What do world leaders, local business people, and you have in common? They are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. In other words, no matter how different we may seem to be from one another, at our core we are more similar than not. We’re all composed of energy patterns, existing on different vibrational frequencies. We may look different on the outside, dressed up as lawyers, teachers, students, children, and others, but we are all in the process of experiencing a life on Earth with different costumes and disguises which set us apart from one another.

Which way of being sounds better to you?

The result of negative, materialistic thinking sets up a low vibrational frequency, whereas a more positive all-encompassing state of mind creates a higher vibrational frequency which results in a happier, lighter, accepting, and more peaceful experience.

Your Vibrational Frequency Activates the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction’s golden rule of thumb goes like this – whatever thoughts and feelings you put out into the Universe, they will come back to you like ripples in a pool. So, if you think badly about yourself, blame others, or feel as though you could never have the success you’d like, not only will the Universe listen, but it will respond by giving you more of what you hold in your consciousness. If your consciousness holds low frequency reactions such as fear, anxiety, lack, and stress, those are the vibrational frequencies of creation in your life.

Block the Transference of Negative Energy

If you work with someone who is always complaining about their job, politics, or how they’ll never have the relationship they want, beware; they are operating on a low vibrational frequency which can affect you, especially if you are experiencing a low vibrational frequency as well. You see, similar energies attract each other and form connections.

Have you ever met someone who seemed to have a wonderful glow about them? Perhaps you noticed that life flowed positively in their direction, as if by magic. It’s not magic in a fantasy sense, but it is the magic of their positive energy cultivating a positive life outcome.

You can get more “magical” positive vibrational frequency in your life by following the guidelines below, and reap the benefits in all areas of your life, from your work life to your love life and everything else!

• Commit to taking the high road. Do you live with integrity or live beneath your core values? It is easy to be in conflict with your true self because you can be swept up in the dramas surrounding you. Life spins out stories that are engaging and trick you into believing they are real, when, in fact, they are perceptions of the mind that are so convincing that your thoughts and actions validate fiction. It is important to be aligned with your inner truth and not be saying or doing what is in conflict with your deepest soul because it is the only way to happiness.

Life is meant to be as happy and fulfilling as possible, despite what challenges may come your way. When you focus on the challenges in your current love-life, health, money, or work life, you are aligning with lower frequencies than that of your soul. If you want to become happier and as fulfilled as possible, turn on your soul light, which will automatically tune you to your highest vibrational frequency. I have a plethora of resources to help you connect with your soul at this link: http://www.jonathanparker.org/land/soul-resources

Most people react to a breakup, or layoff, or health crisis with a negative, “I’m-the-victim” mentality. Admittedly, circumstances like those can be some of the most difficult things to experience in life, but if you then resent or hate those who have hurt you, or continually blame or criticize yourself or others, you lower your frequencies and you ultimately end up paying a heavy price.

When one door closes, invest in discovering the depths of your soul or True Self that facilitates other openings. You’ll attract more good into your life by shifting from negative thoughts to positive soul-based outlooks.

• Let go of the struggle, and give in to the abundance. Instead of trying to chase down your dreams, aspirations, or opportunities recognize that if you operate at a low vibration because you’re unhappy with what you have, your low vibrations can only create and attract more of the same. So switch gears into a heightened vibrational frequency by affirming that everything you need to know is within you, and everything you need is either right here in the present moment or on its way to you.

• Use daily affirmations to help set your positive intentions. Daily affirmations are one of the fastest, easiest, and dynamically effective ways to become a happier and more positively focused being. Positive statements help you set your intentions, and they immediately raise your vibrational frequency. The trick here is to feel the sensations of your affirmation intentions, and hold onto those feelings for a minute or longer.

Here are some examples of the type of affirmations to repeat for happiness, success, focus, productivity, peace, and self-love:

  • Thank you for my health, my family, my friends, and the network of love and support that surrounds me.
  • My high vibrations cultivate a sense of financial security, vibrant health, and unconditional acceptance into my life, each and every day.
  • I am enough, and give thanks for my life as it is.
  • I attract a loving, committed partner in my life that reflects what I provide for him/her – joy, acceptance, love, and happiness.
  • Everything I need or want in my life is within me.
  • I am rewarded for my skills and unique talents which take me to new opportunities for growth and financial gain.
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