Astrology for You 2022

I don’t believe your daily experiences are simply luck: good or bad. There are forces set in motion that strongly influence and guide your destiny. The future always carries elements of the unknown and that is why insights from astrologer extraordinaire Mary Dixon can be so helpful.

I have known Mary Dixon for over 30 years and have offered her readings on my website since I launched my first website in 1995. Like many who have ordered her insightful readings, I have personally found her to be amazingly accurate. Her guidance over the years has been invaluable and very reassuring as I faced my first marriage ending, business and financial uncertainty, and juggling numerous life transitions.

I have received many emails over the years from people for whom she has provided readings who were astounded at how revealing, accurate, and helpful she has been. If you have wanted to know more about yourself, her readings are a gold mine of insights and information.

I personally have benefited from her past-life and future-life readings, as well as her relationship guidance when I was single more than 30 years ago. She gave me sound advice on a number of women I was dating at the time, that proved extremely important in helping to keep me from what would have been relationship disaster. Many of her clients order updates from her every year as well as detailed insights into all their partnerships and opportunities.

In the short excerpts below are her more generalized monthly readings for 2022 you’ll need to ponder the implications of each sentence as it applies to your life. Sometimes the ramifications are not immediately obvious with a cursory reading, but with thought, you’ll better understand the forces affecting your life. Besides benefiting you, the insights from her readings can be immensely valuable to all your relationships, both personal and professional.

If you’d like to order more personal, specific, and detailed readings from her, she offers Relationship Readings, Past-Life Readings, Future Life Readings, Mission in Life Readings, Full Life Audio Readings, and Yearly Analysis Month-by-Month Audio Readings.

Her readings are not computer generated, but personally prepared for you, and you can ask her follow up questions after you receive her readings. Now for 2022 you can also set up live meetings with her via Zoom if you’d like.  You’ll find all of the readings she can do for you at this link: Personal Astrological Readings.

AQUARIUS SUN – January 22 – February 21 and Aquarius Rising
Aquarians are known truth seekers, especially in the fields of science, technology, philosophy and the human condition. Their apparent indifference in social settings is partly due to strong inner concentration. Their concerns are for the whole of humanity and its progress, more than for individuals. Spiritually, most Aquarians prefer the jnana path. This entire year, Aquarius, you will find that your powers of concentration have increased. Many of your ideas and goals will take shape as most of last year’s barriers are cleared. You may be required to join some social or group activities in January, but these could lead to better finances. In February, friends and relatives show up unexpectedly. Papers and contracts will be re-written and signed. March and April bring many thoughts about solutions to problems both in technology and in providing services to others on a broader scope. Your ideas will meet with success. You will have good physical energies in April, but some financial issues come up that you will have to take the time to settle. April planets fall into your area of money suggesting that more money comes into your life at that time, but it also looks like some promises cannot be kept and some people are not dependable there. Use your good analytical powers to study the situation. At the end of April and into May, your finances increase in a better way. Mid May begins a trend that is positive for all communications, contracts, blueprints, and programs. Aquarius, serious practice of your values, starts now, both in your outside and inside life. Be attentive to this calling.

PISCES SUN – February 22 – March 21 and Pisces Rising
Truth to you, is an ever flowing, ever changing energy with no shape or limits. All levels of consciousness are included. Its base is compassion and its reality is in your emotional and spiritual nature. For several years, Pisces, your ruler Neptune has been in its natural sign – Pisces. This has sharpened your intuition, vision and spiritual experiences. In the first five months of 2022, the planet Jupiter also enters the sign of Pisces. The positive side of this combination, is that a strong desire to know and understand your personal truth and the truth of the universe will become quite strong and guide you to teachers, classes and practices of self awareness. The shadow side of this strong energy can cause a disregard for important considerations of safety in all your interactions with physical life. Check in with your analytical mind or an earth sign friend regularly, especially in April. January brings small complications with your work that go away quickly. Many social activities and some financial improvements occur in February. You may be asked to help in an emergency situation at the end of February and the beginning of March. Also at that time, a Taurus admirer will call on you. Pay attention to your health in April and don’t trust everyone. However spiritual experiences could be life changing. In May and June, many Pisces will change their goals and lifestyles to incorporate their new understanding and awareness of a higher level of thought. In June, finances improve and people from your past re-connect.

