Energy healing is the practice of manipulating biofield energy to help the recipient to heal more quickly emotionally or physically. What is remarkable is that you do not have to be in the same location as the healer. Furthermore, energy healers maintain that distance healing is as effective as healing done in person. This feature tends to boggle the mind until we consider the understanding that comes from Quantum physics that we are all interconnected in a dynamic field that underlies all things.

Mystics have indeed maintained for thousands of years that we are all exist in unity, and as such are all part of a single energy source within an intelligent and unified field. The nature of this underlying field enables us to utilize distant healing to help positively create our experiences, and change the energies shaping our lives. In this case, we’re changing them from a state of dis-ease, conflict, pain, struggle, confusion, and disharmony to a state of good health, well-being, and happiness.

As remarkable as it seems this can be done from afar, without any physical connection between the practitioner and the recipient. Furthermore, it is above and beyond the constraints of time and space.

When the practitioner is in touch with and well connected with the subtle-energy field, and able to feel or sense the subtle energies surrounding a person, the practitioner is then able to manipulate and direct energies to clear the subtle-energy causes of disturbances. This can be done from anywhere, to anywhere through our common connection within the field. This healing can and should be done in conjunction with, rather than in place of, a recipient’s regular medical care. The two can work very well together and each can, in fact, be enhanced by the other.

While energy manipulation, shifting, and clearing are the common denominators of subtle-energy healing, practitioners use different methods to achieve their goal of assisting in the recovery to a state of health. The following are a few of the more commonly employed methods.

1. Prayer

Prayer is the simplest and most common form of distance healing. In this practice the practitioner utilizes positive intentions and visual imagery along with directing healing energies. In addition, the practitioner may also utilize supplication of God, angels, and other spiritual beings to participate, support, and effect the desired healing outcome. For the person receiving the absent healing, faith, including the belief that the person can be healed, is central to this and all forms of healing, and opens one to receive answers to the prayers.

2. Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is healing using the body’s life force energy, or Prana. Prana is a term that is thousands of years old and in Sanskrit simply means “life-force.” It was popularized in recent times by Master Choa Kok Sui who was instrumental in teaching thousands on how to do it. Pranic healing is a simple method involving the treatment of the energy body. It balances, harmonizes, and transforms the patient’s life-force through manipulation of the their bio-energy, the energy that keeps the body alive and healthy. Pranic Healing is similar to hands-on healing technique in which the bio-energy is referred to as “Chi,” but it does not require direct physical contact to be effective. In Pranic Healing classes they teach distant healing utilizing this method.

3. Reiki

Reiki, meaning “Universal Life Energy,” was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist from Japan. It has been adapted and subtly changed by various teachers over the years. Reiki began as a hands-on healing practice, but has emerged and developed to include distance healing.

In Reiki absent healing, the symbol “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen” is used. The meaning can be translated to “No past, no present, no future” or “The Buddha in me contacts the Buddha in you.” It is considered a powerful and useful symbol for distance healing. It gives the practitioner access to the client’s subtle life recordings which affects their life. With access to the person’s Akashic Records, karmic healing is also possible with this technique as well as the next technique.

4. Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is preferred by many practitioners because it allows the healer to use their intuition to guide them through the energy disruptions and work with the energy patterns without having to adhere to a particular method or style. Drawing on their deeply honed intuition, an intuitive healer can work with the patient to clear the energies that create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues in the patient’s life.

The practitioner can help the patient to shift his or her consciousness to a more open and free state, a state in which accepting healing energy and clearing is best received. Intuitive healers will often declare that they are not doing the healing, but rather helping the recipient move into a state in which the patient can heal through his or her spiritual connections.

Whether your practitioner uses one of these styles or another, absent healing always involves a manipulation, shifting, or clearing of subtle energies to help the recipient to achieve a state of good health and well-being.

Doing Your Part

You, as the recipient, can help to make your healing experience the best possible success through a few simple steps.

a. Before the session begins, clear your world of distractions and relax.

b. Be in a receptive state, open to allowing the process to work through you. As your healer works, you will find blocks in your life begin to fall away, and your issues and disturbances diminish.

c. Ask and you shall receive. It helps to be as specific as possible with your healing requests. The more detail you are in touch with, the more thorough will be the clearing and healing. Intuitive healers can help you a great deal in working through this aspect of the healing, but your participation can accelerate the process.

You may be ready to attract health, love, success, higher spiritual goals, and better things to your life. The benefits of an absent healing are limited only by your own perceived limitations, so open yourself to new possibilities and allow yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted even if you thought it was out of reach. It is truly remarkable what can often be achieved through these healing methods.

For a detailed description of how I do healings via phone contact see that page at this link: Phone Sessions.

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