Part of the reason we set ourselves up for difficulties are the memories of pain we have gone through in the past. For instance, you or someone you know may have been threatened with losing money, losing employment, losing a house, or losing a relationship, and these issues, which have a lot of strong fear and other emotional content, set a deep pattern in your memory and subconscious. Then when you hear something on the news or someone tells you a related story, the pattern calls on the memory in your history reminding you of your past pain and struggles and the inner voices are activated. You may hear thoughts like, “Remember when you suffered something similar? Well, watch out. This could happen again. This could be coming your way right now, so be very careful.”

In similar ways we use our own history to validate an imagined threat when there isn’t even a real threat. But by virtue of acknowledging the possibility of something that could be threatening, you set yourself up to manifest a threat.

How Our Past Becomes Our Future

We live our lives as though our past is not past, but right now. Even if we believe something happened in a past life we live now as if the pattern is still real. We are hypnotized into believing our past is as real today as when it happened. If you look back on your life you will see that some of the things you have suffered with seem to be intricately set up to happen. You may have even marveled at how circumstances worked out in the most amazing ways to set up the most detailed challenges that hit you where you were the most vulnerable. Well, if you have noticed this, you are not alone because it happens to everyone.

You may have heard the ancient Greek saying, “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” As a child I never understood what that meant, but as I grew older I began to get an insight that we are all put through a grinder of sorts which addresses all of our character traits. We then either resist them or release them. If we resist then the mills keep grinding. The grinding stops when we discover the way to let go of the resistance. At that point we experience a sense of relief and find our life flows with more ease.

How to Clear the Past

All releasing techniques are designed to address fabrications held in the mind which are really false perceptions and conclusions. The mind and ego continually create false reasons for lack, struggle, and suffering.

I am of the opinion that it is useful to retain the wisdom of the past without holding on to the suffering from the emotional pain of the past. Some people believe there is value to holding the pain and while I support everyone’s freewill choice to do that for those who would like to release pain, suffering, and struggling I can offer some suggestions.

The first step in releasing anything is to identify some details about what you are releasing. This may seem obvious, but there is usually more than meets the eye. So the first thing you will want to do is spend a little time exploring the nature of the discomfort. It is not necessary to go deeply into the feelings, but it is helpful to touch on them enough so you could describe them to yourself. Why? Because we generally only release what we identify. Hence, the more you can describe what you are experiencing, the more you will be able to release. Being a bit of a detective to discover aspects of what the discomfort is will pay off with rich rewards when it comes to releasing and letting go. This is also where working with another person can be really helpful, especially if that person knows techniques to help you do this.

The more you release and let go of the grip of suffering and struggle, the more you will experience the natural goodness and happiness that lies waiting in the core of your inner being.

Once you have identified the suffering and struggling, then you progress to the next step which is acknowledging your willingness to dis-identify with it and affirmatively state you are letting it go. For instance,

“I am willing to surrender and release the need for fear and anxiety.”
“I am willing to surrender and release the need for loss and lack.”
“I am willing to surrender and release the need struggling.”

Of course, your own releasing statements can be far more specific and detailed, but the wording I am giving you in the above examples is really helpful. There is something important for you to know about any releasing statements. While these statements seem simple enough, they don’t do much unless you connect with the feeling component behind the words. In other words, if this process is done as a mental or intellectual exercise there will be limited results. If you feel the words when you say them, you will experience some relief. If you also apply some energy healing techniques, you can become completely free.

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