You can know for sure that there is really more than one secret because if there were only one and it is that we attract what we hold in our mind, then why have so many found that it doesn’t work for them? That is certainly one aspect to the secret of life as reported in the classic work, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, but it is not the whole story; there are more secrets.

Yes, what you hold in your mind at both a conscious and subconscious level is a very important secret of life, and in order to insure what your mind is holding the first thing is you have to know where you are going; you must specifically define what you want.

What is Secret #2?

The second secret of life is your commitment. This is a profound and vital major secret of life after you determine specifically what you want. You may think it is very nice to daydream about having something, or sincerely want to have something, but if your passion and commitment to obtaining it is less than 25%, you may eventually attain it, but it may take you 100 years.

On the other hand, if you have a strong commitment you are much more likely to reach it quickly. So here is what you need to do. If your passion and commitment is less than 100%, then that tells you what you must work through to get where you are going to attain what you want.

First you should refine your statement of what you want and clarify precisely what it is. Write it down in one or two sentences.

Then, over the next three weeks spend some time each day addressing and eliminating any deficiencies in your commitment to having your goal. For example, if you have fear, anxiety, insecurity, feeling undeserving, or you have a belief there is something wrong with you, do your processing to clear it.

What Do You Do Next?

You have a choice. You can do nothing or you can do everything necessary to attain what you want. Watch the movie Ground Hog Day if you haven’t seen it, and if you have seen it recall the message of that movie. You repeat situations in life until you are on the right track with your integrity and higher purpose.

Ask yourself the following questions now about today, “Was there anything I need to know that I did wrong or out of alignment with my deepest core beliefs?”

What was the most significant gem this day?”

Are Positive Affirmations Enough To Make the Law of Attraction Work?

The thoughts you hold in your conscious and subconscious mind change by forming an acceptance of abundance and shifting your consciousness the way you view abundance.

Just repeating positive affirmations, while it can be a good thing, is working on the upper levels of your consciousness. The part of you that is aligned with abundance is deeper than the conscious or even the subconscious. It is a place in your consciousness itself that is at the core of your identity.

Here is a very deep secret of life: The amazing truth is that the fully mature, aware, and conscious being you want and imagine you will become sometime in the future is as much available right now as it will be years from now.

In other words, you do not exist more or less than at any other moment. Your personal experience in this moment may not be everything you would like to have and be as you are well aware, but that doesn’t mean you are less of what you are now than you will find yourself at some future time.

How to Do Affirmations that Work!

Step 1:

So now say, “I am abundance expressing.” Don’t just say it in your head. Connect with the feelings of abundance, and feel yourself accepting this to your deepest core.
“I am abundance expressing.”
“I am a source of manifestation.”

The beautiful aspect of this process is that even in the midst of confusion or uncertainty about some things in your life, you don’t have to have all the answers to have a positive growing relationship with abundance.

Step 2:

Next, come back to the statement, “I am the source of my manifesting,” and append something specific to that statement such as of  “a beloved mate, good health, financial security, a new car, vacation, free time, to be thin, to be rich, to feel happy, to be enlightened, to have fulfilling work, to live my life purpose.”

Make the statement and then stay with the feeling of it. State, “I am the source of my manifesting.” and fill it in with your desire.

Step 3:

This Step Reveals Secret #3

The third secret of life centers around identifying the real need behind what you want. It tells you why you want to manifest what you want to manifest. Remember earlier I said it is vital that you have commitment to attaining what you want. In exploring the need, it allows you to make a commitment to why you want to manifest what you want to manifest.

Acknowledge that you have needs, and acknowledge any uncomfortableness you have around having needs.

One reason you may be uncomfortable with needs (your own or someone else’s) is because of your connection with lack; the feeling you don’t have enough.

Here is another way to look at need.  Needs may be something which arise within you directing you to something greater than the image you hold of who you are. It is the inner urge moving you onward and upward.

As you allow the consciousness of abundance to flow into the area of the need, you experience a shift in your life in orientation to the need.

An easy way to get in touch with the need behind what you want to manifest is to explore what the relationship is of the manifestation with the rest of your life.

Here’s how to do that. How would you feel if you had this in your life now? How do you imagine you would be? Perhaps joyful, centered, happy, fulfilled, complete, at peace, etc. This gets you in touch with what you are really wanting. Then you need to ask yourself, if you could have that does the form really matter?

Why this is the secret of life #3

Fulfilling the need doesn’t mean you can’t have the form, but the form won’t be enough by itself, if you don’t address the need.

In following these steps with the secrets of life, the manifestation may not be instantaneous, but as a result of changing your inner space toward being open to receive and fulfilling the needs, you create an attractor field that brings you who or what you need, which may come in the form of just the right information you need, opportunities, and connections to lead you to what you want and need. Sometimes the process works very directly and at other times it works more broadly and indirectly.

What brings things to you outwardly is due to the changes you make inwardly.

Here’s the Conclusion

If you have a more refined sense of what you want, and you feel the energy of being 100% committed to the fulfillment of the need behind what you want to manifest, you empower the forces of creation to work for you.

Acknowledge to yourself, “I am committed to fulfilling the needs behind what I want to manifest.”

If you are ready to go more deeply into this process be sure to check out my program “The Laws of Attraction & Manifestation.” This program is not for everyone, but for those brave enough to make deep commitments.

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