6 Types of dangerous gurus & spiritual teachers

A Guru is supposed to be a spiritual teacher advanced enough to help you find your spiritual path. There are many things to be on the look out for when choosing your spiritual teacher.

Below are just some of the reasons to be alert to dangerous gurus & spiritual teachers…

 1 Some of those in the position of a spiritual teacher manipulate or use their student’s energy or cord them in their crown chakra.  They take away free will, often without the student knowing it.

Spiritual teachers should be about empowering their students, not controlling them. You will find, if you have not already recognized, I’m about giving you ownership of who you are and empowering you. You can find your own spiritual path because you have your own direct connection with your soul and God, and you don’t need anyone to get in the way of that connection.

2. Many gurus have a “feel good” energy that they transmit which seems to hold their followers under their spell.

It can be somewhat like a drug addiction, and even be sweet and intoxicating, but does little to empower the person. You feel the transmission of their energy and it feels good so you feel good when you are with them, but when you are away from them you are back to where you were before.

I have attended meetings with several world renown spiritual teachers and felt the energy they transmit. In some cases the energy can make you feel you are in love with them; it is that powerful!

That is why many people are driven to keep following these teachers and gurus so they can get their “fix” of the guru’s energy. What is often confusing to people is that there is a lot of high spiritual information available through Guru’s, and this too can be very exciting and enticing. In all cases, trust your own Higher Self first. Seek your inner guru (G-U-R-U -Gee – You – Are – You).

3. Guru’s can sometimes use your energy and get you to agree to contracts that last several lifetimes. I’ve seen followers and employees of organizations have cords from the guru or company owner to the employees’ crown chakras from past lives where the owner was their Guru. These are control cords that enslave followers to seek out the Guru lifetime after lifetime.

I’ve seen large cords from modern New Age teachers going into people’s crown chakra and sucking their energy like a vacuum. I’ve seen cords from Eastern teachers now living in the US cording into student’s crown chakras. If a person has been corded by a guru in a past life they can be pulled in just by seeing an ad or reading a book. Sometime just seeing a picture activates a past-life contract and you feel drawn. When you see articles or ads from Teachers and Guru’s you want to be well grounded and centered so you own your own space, because you can unwittingly get pulled into something that is a lot more than you want.

4. Some gurus may seem innocent enough. They may come across as very sincere and spiritual. They undoubtedly have all the right spiritual language to make you want to follow them. Perhaps they may ask you if you want to learn a particular type of Yoga, or get an initiation, and you end up getting corded or go into agreement for lifetimes to be tied in with the organization or Guru.

5. Some gurus even take a person’s free will and use the lifeforce energy of their followers for their own purposes.

Some followers of Guru’s try to cord you in your third chakra to follow their Guru. It can make you nauseous when they do this, but it can also hook you.

When you are around Gurus make an extra effort to own your space. Some Gurus and spiritual teachers are very clear and stay in their own space, others do not have strong integrity and even have ulterior motives. Some are very controlling over your personal life.

One Guru I recently saw had a very large 3rd chakra that he used to pump energy into his audience to give them physical sensations so they would follow him. He created quite a large following this way.

More than 30 years ago I had one Eastern Guru psychically attack me and try to chock me to death because one of his very close followers was leaving him and coming to my workshops.

6. Sometimes you will see the lineage of the Guru behind the Guru. So you have the teacher of the Guru cording the Guru who is cording the followers. So when these Guru’s energy gets in your space, their teachers energy gets in your space too. You start perceiving everything according to their  expectations of reality.

Some people react when they hear about the lifestyles of certain Guru’s. Some people react when Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on their door. Some people have strong opinions, judgments and reactions to Hasidic Jews, fundamentalist Christians, Moslems, etc. All spiritual paths will eventually lead everyone home. The old saying, “No matter which path I walk, I am going home.” Some paths take longer than others. In this life or some future life everyone will awaken.

Look at human history from a neutral place. Free yourself of judgments, but be discerning. Learn to be aware of what can happen with Guru energy so you can own your own space and own your free will.

Guru Meditation

This is a self-guided meditative process to help you become objective and clear on a spiritual teacher you know or are following:

This is only to consider from a neutral place and not to judge anyone. It will help you see what is going on.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

As you exhale let yourself relax and settle.

Say the name of the teacher or guru 3 times

Image the person standing ten feet in front of you and request to get impressions on the person’s energy field.

  • What chakra(s) does this person mostly live from the most?
  • What color(s) do you notice around the person?
  • Where does this person get information from on a spiritual level?
  • What kind of power and control issues do you perceive?
  • Is there free will with this teacher’s followers?
  • How does this person get people to follow him or her?
  • What do people learn and get from their experience with this teacher?
  • Are there guru cords going to follower’s crown chakras?
  • Do you notice anything else?

If any emotion or reaction came up for you, say, “I release and let go of all judgments and reactions about this person.”

Take a deep breath, exhale, release, and open your eyes.

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