How Spiritual Surrender is the Secret of Life

The other day, I was talking to one of my friends who had just come back from India and Tibet. It turns out that he found what he was looking for, but it was not at all what he was expecting. We were chatting over coffee at this popular cafe downtown when he told me about it. “I went there with no real expectations,” he said, stirring his coffee absentmindedly as we talked at a table by the window overlooking the golf course.

“I did all this traveling to realize I didn’t need to travel so far, but at least I satisfied my mind’s need to search and discover. I’ve traveled the world only to come back home to realize what you’ve been telling me for years…the answers are within and you have helped me realize that.”

I often hear stories from people who have traveled all over the world trying to find the answer to evolving spiritually. I know several people who have spent considerable time in India, Tibet, Egypt, South America, and power places in North America and yet the answers seem to elude them so they keep traveling and searching.

Spiritual Surrender is the Secret to Life

No matter where you go you’ll find a common thread in all religions that say you need to surrender. The problem is they may not have made it clear to you what to surrender or how to effectively do it. And yet, spiritual surrender is the secret to your spiritual evolution and becoming liberated from the pain, struggling, and tyranny of the ego. In fact, I have often said that no matter what the question or problem, the answer is surrender. In fact, Surrender is the Golden Key to Enlightenment.

Wow! Do you realize how huge a statement that is? Here’s the challenge…

The ego-mind interprets spiritual surrender as defeat, when it is actually empowering. Spiritual surrender is a state that is peaceful, satisfying, fulfilling, and accepting. When you are in spiritual surrender, you rise above the ego needs, desires, drives, and passions, and you eliminate resistance to your spiritual evolution and to attaining the satisfying and fulfilling life you want.

This fact often causes some people to mistakenly interpret spiritual surrender as causing depression because your ego-controlled analytical mind equates spiritual surrender to futility, defeat, despair, powerlessness, and having little or no hope. If you have felt any of these feelings, you have slipped into the domain of the ego-mind. Those feelings certainly do not, and cannot, exist with your soul.

How Surrender Frees You

Some people are confused at how to spiritually surrender, and wonder how it could possibly be helpful when you have let everything go. I know it seems like a contradiction and “counter-intuitive,” at least to the analytical mind, because it sound like you sit back and let go of every tool you’ve ever been taught on how to succeed.

The surrendered state integrates your soul into your everyday experience and suspends you in a consciousness level of infinite possibilities with a reassurance that everything will work out in a positive way that supports your evolution. I sometimes refer to this state as “dynamic stillness.” It is composed of a deep sense of peace with a positive outlook and the foundation for creating everything fulfilling, loving, and fun. You arrive there by letting go of every form of resistance and holding.

This does not mean you do nothing. Surrender is the first part of the process that leads you to your goals. It opens you in trust to the place in consciousness where you hold no doubts, worries, or fears about your succeeding. The second and very important key to attaining what your soul wants for you reveals itself in an old saying, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” This means it is important to take action that leads toward your goal.

True Success is a Two-Part Process

I’ve known quite a few people who have been stuck in either the first or second part of the manifestation process. Some have thought by surrendering and letting go of everything, somehow everything they want would magically appear on their doorstep. Over time, they become discouraged when it doesn’t, and they can’t figure out where they went wrong.

Those stuck in the second part of the manifestation process put all their energy and time into making things happen through sheer will power and determination. This is how most things are accomplished on our world, but the problem is the fulfillment is limited and temporary. Some have accomplished a lot only to ask themselves, “Is this all there is? Now what? I guess I must keep searching and doing more!”

Success comes from applying yourself and surrendering so you generate no resistance. In fact, spiritual surrender opens you to full receiving without obstructions.

The Next Obstacle on Your Surrender Path

Many go through a phase along their spiritual surrender path where they feel like they are losing their passion and they are feeling depressed. This is due to releasing the ego’s needs and the mind’s attempts to find meaning and connections through outer experiences and people.

The surrendered state is different. It is a platform from which creative and truly fulfilling events launch without resistance.

When you experience the peaceful and expanded state of consciousness through spiritual surrender, you can feel like nothing matters and you don’t have a care in the world. However, out of that place in consciousness arises the deepest and most fulfilling field of potentiality for deep caring, love, and creative expression.

When you are in the stage of making the shift from the ego fear-based operating system rooted in accomplishing, doing, and control, to the love-based soul-centered operating system rooted in peace, love, and openness to receive, you may experience cognitive dissonance or a feeling of being lost and adrift. This is due to the remnants of the ego trying to make sense out of solutions that lie outside of it’s experience or capability.

With practice, the soul solution is the only way to find deep spiritual surrender, lasting peace, and happiness. The ego’s path can only give momentary fulfillment that fades over time. This then motivates you to find something or someone else to recapture the waning fulfillment. This is where most people live and why they are continually looking for something else.

If you have already completed my program titled The Secret of Letting Go, you may want to review the two modules on surrender for more details and meditations on how to attain the surrendered state, or if you haven’t yet experienced this landmark program, you’ll find full information about it at that link.

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I’d be very happy to help you on your spiritual journey this lifetime. You can do it and I’m here to help.

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