of the Soul

The mantra I used for many months to help with this is: “I feel my Soul.” I would repeat that about every 30 seconds with the intention of sensing the Soul and deepening into the feelings it brings. Here are some common ways people have told me they feel the Soul:

  • A vibration
  • Tingling
  • Warmth
  • High Pitched Tone
  • A Radiant Glow
  • A Felt Presence
  • The Heart Opening to Expanded Love
  • Deep Peacefulness
  • Open Spaciousness
  • A Sense of Being Loved and Cared For

You can easily see from that list that attuning to the Soul and merging with it is worth a great deal. Just know that in the beginning you may not notice very much. This is because this practice takes you into territory where the mind has not spent much time and it takes awhile to open and trust sufficiently to become aware of the Soul’s presence.

Just because you don’t feel anything doesn’t mean the Soul is not present. When I started I didn’t notice anything for months, but I kept with the practices and soon was able to access all of it.

Once you start noticing some feelings associated with the Soul, keep asking to deepen into those feelings. Remember the soul is not a robot or inanimate light and energy. It is divine intelligence of love and light and it knows everything about you; it is you and wants to help you.  The more you put your attention on the Soul, the more the Soul will emerge. Once that happens ask the soul to merge into every aspect of who and what you are. Then, ask the Soul to dissolve everything unlike itself.

3. Pay Attention to Soul Inspiration.

The Soul can make itself known to you in various ways. Sometimes it can come in dreams, sometimes in words, often in pictures, occasionally as flash insights called “Aha Experiences.”

The best way to initiate receiving is to ask questions directly of the Soul. Then relax and allow responses to come in whatever way works best even if it is after the meditation is long over.

Much of your experience with the Soul arrives from you being relaxed and open to receiving without any expectations.

4. Make time to Merge With Your Soul every day

You’ll come to know what is the soul by merging more deeply with it. Start with a minimum of 20 minutes daily. Use this time to meditate and call to the Soul for deepening its integration and making its presence more prominent in your life. Ask the Soul to reveal  more of itself to you. Ask to be made aware of its qualities and presence.

5. Deepen Your Surrender

Ultimately your journey of spiritual evolution is dependent on the degree you surrender and let go of everything other than the Soul.

Two of the biggest obstacles to connecting with your Soul is that you are holding a lot distorted ideas of what the Soul is, what being spiritual is, what enlightenment is, and becoming entangled with your judgments and emotional reactions.

You need to continually ask yourself, “What else do I need to surrender and release? This takes considerable introspection to examine your deepest and most cherished beliefs, ideals, assumptions, and/or conditionings which is causing your struggles and unhappiness.

6. How Can You Open, Accept , and Love Yourself (and others) More?

The  underlying nature of the Soul is divine unconditional love, so the more you deepen into that love, the more you will integrate the Soul. Love is the goal and it is the way to the goal.

Love opens your heart and your heart is the easiest access portal to your Soul.

Love has a unique quality in that the more you give and experience it, the more there is to give and experience.

Closely aligned with unconditional love is forgiveness…especially self-forgiveness. Ask yourself, “What within me needs to be held in the loving arms of compassion and self-forgiveness right now?”

7. Practice Being Non-Judgmental for Just One Day

It may be hard to imagine yourself going all through a day allowing everything to happen from a completely neutral place, including your thoughts, emotions, and what others say and do.

You’ll probably find this is more challenging than you imagine, since you are likely in the habit of formulating a lot of judgments all the time. The problem comes from the fact that judgments have tremendous creative and attractive power.

Regardless of your reactions ask yourself, “Who is thinking, feeling, and judging right now?”

There are two primary possible sources. If it is kind and loving it is the Soul. If it is anything else, it is negative ego or some attachment.

The more you are merged with the Soul, the more you will be non-judging and acceptant.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

In order to realize what is the soul, you must experience it directly and live with it. That takes practice like any other skill, but the path upward is worth any inconvenience it takes to get there.

Learning to connect with, merge with, and embody your Soul will completely transform the way you perceive yourself, other people, and life itself. You will find that the experiences are so profound that you’ll never look at yourself, or life the same way again.

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