Your third eye is also known as Your sixth chakra and is located between the eyebrows and a little higher than the bridge of the nose. Through utilizing a third eye meditation you can open your subtle senses to perceive higher-dimensional worlds and energies.

So if you want to learn to see someone’s aura, or angels, or even your own subtle energies you will have to learn to open this center. This is not for parlor tricks or to impress anyone. This is an important skill that can change and enrich your life.

The third eye or 6th chakra is your center of what is called clairvoyant sight which is a word derived from the French, meaning “clear vision,” and refers to the higher-sense ability to intuitively see or perceive subtle energies. Sometimes this is referred to as a sixth sense which means a capability to access impressions that lie beyond the recognized five physical senses.

You’ll Never View Things the Same Again

It is not necessary to be clairvoyant to be spiritually enlightened, but it does expand your perceptions of the energies around you, and this can be quite useful in clearing blocks, issues, and limitations, releasing karma, discovering information from your past, and exploring new and higher levels of consciousness.

What you see with clairvoyant sight can be colors, pictures, visions, auras, chakras, and inspirational and spiritual dimensions. For instance, a clairvoyant can often perceive the chakras and aura energies around people, plants, and animals. Sometimes they also have the ability to see non-physical realms including angels and other dimensional beings and objects.

The third eye is merely an instrument that gives access to refined energies and since everyone has a third eye, much like people have physical eyes, with practice, utilizing third eye exercizes anyone can learn to open it and refine the ability to utilize what it offers.

Have You Wondered What the Third Eye is Like?

Inside the head behind the center of the eyebrows (about 2″) there is a small ball of light often seen by clairvoyants, and the degree of openness of that ball of light determines the level of clairvoyance that a person has. Often people see something, but because of blockages do not see clearly or understand what they are seeing.

When the third eye is opened and a person is able to perceive subtle energies, it is seen to radiate light, often with multiple colors coming out of it. There can be rays of golden, silver, or white streams of light coming into it as it receives information. This forms the pictures, and inspiration that is perceived. As the third eye opens more and more the light emanating from the third eye grows stronger and wider. Soon the person’s forehead appears bright and radiant.

What You Can Expect to See

In the beginning stages of the third eye opening, colors are seen and indistinct images are perceived like looking through a steamed window, or like looking at something through heat rays on a hot summer’s day; they are indistinct. With experience these images become more and more clear, and the energies underlying physical reality can be perceived. Some clairvoyants say that what they see with their clairvoyance is more clear and vivid than what they see with their physical eyes.

Why People’s Third Eye is Usually Blocked

As the clairvoyant sight opens more, you will see energy fields like clouds surrounding a person 10 or 15 feet from the person’s body. Sometimes these fields extend much farther. These colorful layers of energy are what make up the biofield or aura around a person and they carry a lot of information. One of the aura layers is known as the mental body which carries the beliefs and conclusions from life experiences, while the aura layer known as the emotional body carries pictures and emotional energies of the experiences.

Because the third eye is connected to the first, second, and third chakras through subtle energy cords, if there are blockages there they usually cause a contraction in the third eye. With most people there are blockages usually in the form of fears or disbelief. Depending on where the blockage is, determines the difficulty of understanding what is seen. So you will want to utilize the third eye meditations and other tools to clear the blockages.

Besides the Meditation What Else You Can Do

The biggest obstacle is the mind judging and doubting. As you quiet the mind so it doesn’t intrude and you relax all effort, you will be more successful. Opening the 3rd eye is “effortless” meaning when you try or strain to “see” you close down the experience. If I say to you “look out the window and tell me what you see,” you’ll casually look without effort or straining and describe what you notice without doubting or judging yourself (hopefully). So approach opening the 3rd eye similarly.

One exercise that can help is to pick an object like an apple or something on your desk and study it. Notice details. Then shut your eyes and picture it the best you can. Then open your eyes and look at it again, etc. This will help train the mind to observe visually. The majority of people are not naturally highly visual, they are more conceptual since that is what our educational systems train us to do. So the mind needs practice in becoming more visual. With a lot of practice anyone can succeed because it is very natural…as natural as seeing with your physical eyes.

