What is Ascension to 5th Dimension

Ascension is one of the most mysterious and intriguing topics millions are wondering about. It is a topic mentioned in many religious texts although exactly what it means and how to achieve it are vague.

There was a Grammy award winning vocal group from the 1960s named the 5th Dimension that had 20 top 40 songs. The song that won the Grammy Award for Record of the year was about The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. That song was 54 years ahead of time, because the Age of Aquarius starts in 2023.

The Age of Aquarius is said to be an ascension to the age of enlightenment, and there is a lot of excited buzz about how that means we will have an opportunity for ascension to higher dimensions. Some are expecting the entire Earth to shift into the 4th dimension, while others are hoping for an ascension jump to the 5th dimension.


The Earth is currently undergoing an ascension in frequency that can lead to a finer reality, but the term ascension really applies to a person’s level of consciousness.

Each higher level of consciousness means you have let go of lower levels of consciousness that are dominated by greater levels of ego and illusion. That means releasing and dissolving the causes of pain, suffering, and struggling. You’d think everyone would be enthusiastically in a relentless pursuit of how to do that, but there is so much information available today obscuring the most direct ways to do that. As a result many are confused.

At this point, humanity finds itself at a crossroads of choosing to either operate with the needs for control, judging, blaming, anger, and hatred, or discovering higher consciousness levels of compassion, kindness, service, unconditional love, and other spiritual values.

Where You Find Yourself is Determined by Your Consciousness Level

The 4th dimension vibrates at a higher frequency than the 3rd dimension we currently live, and it also includes having more refined levels of consciousness. It is quite similar in appearance to the 3rd dimension we live in now, but there are some subtle improvements. For one thing a person’s intentions and actions produce consequences more quickly than in the 3rd. Because of this, many quickly realize they need to more carefully select what their mind’s dwell on and the way they treat others can more quickly backfire on them. As a result of this characteristic, as a person rises consciousness within the 4th dimension the societies are evolving toward cooperation and service to others.

When a person shifts through consciousness ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness they are living from a loving foundation. Competition, greed, control, selfishness, judging, blaming, and struggle are no longer factors of those living in the 5th dimension.

Can you imagine living on a world where everyone is kind, loving, eager to serve, happy, and healthy? That is the 5th dimension. Those who have undergone ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness have shed fighting, struggling, lack, fear, and insecurity. They, in turn, have replaced these lower characteristics with trust, abundance, health, unconditional love, and gratitude.

How to Make Your Ascension to 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The process of ascension is simple, but not necessarily easy. It is simple because the very nature of the universe and your soul is they are operating in the background of your consciousness to lift you higher in consciousness. The reason it isn’t easy is due to your heavy investment in your deepest held beliefs that hold you where you are in consciousness now. It takes commitment and time to discover and release all the ways you have been brain washed into the beliefs you hold.

Most people in developed nations on Earth today live in their intellect. In fact, the societies we live in place high values on knowledge, rational thought, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking. Our educational systems teach this and employment opportunities reward it. The problem is this causes many to be trapped in a consciousness plateau of intellectualism.

Ascension above the common 3rd and 4th dimensional levels requires a shift from intellectualization to living from the heart and aligning with compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and love. You arrive at this higher level of consciousness by attaining a continually surrendered consciousness which means acceptance with no resistance. Surrender is the necessary key to transcend the grip of the ego and the controlling analytical mind.

What 5th Dimensional Consciousness is Like

When you have internalized 5th dimensional love consciousness you discover it as not just a feeling but also a conscious presence that dominates your personality. It becomes your motivating principal and purpose for existence. As beautiful as this is, once you have attained this, the next ascension step is to transform to complete unconditional love.

This would means transcending all judgments of good/bad, guilty/innocent, deserving/undeserving, and letting go of all regrets, resentments, grudges, anger, hate, and bitterness. This is a short list of ego elements that keep a person in lower states of consciousness.

The upper 5th dimension of unconditional love is not something that can be forced or intellectualized. Rather it comes from a deep soul integration through the heart center which is totally free of all positions. Otherwise, if you try to intellectualize forgiving you’ll still hold a position that the person did something they shouldn’t have.

Ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness indicates that love is now not only significant but dominant. Unconditional love brings a spiritual presence as it emerges because it aligns you with your Source, and therefore has a holy and sacred presence that includes beauty, peace, and deep happiness. As love becomes increasingly unconditional, it is experienced with joyfulness. This presents itself as an active form of happiness which sustains and is pleasurable and fulfilling.

Another gift of your ascension to this level is universal harmony and positive synchronicity. Life takes on more of an automatic ease and beauty. You find yourself at the right place at the right time and everything is seen as expressions of love. In fact, everyone and everything are perceived as aspects of the creative expression of love and therefore you experience love for all. This is not a level that you can “act as if” you are unconditionally loving because it comes from a genuine and deep place within your heart and is quite obviously a very high consciousness perspective. To know about a thing is not the same as to be it.

My Master Keys for Ascension program has 18 meditations that incorporate methods of tapping into transformational energies, as a result you will find your consciousness and vibrations shifting higher and higher. You’ll be experiencing frequency raising techniques, and with the help of master guides and advanced teachers, you will move into levels of consciousness beyond the struggles of everyday life.
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What is the Quickest Way to Ascension?

Ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness requires unlearning everything society, churches, governments, schools, and media have taught you. Virtually everything you have been exposed to your entire life is at best distorted and at worst intentionally twisted from truth to keep you ensnared in an ego-dominated world.

The quickest ascension procedure is to pay attention to what pain or struggle is affecting you or what is emotionally triggering you and identify as much about it as you can discover. The more you understand the pattern the more fully you’ll be able to clear it. Here are the steps: Describe the effect in two or three sentences including where you feel it and what it feels like.

Once you have the description then you can proceed to surrender it and let it go. You can’t effectively let anything go if you haven’t identified it, so that first step is really important, and it is often the most time consuming since many of these patterns were established long ago. As you release and let go you’ll transmute the negative energy into higher frequencies and free yourself from the pain as well as any negative karmic consequences.

Every experience you have holds a gift for you providing insights, lessons, or rewards. Your evolution is tied to how quickly and thoroughly you clear your blocks, limitations, and stuck programming. That is how you experience your consciousness ascension.

Ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness means you live free of fear and worry and the struggling and pain of the past are gone. You no longer experience mood shifts, out of control thought spirals, or emotional breakouts.

In 5th dimensional consciousness there is only love; without any conditions, any expectations, or strings attached. This is your destiny and what you deserve. It is the inherent nature of your soul, so this ascension is a revelation and discovery of your true self or soul. Just knowing this accelerates you on your ascension path. When you raise your consciousness to this level you are assured of this being your destination in your next lifetime. All you have to do is participate by paying attention and letting go.

Chapter 35 of my book, Handbook for Enlightenment & Ascension goes into much greater detail on density levels, higher dimensions, and levels of consciousness. Every chapter is packed with profound and useful practical explanations and practices. You’ll read things you’ve wondered about and undoubtedly many things you have not heard presented this way before. It contains the breakthroughs in spiritual realizations and revelations that took me my entire lifetime to condense into this user manual for you.


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