Last week I promised that I’d tell you how to do a type of visualization exercise designed to sharper your visual imaging ability and enhance your clairvoyance.

Visual Intuition Exercise #1

To develop clairvoyance it is helpful to have a partner you can practice with. Here’s how to do it:

Sit across from each other and have the intention and desire to attune to some aspect of the other person such as scanning their physical body’s internal organs for health related issues. You could also attune to the person’s aura around them, or a person’s chakras and desire to see and understand what you can. Ask any blocked energy to appear as a color such as red or blue. Those are usually the two easiest colors to perceive.

No matter what you become aware of ask your inner guidance what it means. Most people think they are making it up in the beginning, but with time and practice you will come to realize you are, in fact, receiving information you would have had no way of knowing previously.

With practice you will build your confidence and skill. It is really that simple. I should mention that simple doesn’t mean quick. We all have the natural abilities, but like any skill they take time, practice, and patience to develop.

Just think of the practice required to learn to play a musical instrument, and that will give you some idea of what is needed to become skilled at psychic development. Of course, some people are able to do it easier and quicker than others, and just hearing about that can be pretty frustrating if it isn’t coming quick for you. Believe me I know what that frustration is. It took me years to get good at being able to see, feel, hear, and clear subtle-energies.

What if You Don’t Have Someone to Practice With?

You can also use the same technique to scan your own energy. Close your eyes, relax, and put your attention on a section of your body or a chakra and ask to be shown the nature of the energy in that area. You can ask the subtle energies contributing to any problems you are having to light up a bright color like blue or red, and that will make it easier for you to find the patterns. Relax, be patient, and await for impressions to arise.

Once you have impressions of the energies you can utilize a number of methods to shift or clear them. One way is to change the color of the energy to a higher frequency like violet or golden with your intentions. Another way is to imagine the lower frequency energy being vacuumed off.

Oh, and this is important, you don’t need to actually “see” the energy to understand it or clear it. In the realm of higher frequencies and subtle energy, your intentions are what are effective.

Visualization Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Visual Images

Visualizations emerge in various and sometimes surprising or subtle ways. The variation is because people’s minds work differently. Some people are more visual thinkers and can generate detailed mental pictures, colors, and images in their minds. They can actually close their eyes and see vivid mental “movies.”

Others are conceptual thinkers, who don’t see “movies” but receive conceptual impression, ideas, feelings, inner knowing or realizations. Some people receive a combination of images and impressions, falling somewhere between the two extremes. Others even perceive spoken words and information, hearing with their “inner” ears.

Avoid expectations about how your imagination works, and don’t worry if at first the images are vague. Fixed expectations or worries about whether you’re doing it right tend to block impressions. The idea is to be completely open and receptive to whatever images or concepts come to your inner mind.

At first you may only see shapes or colors and no distinct images. Keep practicing and you will be able to sharpen your ability. I have found that with lots of patience and practice everyone can develop the ability to be more visual and intuitive.

In the next blog post I’ll address the question, “What If I Don’t See Anything?” I’ll also give you 3 secrets I found and another exercise to help build your inner seeing ability.

When Will I Be More Intuitive? Part 3

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