It can happen in a moment—a matter of seconds, or a few minutes at most. Something shifts within you and the mind stops.  No more voices in the head, no more rambling thoughts, no more judgments, no more commentary, no more questions, no self-doubt or self-condemnation, no involuntary or uninvited thoughts—just quietness and peace.

Then a feeling of being connected with everything opens, and a realization that you are one with the source of everything. Truth becomes a direct experience and no longer a matter of how others have defined it to be. There is a connection with all intelligence and love, and an awareness of being one with and part of the entire vastness of being, yet retaining awareness of individuality—individuality but no separation.

A realization that also comes is that this is so simple. It feels so simple you think a kindergarten child could experience this. Then you feel like you are a kindergarten child yourself seeing the reality of life for the first time. You feel that now you will experience life in a whole new way—with new eyes, feelings and awareness.  It’s like starting life over.

There is a sense of freedom, lightness, and openness. There may be euphoria and bliss. There is definitely peace. What troubled you in the past seems distant and unreal. You may think you have transcended the physical, and in some ways have, yet the needs of the physical must be dealt with and cannot be ignored.

You may even run to the mirror thinking ‘I must surely have changed in some dramatic way, for I feel completely different.’ And yet the mirror reflects what it always has, but with perhaps a more relaxed expression.

There then follows an awareness that nothing in this physical realm is all that important, and the feeling inside is such complete contentment that it doesn’t seem to matter what your circumstances are—you are content.

There is an automatic awareness of being present in the moment—in the now. You no longer have to work at being present, or having the spiritual qualities you have admired in others and worked so hard for. Not that they are yet fully blossomed, but they are now automatically unfolding without effort. They are an outgrowth of the new being you have become. You realize that the enlightenment event is like a new birth—a new beginning from which far greater growth is possible than what was understood or imagined before.

What hasn’t happened yet is the release or complete transmutation of the effects of karma. Because the peace and contentment are so full, you may think you have transcended it, only to discover it still has a bite.  Releasing the karmic energy patterns is now far easier, however, for many of the factors of mind are no longer holding on.

To continue the spiritual evolutionary process each karmic issue must be addressed and released until the ego is eliminated and all pulls and attachments are gone. This happens in shifts in awareness that feel like you are popping into a new reality.  All of the false and imagined subpersonalities and identities are released one by one until they are all gone, and then one reforms in whatever way will appropriately handle what life brings in the moment—moment to moment.  There is always a sense of being beyond it all—a neutral observer and unattached participant,  yet fully capable of being more present and involved than ever before. At this point, one knows they are now, finally, fully free.

How do you trigger the enlightenment event? There are certainly many paths and many ways, but the process is most definitely accelerated by being with someone who has already achieved this state. Some of the effects may be activated by simply being in the presence of a person who has experienced the shift themselves, but it can be done more quickly and completely by directly working with such a person to the end of releasing whatever holds one back. This is precisely what my classes revolve around—by teaching ways each participant can facilitate this process in the other participants. It is also the ultimate goal of the sessions I do with people either in person or via phone.  People may come to relieve some struggle of pain, but they soon become aware there is far more available.

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