In the last post I gave you some suggestions and an exercise to help build your psychic abilities and I have another one for you today. But first I want to address the big question everyone faces in the beginning, “What If I Don’t See Anything?

Often being patient is the most important character trait to develop, because in the beginning it can take many minutes before you get any insights or you may not get any intuitive impressions at all. This can be pretty frustrating if you don’t know this can happen and you can start doubting yourself and defeating yourself before you get very far. For the times you don’t receive anything, just take a deep breath and come back to it again at a later time. Eventually you will succeed if you stick with it.

Secret #1 – It’s best to practice when you are “in the mood.” You’ve probably noticed that sometimes you feel more like meditating than other times. Sometimes it is easier to relax and feel connected to your inner space. If you start a session and it doesn’t seem to be getting traction, let it go for awhile and come back to it later and try again. Don’t berate yourself for not succeeding. Who knows, maybe the stars just weren’t perfectly aligned, or you had too much on your mind, or your biorhythms weren’t synced up. It doesn’t matter what the reason was; just try again later.

The Biggest Obstacle

The biggest block everyone faces starting out is self-doubt and fears. You’ll have to be attentive to what goes on it your own mind that interferes. Psychic impressions do not come through thinking or trying to figure anything out. The process is not analytical yet the mind typically tries to analyze what you are doing and that blocks and clouds the images and confuses you. Just relax and allow your psychic development to occur  naturally.

Secret #2 is to be very relaxed and neutral…and patient. I can’t emphasize this enough. Being neutral means you aren’t projecting self-judgments, preconceived ideas, or engaged in analyzing anything. In fact, you want to be rather casual about it; almost like you don’t care if you get any impressions or not even though you have the subtle intention of being open to receive. 

When you first begin your practicing, you may find yourself arguing with some of what you are imagining. You might be thinking, “This is just not me,” or “I’m just making this up.” Don’t worry if this happens. It happens to most people and is simply your mind responding to the old subconscious programming it has been repeating for so many years. As time goes on, the negative self-talk will grow less and less, and your abilities will grow greater and greater.

Practice makes perfect! Your ability to “see,” visualize, attune, or imagine will improve remarkably the more you practice!

Secret #3 is that it makes no difference how your impressions appear. Just as each of us visualizes in a different way, each person has his or her unique way of receiving psychic impressions. There is no need to judge or compare yourself to anyone else.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that whatever the way is that you receive psychic impressions it will be different from what you think or imagine it will be like. Because intuition is not a mental process, the mind cannot formulate how it will be, so it just speculates and it is always inaccurate. The other aspect of this is that no two psychic attunement sessions will be the same. Impressions will be coming in a wide variety of ways, so just be open, relaxed, and non-reactive to whatever comes in. Over the weeks and months, you will find that you become quite skilled in receiving and interpreting what you perceive.

Here’s what I can tell you about what you will experience. Impressions can come in a number of ways, but it is important to recognize that “seeing” with the “mind’s eye” is different from seeing with your eyes open or watching a movie. Often you will see colors, patterns, or symbols, or you may see or hear words that don’t immediately seem to relate to anything. In those cases, you can ask yourself what it means and wait for the answer. Sometimes the answer will come in a minute or two and at other times it may be hours or days later, so don’t worry if you don’t figure it all out immediately. 

What can defeat you before you get very far is

(1) your own mind disbelieving what you are “seeing,” and

(2) the amount of time and practice it takes to get good at it. For some people it is naturally easier and quicker, which can only frustrate you more hearing that, but in my experience, just about anyone can develop the skill if they persist.

Visual Intuition Exercise #2

Another technique you can try that often helps develop visualization skills is to hold an object in your hand or on your desk and look at it for a minute and then close your eyes and try to visualize it. Repeat this a few times and you will discover what visualizations with your inner vision looks like. In time, the visual impressions will become more spontaneous and reflect the subtle energies around what you are focused on.

If you’d like more suggestions and help with this, I have a new 6-hour program titled 3rd Eye & Psychic & Intuition Development Toolkit that explains a lot more and describes other practices you can use to develop your intuitive abilities. There are 7 guided sessions, plus exercies, examples, and audible and subliminal programs to support your subconscious mind.  Here’s the link: 3rd Eye & Psychic & Intuition Development Toolkit. Continue your practice and your psychic abilities will gradually develop.

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