Is your life this year going to look and feel like last year? Do you have a plan for it to be different? Did you know there are very specific reasons why your problems from the past repeat over and over?

Have you ever felt trapped and like you couldn’t break free from your past? I’ve often heard people say, “Is this going to go on forever?” Have you ever had this feeling?

Because your present and future are built on your past,  it is essential that you learn how to let go and release the forces controlling your life.

Recently I created a video on the subject of letting go. It is called, “The Secret to Happiness in 3 Words.” If  you haven’t seen it yet, just Click Here.

No sooner did I announce the new video when the December 2014 copy of Psychology Today arrived and the lead article is “Let it Go,” by Judith Sills, PH.D.

This topic is so relevant to what many are experiencing that the magazine deemed it important enough to headline it on their cover! The shadow of our past looms over us in the form of betrayals, bad choices, a partner who let us down, sad memories, past injustices, nagging guilt, old losses, etc.

The Key to Letting Go or Letting it Be

The key, Dr. Sills says, lies in having an open head and heart. I have found that the challenge lies in the resistance we have to doing that, because change is always uncomfortable at first.

It may seem remarkable that a person would choose something painful over change, but from experience I know that is precisely what happens. One reason for this, is that the ego aspect of our mind projects that the future outcome might be even worse than the current status, so it even holds on to what is painful.

Letting go, as you will learn about in my video, means challenging irrational thinking until you get your head on straight; it means facing your fears and confronting relentless attachments to the pain of your past.          

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