It is very important to realize that opening the third eye and developing a skill in utilizing it generally takes a lot of practice and patience over a period of months and even years. While some are born with a more open third eye, most are not, but everyone can learn to do it. The guided meditation you can listen to in this article is just a beginning. I have more tools in my 3rd Eye Development Toolkit.

How to Do a Third Eye Meditation

As with most meditations it is generally easier to eliminate distractions with your eyes closed, but many people are able to do this with their eyes open. Since you are reading this you will obviously have your eyes open, but you can periodically close them to enhance the process. Or, better yet, just listen to the recording I made of the script that is below.

The Third Eye Meditation

1. You will need to select a place where you will be comfortable and undisturbed for the duration of this meditation. Loosen any tight or restrictive clothing and lower the lights if they are bright.

2. Proceed with the third eye meditation slowly, allowing plenty of time to settle in and deepen the experience.

3. Begin with a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for an instant before letting it go gently out through your mouth. As you do so, feel yourself relaxing.

4. Relax your face by separating your teeth slightly, and notice that your entire body relaxes a little bit more.

5. Invite the relaxation to spread more and more throughout your entire body… deeply all the way through you… relaxing you more and more…

6. Bring your attention to a point between your eyebrows. Become aware that your third eye, which is the area of energy in your forehead, is opening and radiating light. Utilize an image of a light about the size of a golf ball radiating golden light much like the sun radiates light 360° in all directions…

7. Let go and dissolve any fear, anxiety, or uncertainty, and any resistance or thoughts that this won’t work for you… You can do this by getting in touch with the resistance, taking a deep breath, and exhaling out through your mouth as you let go.

8. This is a completely natural process and it is perfectly safe. The golden light automatically puts you into a refined frequency where only positive experiences can happen. So just relax and allow it to happen…

9. Allow the golden sphere of light in your forehead to open and send gentle streams of golden light in all directions…more and more…letting it relax you…

10. Allow your body to relax more and more…

11. Sense and feel you are becoming lighter and lighter as more and more light flows through your third eye and throughout your body.

12. Allow yourself to let go and release all questions and all uncertainty…

13. Give yourself permission to let your third eye open naturally and automatically on its own… all the time relaxing more fully and opening more completely…

14. This is a perfectly natural process. Let your mind relax around any ideas of what to expect.

15. This is a good time to call out to angels and spirit guides, and ask them to support you. Ask them to assist you in doing for you what you do not know how to do yourself.
Give them permission to do whatever is necessary to assist you in opening your third eye and your clairvoyant vision.

16. Allow the golden light to continue to flow through you and out your third eye chakra… Open a beautiful expanse of golden light; pure and clear over the top of your head.
Let this light become more clear and pure…

17. Now connect with your soul and Higher Self, and ask it to fill you with the purest light… Filling your entire body and aura with the purity of the golden light…into every place in you and around you …

18. Ask if there is a message for you about opening your third eye… pause here for a minute or two and see if you receive any impressions.

19. Now ask what you need to do or know to open your third eye to further your service … What else needs to happen?

20. Notice if there are any thoughts, images, impressions, or visions that come into your mind’s eye.

21. It might feel to you like you are using your imagination or having a daydream. You may think you are making it all up, but in time you will come to realize that you are receiving impressions of subtle energy. Just follow the experience into the interior worlds and they will unfold on their own.

22. When you feel you have experienced this third eye meditation long enough, slowly bring your awareness fully present in this place and in this time… and become fully aware of your body, hands, arms and legs…

23. Say to yourself, “I am fully present. Here and now.”

24. Now take a deep breath, stretch out, and commit that you will continue practicing the third eye meditation.

I Have Some Additional Resources Available for Developing the 3rd Eye

If you are more serious about developing intuition and psychic abilities my 18-Hour Advanced Intutive Counselor Training has a great deal of guidance and information.

