One of the most common questions I’m asked is why can’t I see visual images, feel spiritual energy, or hear inner guidance? You’ve probably asked yourself those questions at one time or another. In fact, those questions frustrated and perplexed me to no end when I began meditating more than 40 years ago.

You see I had read about the incredible experiences people were having with meditation and visualizations, but when I shut my eyes to meditate I couldn’t see a thing. All I’d see is blackness, and I certainly didn’t hear any guidance or feel anything out of the ordinary.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know that I understand what that’s like. It was three long years before I was even able to see a simple color with my eyes closed. If all that sounds too familiar to you, then I have some encouraging news. I learned how I can help you not only be able to hold strong visual images, but also even “see” subtle energy patterns in people’s aura, as well as what is going on with the energy patterns in their body.

Why is Developing Intuition So Important?

Why does any of that matter? First, because learning to work with subtle energy will expand and shape your view of life to a higher understanding. Secondly, and more importantly, it will enable you heal, clear, and remove any energies that are causing troubles much more effectively than “hit or miss” methods of energy healing. You’ll be able to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings, not to mention the patterns that have been blocking and confusing you. And that is foundational before you can raise your consciousness to the most peaceful and enlightened levels you are looking for.

Developing these skills is the fast track to attaining and maintaining elevated and enlightened levels of consciousness that you are seeking but rarely achieving. The reason you experience difficulties developing intuition is that over time your mind has been creating all sorts of blocks, barriers, questions, and doubts. And thankfully, you can be cleared of these once you learn to attune and work with subtle energy components.

This is Important to Know When You Begin

If you are primarily interested in developing stronger visual ability you can enhance your abilities by practicing visualizations. They help the brain/mind get familiar with visual images. Often what is perceived with your “inner eye” is symbolic and not as vivid as seeing with physical eyes, and so it takes practice to learn to interpret what you see. Most people who develop the skill spend many hundreds and even thousands of hours practicing, but I can assure you anyone can learn to do it if they are persistent. I know that absolutely because I’ve taught many hundreds how to do it.

Two Types of Visualizations

There are two types of visualizations you need to be aware of. One is the kind in which you determine what you want to visualize. This technique is often used by athletes who want to mentally practice their event to improve their performances, and many others use positive visualizations to instill success images and positive motivations. But there is another type of visualization in which you attune your inner senses to the energies around people and situations. This is called clairvoyance or “clear seeing” and refers to the ability to see subtle energy patterns that underlie what is happening on a physical level.

Stay tuned to next week’s blog post on developing intuition as I’ll tell you how to do two types of  visualization exercises that can strengthen your visualization ability and open your clairvoyance. You can also receive my latest articles and news by subscribing to my weekly newsletter. Just sign up in the box in the site footer.

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