It would not be unusual for you to find it hard to believe that all of the issues in your life are controlled by a powerful compelling force that you’re probably not even aware of!

That force is composed of your memories, attitudes, emotions, habits, beliefs, conclusions, and reactions to all the events of your past.

These act like programs in a computer and you have been adding to those programs from the time of your birth. These programs are all warehoused in your subconscious mind and in your energy field, and operate on you day and night without your even being consciously aware of them.

Now Think about this. The perceptions and conclusions that you had as a child… formed the foundation of the programs that have been running your life ever since!

Wow! When you realize that fact it can be quite unsettling – especially when you think about what your childhood was like and the ways you viewed life at that time.

That is what has been preventing you from making the breakthroughs you would like to have in essentially every area of your life. And, these factors will continue limiting you for the rest of your life unless you take positive steps to change them.

That’s just the way it works.

Have you ever wondered why it is that change is so difficult? Well, the reason is that the programs running your life have been ingrained in a very deep level.

It’s a fact, that virtually every day you have dozens of thoughts about the way your life is, and what you wish it would be. Let me give you some examples… you might say to yourself:

• I wish I had more love, more money, and more fun in my life…
• Oh, how I wish I had more time,
• I’d sure like to have more talents and abilities,
• If only my health were better,
• I’d sure like to have more good luck
• I want more love in my life…

…and, by the way, who wouldn’t want more of those things? Right?

But, after you have those thoughts, you probably then think to yourself, “I don’t seem to be able to make much of that happen. I guess it is not meant to be.”

The commentary about why you can’t have it, comes from your unconscious limiting beliefs and feelings that you can’t have it, or maybe you even believe that you shouldn’t have it for some reason like…

•  Your not worthy enough, or…
•  Your not good enough, or…
•  Maybe you think it isn’t God’s will, or…
• You’re simply not meant to have it for some unknown destiny, or…
•  It is just too far out of your reach.

Now, furthermore, every time you allow those kinds of thoughts to pass through your mind, or you say those words to yourself, you strengthen and reinforce the program. And that is why so many people have fallen into a trap of mediocrity from which they feel helpless to escape.

Many people make resolutions for change that they are sure they will be able to keep, But most of the time it just doesn’t work for more than a few weeks. You know that, right?

And the reason for this is that it is not enough to try to alter an aspect of your life at a conscious level. The change must be affected in the unconscious realms before lasting results can be achieved. And so the next logical question is, “is it even possible to change these unconscious programs? And if so, how?”

In the past, the main source of attempting significant changes in a person’s life came about by exerting tremendous willpower, or by trying to psych yourself up by listening to motivational speakers, reading self-help books, availing yourself of professional counseling and coaching, doing self-hypnosis, or perhaps attending an ongoing series of workshops.

And they may have helped, of course, but the entire process can be greatly accelerated to a deeper level, and made permanent, by utilizing methods that address your unconscious programs.

There are a number of relatively easy and inexpensive methods that have been researched for decades, and been proven scientifically valid, so that you no longer need to feel trapped by any circumstance in your life.

  1.  One of the important processes to incorporate into any self-improvement regimen had its pioneering work done in the 1930s in Europe where it was successfully used in medical applications. Years later athletes began using imagery and visualizations with positive affirmations to improve their performances, and the result of that is that most of those winning medals in Olympic and International competitions employ some form of mental imaging or visualization as a routine part of their training program.

Visualizations and mental imaging actually pattern new neural pathways through the brain, establishing new automatic reactions. These techniques can be utilized in a wide variety of applications from improved athletic and job performance, weight control and improving health, to establishing a positive and successful self image, improving relationships, and releasing heightened creativity, reducing stress and tension, and even enhancing spiritual practices. So it covers the full spectrum of all the areas anyone would like to see improved.

I have personally used and refined methods of compounding the effectiveness of visualization procedures to, in a sense, “rewire” the way the brain and mind operate, and the result is a totally new generation of resources representing the most powerful transformational methods available anywhere.

I have several audio programs such as, “Freedom from Your Past,” that make use of the most powerful tools to bring about your personal growth. Including: Guided Visualizations, Meditations, and Mind Talk, and Subliminal programs.

Visualizations can be used to dissolve the parts of yourself that you no longer want, and then reinforce the conditions or state that you do want.

This is far more than a daydreaming exercise. It is a very powerful actively directed technique for not only mentally rehearsing the positive results you want, but also orienting your conscious and subconscious minds to focus on your new condition.

My visualizations are designed to guide you in addressing and releasing negative feelings, blocks, stress, tension, anxiety, hang-ups, or worries about future expectations.

In addition, many visualizations are also designed to help you further dissolve troublesome patterns and reinforce beauty, peacefulness, happiness, and successful outcomes through positive imagery & affirmations

The visualizations and meditations utilize a deepening process that helps you let go of what you want removed.

That’s important because you want to clear out what is causing any block or limitation, and then when you then apply positive programming such as with positive affirmations they will be far and away more effective.

2.  The Mind Talk programs capitalize on the process of repetition to reorient your conscious and subconscious mind to positive beliefs and outcomes. This is important and works, because repetition is the primary way your subconscious mind became programmed in the first place with what is running your life now.

Repetition is the principal method that you indoctrinated yourself with your beliefs from the time you were a child. In other words, you heard the same things over and over, and witnessed the same things over and over, and told yourself the same things over and over again, reinforcing the limiting beliefs, lack, unworthiness, low expectations, bad luck, and many other types of negative programming.

Now with the Mind Talk programs you can take advantage of your inner mind’s receptivity to repetition by having positive reinforcement delivered over and over again until all of the positive beliefs are accepted at a very deep level of consciousness.

It is like your own personal coach giving you a positive pep talk whenever you need it. I’ve called these programs Mind Talk because they’re filled with the kinds of positive self statements that you want going on in your mind all the time, rather than the self-defeating or self-sabotaging kinds of statements that you may presently be repeating to yourself.

The secret to the success of this program is how often you listen because the effectiveness lies in the degree of exposure you have to the positive visualizations and positive affirmations.

Once your mind becomes positively oriented you will find that the limiting beliefs and attitudes, and the negative self talk you once had gradually diminishes until it finally vanishes.

That might happen in a few weeks, or it could take months. It depends on how extensive your negative programming is, how long it has been there, and how strongly you have accepted it.

Remember, however, that it has taken decades for you to become who you are and create the many self-defeating and self-sabotaging programs that have been interfering with your progress. So be patient with yourself as you apply yourself to the programs.

I recommend that you listen to the Mind Talk program daily, and at least one visualization or meditation a day until you receive the results you are wanting.

It’s now time to get started, so make your selection of what program best addresses what you are working on, download the program to your computer or portable device, and I’ll meet you there. Start here: Release Your Past

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