There is also a 6-hour audio program titled, 3rd Eye Development Toolkit  that has instructions, meditations, and audible + subliminal affirmations.

To develop a high degree of ability with the intuitive process requires a lot of guided practice. To develop the skills requires a lot more than knowledge and information. It also requires some shifts in consciousness and a refinement of intuition skills.

If you’d like me to help you personally I do Private Sessions. I have more than 40 years experience helping thousands. With my clairvoyant and other higher-sense abilities I can tune into your blocks and issues and help you release and clear them.

If you would like to give yourself an accelerated boost to clearing your blocks and freeing you sign up for one of my Intensive Healing Retreats.

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Question: What Else Do You Suggest for Training the 3rd Eye?

The third eye is about the ability to “see” subtle energy. It is also important to be able to receive intuitive impressions from the other senses such as feeling the energy and “hearing” communications. Usually, more than one capability opens at nearly the same time.

Some people have spontaneous openings but even in those cases considerable guidance is need to understand what is being perceived and, more importantly, what to do with what is seen.

Doing the guided 3rd eye meditation would be helpful once a day for a few months. The other practices in the Psychic Development series can be done at various times throughout the day.

If you are interested in the visual ability you can enhance your abilities by practicing visualizations. They help the brain/mind get familiar with visual images. Often what is perceived with the 3rd eye is symbolic and not as vivid as seeing with physical eyes. It takes practice to learn to interpret what you see. Most people who develop the skill spend many hundreds and even thousands of hours practicing.

Getting good at reading subtle energy requires mind training. The Creative Visualization audio program is very helpful in this regard.

It is also helpful to have a partner you can practice with. Sitting across from each other have the intention of attuning to some aspect of the other person such as scanning their physical body’s internal organs for health related issues. You could also attune to the person’s aura around them, or a person’s chakras and desire to see and understand what you can.

Often in the beginning the process feels like you are making it up, but over time you will realize you are getting valuable information. At first you may only see shapes or colors and no distinct images. Keep practicing. Eventually, you will be able to sharpen the ability.

The biggest obstacle is self-doubt or fears. You’ll have to be attentive to what goes on it your own mind that interferes. The process is not analytical yet the mind tries to analyze what you are doing and clouds the images. You have to be very relaxed and neutral…. and patient.

Question: I have a couple of questions about the 3rd eye. There are things that have happened in my life that no one has been able to explain to me. When I was the age of 6 I could look around in the house I lived in and see things my parents couldn’t see. I could see people that were once alive, like we are today. During the day or night I could sit down in the middle of the house and have a conversation with other worlds. In front of my parents they asked me who am I talking to. I would try to explain and they looked at me weird. I have had a couple of moments where I saw something happen before it did. I know my 3rd eye was completely opened when I was a child. I’m a lot older now  and have new things hapening. Now my question is can you explain any of this to me. Why did I see that stuff when I was younger? What does it mean or is there something that is blocking my 3rd eye? It has been 15 years and no on e has been able to really give me an answer. Thank you, Cathlina

JONATHAN’S ANSWER: It’s actually quite common for children to be open to receiving psychic impressions. Part of that is due to a child not having developed strong analytical thinking which generally diverts the mind from intuition and therefore precludes psychic abilities. The psychic opening generally begins closing with most children around age 4 or 5. Of course, in some cases it never completely closes, and in those cases, I suspect, the child had psychic abilities in past lives and thus learned how to keep the channels open.

Nearly everyone has the potential to open at least some types of psychic ability, but for most people it takes considerable training and practice, and most people are not willing to devote the necessary time to do so. In your case, since you were psychic as a child it would probably be easier for you than most people to regain and refine psychic skills.

The most common block I have found to be is the analytical portion of the mind interpreting and otherwise interfering with the psychic impressions coming in through the 3rd eye. With some people I have found they had past lives in which they were persecuted for being psychic and therefore closed down the ability and, in some cases, took a vow to never let it happen in the future. Everyone is unique in this regard and it usually takes someone with psychic ability to help determine the cause and then help a person regain the ability.

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