How Awake Are You?

Life-altering events can change the course of your entire life, and of course, everyone has had them. Undoubtedly, you’ve had something happen to really shake up your life? Perhaps the death of someone you love or a pet, a divorce, losing your job, or a serious illness?

Life altering events don’t even have to be something negative. It could also just as well be something wonderful and positive…like a new loving relationship, the good fortune of an inheritance, or a career promotion.

What is The Mysterious Force Directing Your Life?

As you look back on your life, haven’t you always felt there was an unseen force guiding you? Or maybe you’d say manipulating you in ways beyond your control.

The truth is that something is guiding your life-journey. The problem is there are two main programs competing to be in charge. The most prominent force affecting you is the ego-personality which includes all the karmic forces you’ve set in motion over many lifetimes. The biggest problem with the ego operating system is it is based on fears; all sorts of fears; hundreds of fears; fears like guilt, worry, doubt, victimization, horror, doom, loss, rejection, paranoia.

Fortunately, you also have a completely different operating system that has just been waiting below the surface of your fears for you to discover it. That is your soul. But most likely, you haven’t always been aware of it or understood it. Most people go through life without a recognition of how their soul can be the most valuable asset they have. Rather, they find ways of coping with the many struggles the ego-personality program creates for them.

You see, your soul has overall goals for your evolution and you probably are not aware of what they are. Your soul is leading you from one stage to another for your entire life. Yes, there are good reasons everything happens as they do. Some things are due to your ego-personality and some are due to your soul. It all depends on how awake you are and what stage you are in on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Stages

Here are some of the main characteristics of the spiritual stages you evolve through. They will help you reflect on your life and recognize how you are guided.

Stage 1
An early sign of spiritual awakening is to notice you are starting to change some of your previously cherished beliefs. This could be triggered by circumstances in your life changing which causes you to re-evaluate what you believe, or it could be a rising curiosity to explore and understand yourself and life.

In cases of your circumstances being negative or challenging, they may cause you to seek answers in places you wouldn’t have looked before. So you seek out people and groups who offer you their perspectives. You search the internet and find books about your new interests. This searching can lead you to your next stage of spiritual discovery.

Stage 2
You become either challenged by changes in your life, or you are thrilled by new directions. In either case, you can feel yourself changing inside and that leads to new realizations, but it can also lead to confusion over conflicting explanations of what you are hearing.

If you try talking to old friends about your questions and discoveries they not understand or even relate to what you are talking about or experiencing. Yet, you are driven further to understand the changes happening within you and around you, so you keep searching for more answers. This is an exciting stage of new discoveries and spiritual realizations, and they drive you to keep seeking more spiritual breakthroughs. This leads you to stage 3.

Stage 3
At this point you realize that the answers you are seeking are inside of you and not external. This leads you to deepen meditations to discover the internal causes of what is attracted and repelled from your life.

You’ll probably experiment with a variety of techniques and practices. Some people try all sorts of devices to alter their brain waves, and go from one meditative practice to another in hopes of more answers and breakthroughs.

All the inner work you do reveals positive and negative forces within you that are responsible for what you experience. Through these discoveries you’ll find methods for eliminating what doesn’t support you.

You also delve more deeply into your spiritual nature and align yourself with love, kindness, and integrity.
People may leave your life as others enter who are more aligned with your new directions.

Stage 4
After going through the adjustments of stage 3, your life begins to smooth out. You have established some spiritual practices that are helping you evolve. In addition, you may find people who understand your journey and support you.

You live with a greater degree of happiness and satisfaction, and you feel more soul centered. You feel reassured you are on the right trajectory for your evolution. You are exploring ways to deepen your positive experiences.

Stage 5
Life is far less about struggling and more about unconditional love and peacefulness.

You are now integrating your soul in everything you experience. You have awakened to some of the wonderful gifts the soul brings to your life. You now have a sense of being whole, complete, and in unity consciousness. You are much less affected by outer circumstances, and equanimity is now more sustained in your life.

Stage 6 & Beyond
You may find you are becoming more intuitive and perceptive to everything around you. You are more insightful and wise, and others look to you for guidance.

Because you are now living a surrendered life of acceptance and non-resistance, you can be assured you are moving forward even if you are on a plateau.

Your life journey can be mystical and even magical at times. You may experience revelations that cannot be easily explained with conventional science.

Where to Go From Here

Engaging in spiritual practices on a daily basis is your key. At times you may let things slip, but it is important to put yourself back on track.

The practices that once excited you may become mundane and you may even skip them. These are all temporary phases most people go through. To keep moving forward you’ll need to recommit to clearing and releasing with a meditation practice.

There is far more guidance and details about the levels of enlightenment as what you can do to support accelerating your evolution through the stages and levels of consciousness in my book, Handbook for Enlightenment – How to Break Free from Being Trapped in an Insane Ego-Dominated World.

The book is available now on Amazon and I hope you will get a copy for yourself. It is a 7” X 10” book with over 104,000 words, which is more than most books, and every chapter is packed with profound and useful practical explanations and practices. You’ll read things you’ve wondered about and undoubtedly many things you have not heard before. It is my legacy book containing the breakthroughs in spiritual realizations and revelations that took me my entire lifetime to condense into this user manual for you.


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