Why You Feel Spiritually Stuck

“I seem to be spiritually stuck in some sort of invisible prison. I just don’t seem to get it. I’m a good person trying to live a good life.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say this. They conclude that since they’re not experiencing what they imagine “spiritual awakening” is supposed to look like and feel like this means something is wrong with them!

If you are even a little like me you have probably wondered why you haven’t made all the breakthroughs you’ve wanted. I’ve been there myself. No doubt, you’ve read or heard about some who have had incredible spiritual experiences and had spontaneous dramatic awakenings and you feel left behind! I know I did, but just because it seems rare for this to happen that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening to many people or that it can’t happen for you. I assure you it can. You are not alone. You just need to learn how. I want you to know that there is hope and there are answers!

It’s normal to feel left out sometimes when you don’t see tangible spiritual breakthroughs like some others seem to have. I know, it can be frustrating to say the least, so you keep searching for answers, but it feels like you are just not evolving the way you’d like and you feel limited or spiritually stuck. The truth is that most people never experience dramatic awakenings or extraordinary revelations, but do you know why? They just don’t know how, and the systems in place seem designed to keep you from knowing.

The Answers Are Simpler Than You Think

I get it. You want to be your own master and I totally understand that. However, have you considered that if you don’t get help with understanding suppressed information, clearing your subconscious distortions, and healing the sources of struggles and suffering that things will continue to feel elusive and difficult?

If you keep going along on your own, it is very likely that little will change. The reason for this is that more than 90% of what holds you spiritually stuck and a prisoner exist in places you aren’t even aware of consciously.

Does that surprise you? Of course, you’d like to be healthy, wealthy, and wise and feel like you are evolving spiritually. Most people would, but instead, because they continue to feel spiritually stuck, they end up continually searching endlessly through books and meetings, and yet what they are seeking continues to elude them.

I Was Once Spiritually Stuck

Being spiritually stuck is very common and something I experienced myself starting more than 50 years ago. At that time, I was a dedicated seeker and I found out that most sources of information on how to evolve spiritually only helped a little. It is natural to think that just getting more information or repeating secret mantras will somehow break open the lid holding you spiritually stuck.

Whatever the magical words were I was looking for they seemed to elude me. I found myself caught in a spiral of searching and failing to find the keys to unlock the secrets of mastery and enlightenment. I kept reading various authors saying, “The truth will never be written.” I took that to mean that those who knew the secrets weren’t sharing it and I was left out of the “club” that knew the secrets.

This very set-up causes people to want to join esoteric organizations and spiritual groups. However, even among the higher initiates of spiritual organizations and mystery schools, they still don’t have all the answers they want and so they continue seeking hidden secrets. Often they promise fantastic psychic powers and abilities when a person reaches the highest levels of initiation. It is those promises that keep people dedicated to the organizations until they are fully brainwashed into beliefs that keep them trapped and spiritually stuck.

Because I kept running into these “blind alleys” during my investigations, I finally gave up on trying to find people and organizations with the answers I was seeking, and I decided I’d have to figure it out myself. That turned out to be a blessing because I was not influenced by the belief systems of other teachers and organizations. I started with a blank slate with regard to metaphysics, enlightenment, and ascension, and turned to deep meditations for numerous hours each day to discover what seemed was intentionally hidden or at least difficult to find.

How I Broke Through Being Spiritually Stuck

What enabled me to make the most profound breakthroughs and have the most incredible spiritual visions, contacts, and realizations, emerged through intensive meditation practices and subtle-energy clearing methods that I devised and taught to others. I found there were others who were as ferocious as I was at discovering answers and truths and by working with them one-on-one over the years I learned how to clear a wide variety of a person’s hidden blocks and obstacles.

At this point in my life, I have lead people through more than 50,000 private sessions. (I actually stopped counting years ago, so the number is even higher, but you get the idea). Through doing so many sessions I have learned more than I can convey in words because the experiences are truly beyond words. In some cases, what was causing the blockages included negative karmic programs from past lives, and in other cases there were things you’d usually only find in science fiction movies. If you are interested in reading more about some of my experiences read my free e-book, 100 Revelations about the Paranormal You Weren’t Taught in School

Along the way, I have developed some incredible psychic gifts such as the ability to see your aura, chakras, and entire subtle-energy field while we talk on the phone. In addition, I have the telepathic ability to uncover your unconscious beliefs, and discover what triggers your emotions. This process reveals where your obstacles come from which are mostly in places you most likely wouldn’t discover on your own, much less be able to completely clear.

Remarkably, I am able to penetrate into the core and help you release the patterns thereby freeing you. This is not a quick fix as many of the causes lie deeply engrained and have been controlling you for lifetimes. In addition, almost all patterns are composed of many layers of embedded painful memories that take persistence and time to uncover and clear.

I have a wide range of experiences and tools from working with so many people with all sorts of issues I not only can discover the causes, but, unlike many psychics, I am skilled at not only interpreting inner causes of being spiritually stuck, and also clearing and transmuting the energies causing blocks and problems.

This enables your higher self (soul) to rise to the surface to raise your vibrations and bring in high-frequency healing light. Once your soul emerges, your life will never be the same after that. That is what all spiritual paths are aiming for, but most are missing.

Many on spiritual paths know what the problems are, but they don’t know “real world” methods of clearing and healing them so they stay spiritually stuck or go in circles with negative repeating patterns. I have witnessed this so many times even with many spiritual teachers who are nearly as bewildered as their students are.

The Direction You Go Depends on the Decisions You Make

Essentially, it comes down to what you prioritize. In my own life, I dedicated many thousands of hours over 50 years to clearing, raising my consciousness, and developing skills to detect all the components causing me to feel spiritually stuck. As a result, I am now able to support others saving them years and even decades of struggling on their own. Getting clear will also free you from negative karmic programs that cause repeating similar problems lifetime-after-lifetime. In this way, you can effectively bypass many lifetimes of suffering and feeling spiritually stuck.

When you think about it, you’ll realize you made choices and commitments in the past for much lesser goals. Virtually any skill, sport, or proficiency you want to excel in and master requires coaching and guidance from someone who has already arrived at where you’d like to be. Think of how many years you’ve spent in school learning a lot of information you probably haven’t used since you left school. Isn’t time to commit to the most serious and important topic there is, your spiritual evolution?

Even the very top performers in any field still rely on skilled coaches and teachers to sharpen their abilities. So why wouldn’t you also dedicate yourself to what is the most important experience you could possibly have in this lifetime. We live in a unique era in which so much is available that was inaccessible in past ages, so don’t let opportunities pass you by.

I can help take you much further to clear the obstacles so you can evolve into living a soul-centered state through my private sessions. Take a look at my private session website that explains how I can help you make the transition through soul-centered transformation. Private Session Website

I’d be very happy to help you on your spiritual journey this lifetime. You can do it and I’m here to help.

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