ARIES SUN – March 22 – April 21 and Aries RisingAries people are truth seekers at every level. They prefer truth with no embellishment of circumstances or emotions. Details are not their forte. Aries talents for making fast judgements and decisions are well known, but patience, for them, is something to be learned. This energetic sign is all about forgetting the past and moving forward. Aries, the planets now especially favor career, teamwork and social activities (when allowed). People and events from the past now come forward to play a strong part in your life. Metaphysical programs, teachers and retreats reach out to you over the next five months. You may experience strong and positive changes in your spiritual awareness – especially in April. January favors travel, legal and educational activities. February may bring changes but better finances from career areas. March is likely to require you to spend more money. Career promotions are in the forecast for April. Ladies may change their minds several times; practice patience here. May and June begin a new, even more active trend for you. Sports, teamwork, and improved physical strength is indicated. You will be involved in practicing your understand of spirituality in all areas of your life. However, be aware that too much activity and excessiveness can disturb your inner peace. Learn to slow down, in you mind and in your actions experience the peace of the extended moment.

TAURUS SUN – April 22 – May 21 and Taurus RisingTaurus generally adhere to a series of guidelines and rules from which they do not waver. Belief systems upon which civilizations have been built, are attractive to the Taurus person. Truth is measured by these existing principles. But these systems of knowledge also provide security and fortitude, or endurance, from which this sign draws its strength. In this New Year, Taurus, career advancement is still slow, but change is less frequent in your life. Your opportunities for better working conditions and finances will come from friends, financial groups and service organizations. You will consider the subject of ethics in the business arena and gain popularity, the first five months of the year. In January, consider an old proposal from which you will benefit in either business or your personal life. But be aware that some promises and rumors are inaccurate in March and April. February shows the possibility of travel and updates in equipment and transportation areas. In May, you may not get what you want from established businesses, but younger more creative people will give you a chance. The month of June begins a new cycle of spiritual awareness and creativity. Many Taurus will be inspired to add spiritual disciplines to their routines that benefit their physical bodies at the same time. Yoga, sacred dance and the martial arts will be considered. Controlled movement controls the senses.

GEMINI SUN – May22 – June 21 and Gemini Rising
It is no surprise that Gemini, a double sign, sees truth as multi faceted. All situations and layers of experiences are considered as contributors to or from expressions of truth. Details contain parts of the whole and the whole can be assumed by its parts. The energies of Gemini people are also many and varied. They delight in the discovery of new information and tire easily with old standards. Many lack patience. Yet they often point the way of the future. This year, 2022 favors this busy sign. Positive finances, multi-cultural work and education are only part of the year’s benefits. Many Geminis will enter government service projects while others may be offered communication jobs. Over the next five months, you should be careful to identify the facts separately for what you are being told, especially in career and relationship areas. January, April and May are especially prone to this problem. In February, your focus will be on a creative project that favors you financially. A friend from the past gets in touch and may offer you a partnership role in March. Strong and positive energies for you in April for all business interests, yet care must be taken to analyze the details. Spiritual insights are also strong in April. Many shared activities are in the picture for you, that month but some may not be as stable as you would like. However, the 2nd half of 2022 begins a stronger trend for positive relationships both in business and personal areas. The stars suggest that patience has benefits and implies faith.

CANCER SUN – June 22 – July 21 and Cancer rising
Like most water signs, Cancers bring other dimensions into the definition and practice of truth. Their sensitive psyches go beyond the seen and heard into other layers of energies. They are prone to investigating many levels of thought, atmospheres of emotions and the influence of past lives. Their posture of acceptance of all people out of compassion certainly expresses a major spiritual principle. This year will bring many benefits to this psychic sign. Over the past few years, a general trend of spiritual energies has been available to you, but now, over the next five months, the planet of wisdom also enters this process. Jupiter will bring more understanding to your fluid mind. Teachers, classes and studies of all kinds are available to you now as you put into practice firm concepts of wisdom that benefit all. January may bring changes to a loved ones life that require him or her to review their outer and inner situations. This could lead to a contractual agreement with you in business or marriage, April or May. February brings more social events, but cooperation from others is difficult. You will be dealing with some anger at the end of February and into March. March, April and May are pivotal months for you as the planets bring positive changes and opportunities. Do make sure that all offers are valid and true in a factual way and then try to make decisions by the end of May. Make your actions reflect your compassion.

