Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Energizing


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RAINBOW OF LIGHT – Chakra Clearing & Balancing will guide you the a meditation and audible + subliminal programming to neutralize negative energies in your chakras.

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Rainbow of Light

Chakra Clearing, Balancing, and Energizing

Meditation: Chakra Clearing & Balancing with Color. A 27 minute guided meditation utilizing the corresponding color of each chakra to clear, release, and balance the issues associated with the chakras.

Issues addressed in this meditation include: Fear & Doubt - Become Fearless; Blocks to Creativity and Joy; Clear Confusion and open Clear Thinking as You Align Your Personal Will with Divine Will; Heartache, Betrayal, and Emotional Wounds; Open Unconditional Love; Clear blocks to intuition; Open clear spiritual connections and guidance.

Chakra Clearing Mind Talk®

The 2 MindTalk® programs utilize multiple subconscious trigger techniques. Mind Talk is your own inner self-talk that impacts your subconscious mind and determines almost everything about your life.

You will hear dozens of specifically formulated audible messages while your subconscious stores the same subliminal affirmations. This combination produces a truly dramatic positive change within your subconscious mind.

Play the Mind Talk programs while you are working, relaxing, exercising or anytime throughout the day—You can even use them as meditation or sleep programming and become renewed.

Sleep learning is powerful life-changing programming. Just play these programs softly as you fall asleep. Some electronic stores sell small pillow speakers specifically designed for this purpose so you won't disturb others, but you can use any player with the volume turned down low.

The more often you play these programs the better they work, so play them as much as possible. Each Mind Talk is a little more than 29 minutes in length.

SAMPLE AFFIRMATIONS with Uplifting Music: Energy flows effortlessly up through all my chakras • I am an open energy channel • The natural flow of energy moves directly up the center of my body •

My FIRST CHAKRA at the base of my spine naturally spins a vortex of pure red light energy • I have powerful life force reserves • I have tremendous vitality • I am grounded • I have abundant natural energy • I am serene and tranquil, yet powerful and full of life •

My SECOND CHAKRA near my navel naturally spins a vortex of pure orange light energy • I am surrounded by purifying peaceful energies • energy I have relaxed inner security • I feel joyful and contented • My life is peaceful I embrace peace and harmony I am self-assured •

My THIRD CHAKRA near my solar plexus naturally spins a vortex of pure yellow light energy • I have clear intellect • My mind is focused and powerful • My intuition is strongly active •

My FOURTH CHAKRA near my heart naturally spins a vortex of pure green light energy • I emanate powerful love vibrations • I give and receive love • I am continually renewed with the cleansing and purifying waves of the highest love vibration • My love spreads and radiates • My life flows with harmony I am in harmony and balance •

My FIFTH CHAKRA • I express myself naturally, openly, and freely • I express myself fully and openly • I know I am peaceful and healthy • I hear the whispers of Divine presence • As I flow with harmony I am blessed with health, peace and abundance •

My SIXTH CHAKRA • I am open to my Divine Source • I am an energy channel for healing and good • My purity and harmony attracts wonderful experiences to my life • I am surrounded by powerful positive subtle energies • I accept my destiny to be a pure channel of healing and goodness •

My SEVENTH CHAKRA • I continue to expand my consciousness • With each breath I take my chakras are purified and cleansed • The life force moves through me naturally and joyously • My energy moves freely up my body and circles my head in a halo of light •

My chakras allow the free flow of energy • I am balanced and full of light energy • I forgive and release • I am forgiven and released • I am healthy and energized • My chakras automatically and naturally purify and cleanse themselves each day • PLUS MANY MORE...

All of our audio programs come in mp3 format. The mp3 files are delivered in a zip folder to enable quicker downloading. In order to unzip these files directly to tablets and smartphones, you will need to install an app on your mobile device. Instructions are provided on the product download page. We do NOT sell CDs. 

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