Your Ego is Your Problem.

I already know you have had to struggle with your ego. The ego is responsible for all the senseless and unnecessary chaos, pain, suffering, and destruction you see in people’s lives and the world as a whole today. But what exactly is the ego, and what can you do to tame it?

On your spiritual journey it is important to know what the ego is and how to deal with it and ultimately eliminate it in order to bring an end to your struggling and suffering. In addition, of course, it is the ego that is the barrier to enlightenment.

What is the Ego?

The ego is an aspect of your personality that operates through your major senses and stores conclusions about your memories of your experiences and beliefs as to whether they are safe or to be feared. It is a complex collection of thoughtforms that the ego interprets as true and real even though the beliefs and conclusions may be strongly distorted and false. For this reason I refer to the ego as the false self, whereas your soul is your true self.

If you’re wondering what a thoughtform is, it is a subtle-energy program housing deep unconscious beliefs and emotions coupled with memory pictures of events that created them. The ego is composed of many thousands of thoughtforms that are so strong and realistic in appearance that they effectively trick you into believing they are part of who you are.

However, beneath the ego is who and what you truly are without the distortions of the ego-personality. Many are unaware of their soul due to the strong dominance of the ego needs and drives.

What Does the Ego Do?

Fear is the primary underlying driving force of the ego. The ego is a survival mechanism whose mission is to keep you from anyone or anything perceived to be dangerous or threatening. Hence, it is the root of all fear, guilt, worry, anxiety, insecurity, vulnerability, victimization, tension, struggle, etc. In fact, all negative emotional reactions are rooted in the fear-driven ego.

The ego does not reason analytically. It views everything as a potential threat and the ego’s beliefs are infused into everyone’s concept of who and what they are. It reacts spontaneously to what it fears with any number of defensive and survival mechanisms. Most people assume this is a normal part of human nature, and that is true to an extent until full enlightenment when the ego finally vanishes.

The ego is at the root of all negative emotions and perceptions of suffering, and it is incapable of finding solutions to its pain. Since its primary drive is survival it utilizes the warehouse of all it has observed and concluded to formulate strategies of solve the dilemmas of suffering.

This is the Big Ego Problem

The ego is incapable of healing itself from itself because it is not able to access the source of solutions which lie in raising consciousness and integrating the soul into all of its misperceptions.

The ego cannot see outside itself to find the unity of love, light, and universal intelligence. It looks relentlessly within its own self-created bubble of false interpretations to cope with all that life brings, but it can never find lasting and satisfying answers there.

Feelings of deep isolation, separation, and abandonment, are the ego frantically trying to find answers inside of itself. Sadly, it will never succeed because the answers do not exist there. What a person feels is the ego turned on itself, feeling frustration, isolation, and helplessness at not being able to resolve its own problems.

The greatest fear, dread, and hopelessness the ego experiences reduces down to the prospect of its dissolving into non-existence. This is often referred to as “the death of the ego,” which is an idea that terrorizes the ego. This reaction profoundly shuts down your participation with the higher self or soul. However, these troublesome feelings are produced by created ego-identities or sub-personalities driven by desperate survival instincts. This is vital knowledge because with this understanding, a person can begin to dis-identify from the many ego sub-personalities.

How do You Break Free of the Ego’s Hold?

1. The ego wants solutions, but doesn’t know where to find them.

The ego is on a relentless search for answers to fix the inherent flaws and shortcomings it perceives itself to hold. The ego utilizes such traits as control, fear, and the relentless acquisition of more of what it thinks will fill the emptiness of the lack it imagines. This leads to feelings of not being good enough or sufficient, thinking there is something wrong with you, and futility from its searching for solutions but never finding them. These strong forces, in many cases, can drive you to achieve a great deal, but it ultimately does not produce long standing satisfying results.

The ego is actually trying to help you by searching for safety, security, healing, and love, but it has no clue where to find any of those things, so it is continually on the defensive and searching for something it doesn’t have.

If you approach the lack, struggles, blocks, and limitations with a sincere intention of bringing healing and love to it, the ego will relax its resistance and you will begin to find release and clarity. You will find that doing this while in a meditative state is the most effective approach.

2. The ego forms distorted conclusions and beliefs about every experience. 

False conclusions, distortions of perceptions, and fixation on opinions make up your personality which you are likely to mistaken for who you are. However, beneath the masks of your personality is your true self or soul that has all the ego is looking for. In fact, it is the soul which is the only source of relief and healing.

The more you merge and integrate the soul into all of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings the closer to come to breaking free from the painful control of the ego. Merging your soul is the most important key to your freedom and evolution.