LEO SUN – July 22 – August 21 and Leo Rising
Because the sun, or its light, rules Leo, it is considered the sign of Truth. Leo is also the sign of the heart, the most important organ of the body. It is therefore associated with love. “The seat of truth is in the heart.” These two maxims, truth and love, have been interchangeable throughout time. It is therefore no wonder that Leo individuals set very high ideals for themselves and others. They often feel invincible and correct in their evaluations of life – their ideas are inspired by higher forces. But they are easily hurt and confused when things do not work out. This year, the planets continue to modify expectations of this lofty sign until June, when a more favorable trend begins. January brings better physical energy but partnerships do not improve. In February, negotiations are favorable and contracts or papers are signed. At the beginning of March, your health may need attention and some change in your habits may be required. In March, April and May, your higher mind seems drawn to travel, education, and master teachers. You may experience prophetic dreams at those times. Some Leos are favored in legal matters. In April, finances improve, but others who handle your money may not be trustworthy. May is favorable for family, a move or home improvement and children. In June, health conditions can flare up, but your confidence in spiritual powers are healing. Patience and fortitude are required of you for just a little while longer. The second half of this year will bring positive planetary influences.

VIRGO SUN – August 22 – September 21 and Virgo Rising
Virgos are assessors and measurers of the universe. They are the scientists, accountants and analysists that bring order to our world. Their sense of truth is therefore partly defined by the universe around them. On the other hand, they are a double sign with a great interest in the condition of humanity and often work tirelessly to relieve its pains and traumas. This year, Virgo, you will have a strong focus in technology. Bringing information and solutions to various groups around the world will be your service and goal. It appears that some problems with family and associates will make your job more difficult over the next six months. Still, you will be inspired to move forward. In January, new associates will be added to your team, but their input may be more annoying than helpful. You will have to work around them. February brings more peace and reasonable agreements with others, but this could fall apart in March. You may have to decide to connect more firmly to your own heart and mind. Health issues need to be taken care of in March and April. April and May could bring opportunities for marriage or for business partnerships, but some information or conditions may not be accurate in either case. Use your analytical abilities to find any flaws before pursuing agreements. A person known for their spiritual values, may not really have them. Positive financial energies enter your stars in May and June. Your organizational skills prove invaluable. Virgo, it is well known, in many cultures and religions, that service is the highest form of worship.

LIBRA SUN – September 22 – October 21 and Libra Rising
While the sign of Libra is often associated with the rule of law, Librans, themselves prefer to be free spirits and unrestricted thinkers. They view truth as fluid according to the moment and the emotions experienced. Their greatest talent is bringing people together in agreement – many times overlooking factual details. Their main objectives in life, are finding peaceful solutions. And, in the spiritual sense, that might be considered a higher truth. This year’s planets favor Librans in that effort. Many conflicts of the past year, begin to fade with no definite solutions. But this can be positive as new opportunities present themselves. The fields of education and the arts are especially strong. January delays some wishes and actions in your life, as your ruler Venus appears to move backwards. At the same time, Mercury also moves in a backward motion making decisions and plans changeable. In the meantime, all areas of communication and local events are favorable for finding temporary solutions to what isn’t working. Finances improve a bit the second half of February, but some family issues reappear. March favors work with children and Venus vibrations are strong. March and April suggest that you will create new programs and plans that benefit children, the elderly and those who are ill. You must be careful at this time to follow the rules of protection for your own health. Career advancements are connected to creating new insights from old patterns in an eclectic balance. Share your peaceful heart with others.

