The Power of the Mind to Change the Body

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in.” And the same is true of your body. If you grab the fat around your waist, or any place else of your choice, the fat you are holding between your fingers is not the same fat that was there last month. Your fat cells fill up with fat and empty out constantly, so that all of it is exchanged every three weeks.

You acquire a new stomach lining every five days and the innermost layer of stomach cells is exchanged in a matter of minutes as you digest food. Your skin is new every five weeks. Your skeleton, which seems to be so solid and rigid, is entirely new every three months.

You appear to be the same outwardly, yet you are like a building whose bricks are constantly being replaced by new ones. Every year a full 98% of the total number of atoms in your body is replaced—this has been confirmed by radioisotope studies at the Oak Ridge laboratories in California. This is going on in each of our bodies all the time, and what the studies of multiple-personality disorders show us is that this process is apparently at least somewhat under the control of a state of mind.

The literature on multiple personalities includes patients who can transform the color of their eyes from blue to brown. One woman had three separate menstrual periods each month, corresponding to her three separate personalities. In other cases one personality might have diabetes and the person will be insulin-deficient as long as that personality is in force. Yet the other personalities may be completely free of diabetes, testing normally for insulin levels.

Another personality may have high blood pressure while the others do not. And the stories go on and on…even warts, sores, and other skin blemishes have been seen to appear and disappear with the changing of personali¬ties.

Most of these cases would be said to be medically impossible and yet they occur. So the implication here is that the chemistry of the body changes as something changes in the brain and mind.

Once we grasp the fact that a choice is being made at some level to change the body, then we confront the sobering possibility that we are all also choosing our own conditions and diseases, too.

Now of course, we are not aware of these choices, because they take place at a level below our everyday thoughts. The implication is that there is an intelligence contained at a level deeper than the molecules. But the real question for us is if such an ability exists, can we control it?

The secret of life at the quantum level is that anything in your body can be changed with a change of consciousness, and consciousness changes through intention. Please see my website for more information:

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