Non-Local Mind, Morphic Fields & Psychic Phenomena

The transfer of information through morphic fields could explain telepathy and other psychic phenomena. For example telepathy between people and domesticated animals, is dis¬cussed in the 1999 book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake.

As any pet owner knows often dogs and cats seem to know when their owners are returning, even when they come home at non-routine times in unfamiliar vehicles such as taxis, and when no one at home knows when they are on the way. The animals seem to be responding telepathically to their owners’ intentions.

We still do not know how animals navigate and migrate, and this also may be due to invisible fields connecting the animals to their destinations.


There is already evidence from experiments on fruit flies that morphic resonance occurs in developing organisms. When fruit fly eggs were exposed to a chemical (diethyl ether), some of them developed with four wings instead of two. When this treatment was repeated generation after generation, more and more flies developed four wings, even if their ancestors had never been exposed to the chemical.


Morphic resonance has many implications for us. It should, in general, be easier to learn what others have learned before. In particular, it points to a new understanding of the nature of your mind and consciousness, which no longer needs to be seen as confined to the inside of your body or head. Larry Dossey refers to this as the non-local mind.

Just as magnetic fields extend beyond the surface of a magnet, and electromagnetic fields beyond a cell phone, so the mind extends beyond the brain through mental fields. This provides an explanation for our intuitive ability to sense when someone is looking at us from behind. There is now actually evidence for the reality of this sense. It is discussed in the book The Sense of Being Stared At, And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind. By Rupert Sheldrake.

So morphic fields give some explanation to what we experience. We are all connected and everything in creation is connected in a far deeper and more real way than ever realized before and the connection affects us all. Our consciousness in turn affects everyone. This is the principle behind our connecting in meditations through phone conferences and especially in live meditation retreats where we are all together and our bio-fields overlap. I have been repeatedly told over the years of the profound affect of coming together to meditate and experience the consciousness expansion, insights and euphoria that results from our retreats together.

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