Did you know that your pineal gland is actually similar to your eyes?  Also known as the 3rd eye, this small gland may be the key to opening your  6th sense and intuition.

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located near the center of the brain. Since ancient times it has been regarded as being important for spiritual insights and “coincidently” is situated behind the 6th chakra, which is regarded as our doorway to intuition and higher consciousness. 

Over the years I’ve focused many meditations on the third eye in order to discover if the legends about it are actually true, and you know what? I found you actually can activate and open your ability to see energy patterns beyond what our eyes normally see. 

The Doorway to Higher Senses

It’s amazing to realize that the structure of the pineal gland actually has rods and cones similar to the retina in our eyes, and it is connected to the visual cortex of our brains. So when we turn our attention to it, we can open our natural clairvoyant sense and higher intuition. 

Isn’t it interesting that for thousands of years the pineal gland has been regarded as a third eye, and modern science now acknowledges it actually does have photosensitive cells much like our eyes do?

In addition, some researchers are now saying this gland produces a chemical called DMT, which is a molecule that can trigger dreams and psychic experiences. So we have all been gifted with this amazing gland that supports us in having mystical and spiritual experiences, and it is our natural birthright to be blessed with these abilities.

The Home of the Soul?

Rene Descartes, the famous French philosopher, believed this gland to be the principal seat of the soul. He said it is the part of the body through which the soul exercises its functions… where we receive our messages from the Divine. 

This is especially true during the middle of the night between 1-4 a.m. when chemicals are released that open these channels. 

The good news is that by merely putting the focus of your attention on the pineal gland, the spiritual third eye activates and opens to higher frequencies, expanded awareness, and deeper knowing. 

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Would you like to strengthen the function of your pineal gland?

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