An Instruction Book for Life

Do you remember when you bought a car you got a detailed instruction manual? The same is true when you buy a washing machine, TV, or any other appliance.

Have you ever wondered where is the instruction manual for life? Oh sure, there are thousands of self-help books, and religions have attempted to give explanations, but where do you go to find the answers to your biggest challenges and questions? Here are some questions it is difficult to find answers for:

1. Is there really life after death and what is it like?
2. What is your purpose?
3. What should you be doing with your life?
4. Where are you headed in this life?
5. Have you lived other lives? How can you know?
6. Why are you on Earth?
7. How can you handle trauma and emotional pain?
8. How do you make your relationships work successfully and last?
9. Do you have a soul and what is it?
10. With all the religions in the world how do you know what is true?

I’m sure you can add a lot to that list. My point being there is no instruction manual so you are left to figure things out for yourself. That was a hard fact I had to face early in life. I don’t think I’m the only one who has been looking for a handbook of instructions that explains the fundamentals of life.

Since I didn’t find one I decided to set about making it my life’s work to cut through the confusion and mystery. It wasn’t an easy process and it took an entire lifetime to distill my discoveries, but the result is a book that not only explains our spiritual purpose and evolution, but also how to be proactive at accelerating the process.

Without explanations and guidance on what to do, you could spend decades on side trips, dead ends, and give up causing you to miss the opportunity to make a quantum leap in this lifetime.

Why Me?

I really don’t know why I started having so many visions, realizations, and shifts in consciousness, but they were probably a consequence of my relentless pursuit of deep truths to explain many seeming mysteries of life. I can tell you that they started when I was 30 years old. Something began waking up in me that was more like remembering something important I had forgotten. The messages began coming to me like voices and visions.

Sometimes I was aware of an angelic teacher, and other times it just came as flash realizations in which I received a large download of insights in a few seconds. This has continued almost uninterrupted on a regular basis ever since.

I’ve always been extremely curious about understanding how everything works and I love sharing what I discover. Once I graduated from high school I was on a mission to research all of the sciences to uncover why things are as they are. I took every undergraduate science course the college offered including chemistry, physics, biology, and Earth sciences. But even after that I felt there was something still missing in my understanding so next I enrolled in another college to study religion. That took several more years and led me to psychology. I took all the educational psych, clinical psych, and counseling psych classes in graduate school, and that is when my journey accelerated.

About half way through my graduate school psych program I delved into what were called mystery school teachings that included fringe subjects such as reincarnation, life on other planets, angels, master beings, mythology, enlightenment, and other esoteric topics. This is when I started using meditation techniques to uncover what the five major senses do not reveal.

After several years of experimenting with various forms of meditation and altered states I began experiencing events that could not be explained by conventional science, psychology, or Western religion. I found I could see energy fields around people and within those fields was a vast amount of information each person accumulated over lifetimes. I could see it all on a timeline and was able to help people understand themselves and through methods of clearing the blocks and limiting programming in a person’s consciousness, I could help them rise to higher awareness and more fulfilling life.

At this point in my life I have done more than 50,000 one-on-one sessions with people, as well as hundreds of classes, retreats, and workshops. These have resulted in so many revelations from beyond the senses I lost count a long time ago.

All this lead me to my decision to write out in detail what I have discovered because I believe everything I have experienced anyone can learn to experience. People sometimes refer to what I do as a gift, but I always explain that I think it is more a skill that anyone can develop if they are willing to commit to it. My new book is titled Handbook for Enlightenment & Ascension – How to Break Free from being Trapped in an Insane Ego-Dominated World. Here are a few subjects covered:

What are the Major Levels of Consciousness
The Golden Path to Enlightenment
Why Most Methods to Quiet Your Mind Fail
How Your Ego-Mind Tricks You
How to Deeply Clear all Negative Karma
Ascension and Life in Higher Dimensions
How to Discover Your Soul
How to Clear Causes of Struggles
How to Open Your Heart and Deepen Spiritual Love
How to Live in Trust
How to apply a surrender technique to breakthrough all illusions

Plus 100 questions and answers on enlightenment and your spiritual evolution.

The book is available now on Amazon and I hope you will get a copy for yourself. It is a 7” X 10” book with over 104,000 words, which is more than most books, and every chapter is packed with profound and useful practical explanations and practices. You’ll read things you’ve wondered about and undoubtedly many things you have not heard presented this way before. It is my legacy book containing the breakthroughs in spiritual realizations and revelations that took me my entire lifetime to condense into this user manual for you. You can read about 20 pages for free on Amazon. Handbook for Enlightenment.



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