3. The Ego relentlessly seeks more of just about everything.

The Ego believes that more knowledge, more control, more money, and more things will lead to more safety, security, and power. For these reasons, the ego will do everything it can to continually acquire more. That is how the Ego becomes a control freak, a tyrant, and effectively enslaves you to its needs.

Quite often when a person has accumulated the money, homes, cars, and other possessions the person still feels there is something missing. They wonder if this is all there is to life. This leads to a feeling of emptiness and lack and a continuous searching for something else.

The ego is always looking for the missing piece of information, or the missing possession, or achieving an illusive goal to find completion, understanding, and happiness. The problem is the solutions do not lie in the finite physical world. The answers and resolutions all lie in discovering all the soul offers. In fact, the more the soul is present through the soul merging practice, the more you’ll replace the ego characteristics. The more the ego relinquishes control it diminishes.

4. The ego has many needs.

The ego is relentless in its search fot something it doesn’t have. Haven’t you noticed that you are always looking for something you don’t have? Then, after you acquire it you feel happy for a while, but then something else emerges that you want or think you need.

Nothing is able to satisfy the ego for more than a short time. The ego always thinks, “I don’t have enough,” “I want it,” “I need it.” When you address the needs with deep surrender, the sense of being incomplete and unsatisfied disappear and gives rise to feeling complete, fulfilled, and happy. Why is that important? Once the neediness of the ego is addressed and replaced with the fulfillment and completion the soul brings, you then have an attractor field that brings blessings, universal harmony, and a satisfied life.

5. The ego sees everyone and every situation as a potential threat.

The ego is always on the defensive. It has a very difficult time with trust. It suspects that anyone or anything may possibly hurt it in some way or even threaten its very existence, and therefore it often exaggerates the potential threats. You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.” This speaks to the ego’s proclivity to catastrophize.

The soul on the other hand lives in trust. Trust derives from surrendering fears. Surrender means letting go of all hold on any form of resistance including judgments, blame, fear, and anger.

This means the ego is continually battling imagined enemies. This is what underlies relationship problems, political disagreements, and instability in organizations. You could say the ego is paranoid at its core. To solve this dilemma you need to bring the soul to all of the fears the ego has. The soul merge process is the key to healing.

6. The ego is so dominant it keeps you unaware

The persuasiveness of the Ego is so powerful that most are not aware that their life is governed by an ego programmed mind. In fact, people will argue with you if you even suggest this. So an early step to take for your evolution is to admit you are a collection of beliefs that may be flawed or outright illusions.

The most important thing you can do in this lifetime if you are ready and willing to evolve out of the suffering and limited life you are living is to learn all you can about what makes up the ego. Once you do that then you are able to observe and address the functions of the ego, then you will be able to clear it and ultimately transcend its effects.

The best way to do that is by merging the soul into every aspect of the ego, but you need to discover what to merge the soul into. My Discover Your Core Issues program will reveal many dozens of aspects of the ego and how they trap you.

7. The ego wants to live forever

The ultimate fear the ego lives with is fear of it ceasing to exist. It seems to have a core belief that one day it will die or cease. This underlies a strong fear it will do anything to avoid. This is why the ego loves searching and seeking for more information and possessions as they create an environment that appears real and provides purpose that sustains lasting existence.

A problem eventually confronted is the recognition that spiritual evolution is a result of surrender and letting go which leads the ego to recognize that all of its needs and constructs are being deconstructed. It goes along with the process for awhile as it is titillated by new discovers, but it gradually realizes its world is getting smaller and the fear arises that all it has valued and striven for over many lifetimes is being undermined and released.

The ego is always in survival mode and defends its beliefs so it regards others as rivals or even as enemies. In order to survive the ego strives to defend, protect, sustain, and expand itself. It fears its finiteness and by accumulating control and possessions it hopes it can continue forever.

Once your surrender arrives at a very deep and complete place, the ego starts to panic and tries to put the breaks on further letting go. This is where your free will takes an important front row seat. What the ego fears will happen cannot happen. You do not cease to exist. Quite the opposite occurs as your surrender deepens. The ego’s fears and needs dissolve into the soul presence and what was feared vanishes. I explore this much further and how to accomplish it in my book Handbook for Enlightenment & Ascension in the chapters on surrender and grace.

We must reach beyond our Ego-dominated mind programs, because if we fail to do that, we will perpetuate more struggle and suffering. Your time has arrived to fully wake up to the underlying forces shaping your life, and utilize tools to clear away your ego obstacles and integrate the highest spiritual awareness possible.


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