We Live in a Field of Potentiality

It has long been proposed that we live in some sort of field which connects us with everything in existence.  While precise explanations are not easily found some insights can be gained by observing the effects of the field.

As incredible as it may seem, the field effect which affects living plants, animals and people also has been observed in non-living systems.  

For example, when a new chemical compound is synthesized by chemists and crystallized, it may take a long time for a crystal to form for the first time. There is no pre-existing morphic field for the lattice structure. But when the first crystals form, they make it easier for similar crystals to appear anywhere in the world…and the more often the compound is crystallized in one place, the easier it is to crystallize elsewhere.

Chemists usually explain this effect invisible dust particles of the crystal in the atmosphere, or chemists learning from others how to do it. But the hypothesis of morphic fields predicts that this would happen anyway under standardized conditions, even if dust particles are filtered out of the air.


The easiest way to test for morphic fields is to work with similar groups. For example, individual animals, can be separated in such a way that they cannot communicate with each other by normal sensory means. If information still travels between them, this would imply the existence of interconnections of the kind provided by morphic fields.
There is much circumstantial evidence that animal behavior can evolve rapidly as if a collective memory were building up through morphic resonance.

One example (written about in New Scientist in 1988) concerns cattle guards. Ranchers in the American West have found that they can save money on cattle guards by using fake ones instead, which consist of stripes painted across the road, whereas real cattle guards are made of a series of parallel steel tubes or rails with gaps in between, which make it difficult for cattle to walk across them.  However, present-day cattle do not usually even try to cross them. The illusory-guards work just like the real ones.

When cattle approach them, they “put on brakes with all four feet.”  Even calves encountering them for the first time avoid them just as much as cattle previously exposed to real guards, even if they have never seen cattle guards before. This aversion is thought to be a result of morphic resonance from previous members of the species that have learned to avoid cattle guards the hard way.

There are also data from laboratory experiments on rats and other animals implying that such effects occur. In one series of experiments rats learned how to escape from a water maze. New batches of rats were tested month-by-month, year-by-year. As time went on, rats in laboratories all over the world escaped more and more quickly.

Morphic fields are one explanation of the non-local field effects that have so often been observed in distant healings, psychic phenomena, and many other paranormal experiences not to mention the spiritual counseling sessions I do nearly everyday with people all over the world via phone.  We are all connected below the level of our five senses in a far deeper and more real way than anyone realizes.  This being the case, we should recognize that we all have an effect on each other in ways that we have only begun to explore.

I’ll have more on this subject in my next blog entry in Part III at this link.  

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