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Subtle-Energy Neutralizer

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This program reveals the most effective self-clearing technique for permanently removing the causes of any negative reaction, negative emotion, limiting thoughts, or painful experiences that may come up throughout your day. You will learn a quick and easy process you can have at your finger-tips when incidents come up that cause you to react, keep you blocked, or continually create a limited experience.

The Most Effective Technique for You to Remove Blocks, Negativity, or Patterns that Limit You

I can tell you emphatically that you aren’t even aware of more than 90% of the forces determining your destiny.

The Question is Why, and What Can You Do About It?

Many would say there are psychological issues, others would say it is all about your subconscious mind, still others would say it is the ego, and just the human condition.

All of those are factors, of course, but there is one huge area almost always overlooked, and even when it is known, there are not usually ways of addressing the causes that produce permanent results.

Here’s Why…

What I have found over the many years of working with people is that there are subtle energy components to every belief, reaction, emotion, and motivation.

Every time you have reacted, whether justified or not, you have laid down a layer of subtle energy called a thoughtform.

These are composed of your conclusions, emotions, and pictures in your mind of what happened, and because they utilize your lifeforce energy, they become like programs that replicate the same type of events.

That is why circumstances seem to repeat in your life.

These thoughtforms do this by attracting people and situations that play out similar patterns that are reflections of the subtle-energy patterns embedded in your body and field.

And that explains why you are moving through life circumstances and don't understand why.

Here’s an example.

Think of the number of times you have gotten upset and angry with someone or yourself in your entire life. Then realize that each time you unwittingly created an additional layer of anger thoughtforms. You do the same thing for every fear, worry, guilt, discouragement, futility, and all other negative emotions and situations.

Can you begin to see how you carry around quite a large warehouse of these thoughtform programs?

In almost all cases you think they are part of who you are.

Now what do you do about them?

Well, you can call on an expert like me to help you find and remove them, or you can work to clear them on your own. That takes a little longer, but you can do it with the right tools.

I have now recorded a rather simple process for you to apply in your own life.

In this program I’ll not only explain all this further, but I will guide you through the process so you can have it at your finger tips when incidents come up each day that cause you to react, keep you blocked, or cause you to be stuck in a limited experience.

This session reveals the most effective self-clearing technique for permanently removing the causes of any negative reaction, negative emotion, negative or limiting thoughts, or painful experiences that may come up throughout your day.

Be sure to also print out the pdf document that outlines the process so you can have it for reference when needed.


The Dynamic Flow is a variation on the Subtle-Energy Neutralizer. It is a unique and powerful method for clearing, releasing, and energy healing.

This program is about much more than healing in the ways you probably think of it. Most physical, mental, emotional, personal, relationships, and business problems are due to stuck or blocked energy and this program has 5 unique processes which are among the most effective methods of self-clearing and self-healing there are.

They work like nothing else you’ve ever done. Once you learn to do these processes you will find they will help you the rest of your life. You will want to make these procedures a part of your daily life as much as bathing and taking care of your physical needs. Once the process is learned it can be applied in only minutes each day.

This can free you from the limits your life has been forced to follow. You'll find you feel lighter, freer, and more in-charge no matter what people around you are saying or experiencing.

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