There was a concept presented in the movie the Matrix that seemed to ring a familiar note in the hearts and minds of many and it concerns the Quantum Field that seems to connect everything in creation.

This is an interesting subject as well as an important one as it explains much of what people experience in altered states and meditation, but it also gives us an understanding of the nature of our reality and how we affect each other.  I operate in this realm everyday not only in my personal meditations, but most profoundly in my phone consultations with people.

It is known that we live in a field of energy which is all around us, but we are not usually aware of the nature or qualities being carried in this field because they lie beyond the range of our 5 senses.  So we call this field a subtle-energy field.  It is a field of consciousness and potentiality, and through it everything and everyone is connected.  Often those connections are not something we want.

In biology there are recognized fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals and they are called morphogenetic fields. They were first proposed in the 1920s, and this concept is widely used within biology. But the nature of these fields has remained obscure. A modern researcher named Rupert Sheldrake suggests they are part of a larger family of fields called morphic fields which include fields of animal behavior and social fields that organize societies.

For example, fish and birds can choose to go in any direction, but schools of fish and flocks of birds conform the behavior of the individuals so they move together rather than at random.

Morphic Resonance

The means by which information or patterns are transferred from one system to another of the same kind is called morphic resonance. It’s somewhat akin to the resonance effect that happens when a string is plucked on an instrument and the other strings begin to vibrate in resonance with it.  With Morphic resonance these influences do not decrease with distance  or time.

And the greater the degree of similarity of the systems involved, the greater the influence of morphic resonance.  With people there is a kind of collective memory in the Morphic field similar to what is called the collective unconscious.

This is what happens with fads and styles. Many people get excited about the same kinds of things at the same time and they have to have them.  Inventors have experienced this with several people coming up with the same invention at about the same time even though they had no contact or knowledge of each other.

As incredible as it may seem, this phenomena is also observed in non-living systems.  I’ll go into that subject the next time in part II at this link.  To better understand the overview of the mystical nature of our existence check out my Pathways to Mastership  and other programs.

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