SCORPIO SUN – October 22 – November 21 and Scorpio Rising
Scorpios want to know the hidden or secret truths that lie in the deepest recesses of the subconscious to the highest levels of infinite life. They are fascinated by the inner meanings of ancient symbols as well as what modern technology can reveal. Truth, for Scorpios, is wrested from many levels of the universe including the mind. This year, Scorpio, your stars are divided between solving practical problems and your personal spiritual objectives. These two seem to be at cross purposes for awhile. But just now, the planet Jupiter – wisdom – is entering your place of the creative mind. This will help you to bridge the gap, of taking care of necessities, yet letting the mind practice the presence. Changes in partnerships, locale or family is likely to occur in January, March or April. February has opportunities for honest discussions and intentions but an unexpected issues in March stops action. March improves your financial picture but brings discord. Look for April to bring you much wisdom, prophetic dreams and spiritual experiences of all kinds that relieve your anxieties. This is followed by a major opportunity in May for improvement in your job situation. Scorpios who work with communications, the health industry, education and building industries will especially benefit, but all Scorpios will profit in some way. In June, concentrate on positive new adventures in work and leave what problems remain alone for awhile. Stay in your inner search for perfection.

SAGITTARIUS SUN – November 22 – December 21 and Sagittarius Rising
Sagittarius represents the subjects of religion, education, and travel, both travel on the earth and travel in mystical levels of thought. It also represents the law, both civil and religious. Like its Gemini cousin, that loves variety, all information is relevant to finding truth. Sagittarius is also a double sign. The serious side of this sign is devoted to ancient wisdoms, religion, philosophy and the inner experiences. But the less focused side of Sagittarius revels in the collection of knowledge and data, but seldom gets involved in it. This year, Sagittarius, the stars combine in their efforts to give you strong powers of concentration, inner guidance and opportunities to convert your knowledge into wisdom and practice. At the same time, finances will improve. January brings good physical strength and you will consider yoga and martial arts and cultural dance. Health precautions are wise. Choose one type of exercise or health programs and stay on it. February brings activities with children and creative thought. In March, a change in banking or money systems needs your attention. Communication systems may break down and health areas may be sensitive. By April, your life seems to be in order and job situations improve. In April and May, you will become aware of a situation with family or friends that needs your direct attention. This will cause you to rely on your inner knowledge and guidance even more. Wisdoms and teachers from the past become very clear to you during this time. Complications at work are difficult, but finances remain positive. In June, Venus energies are strong, but make no decisions at that time. Make your inner vision stronger than your outer impulses.

CAPRICORN SUN – December 21 – January 22 and Capricorn Rising.
The Capricorn symbol of a goat represents the true nature of the Capricorn who likes to climb the highest mountains of career, wisdom or truth in which to feel secure, rest, or even rule. They are an ambitious sign, but not restless. Usually they have a chosen philosophy or set of guidelines from which they live. However when their knowledge or experiences outpace their guidelines, they climb further to discover loftier wisdom and even higher truth. This seems to be an unhurried process that lasts a lifetime. Capricorns, the Scorpio planet, Pluto, has been in your sign for many years now, adding more mystical and even psychological outlooks to your life. These will continue to strengthen in this new year. In January, finances begin to improve and work, especially connected to communications and travel, will seek you out. What you do in that regard may annoy some people, but will not stop you. Good physical energies in February allow you to take on more work. Some Capricorns will join gyms or heath programs at that time. In March, issues with children and finances occur, but settle down at month’s end. April and May stars create strong, magical and metaphysical energies that inspire you to shift your priorities to the inner experience. May also could bring small issues with family or living conditions. These tend to strengthen in June, but finances improve. A change in plans could draw a special friend to you. Separate yourself from disturbing influences and concentrate on you own heartfelt, truth experiences, at least in your mind, if not all together.

Her readings are not computer generated, but personally prepared for you, and you can ask her follow up questions after you receive her readings. Now for 2022 you can also set up live meetings with her via Zoom if you’d like.  You’ll find all of the readings she can do for you at this link: Personal Astrological Readings.

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