When I was 19 (more than 50 years ago) I went off to college in Pennsylvania, and through a very convincing roommate, became involved with a church that did not believe in the existence of a soul. 

Now the reality of the soul is one of the most important questions of life, yet how do we know if it really exists?

I’m reminded of a famous experiment done by some English medical students in the 19th century. They cut up a cadaver looking for a soul…

…and of course they didn’t find it. But it’s worth mentioning that they found no DNA either, though it did exist, just not within their capacity to understand or observe.

But I digress…

So, for years I operated under this “no soul” world view…and obviously eventually I unraveled my belief system, but…

…what changed my mind?

When I left the church I began reading everything and anything I could find that had to do with the afterlife…books like “Life After Life”

and I wondered…

what if I really do have a soul? 

How could I know one way or the other???… and isn’t that a pretty important thing to know?

Do you have these big questions?
Who am I? 
Why and I here? 
Where am I going?

Well, I not only wanted to know the answers…I wanted my own experiences to validate the answers, and I wasn’t satisfied with reading about what someone else said in a book. As the Buddha said“Doubt everything, Find your own light.”

Would you like to know how I found my own light?

By direct experiences

After literally thousands of hours in meditation and looking into the beliefs and practices of all the major world’s religions, I was able to form a solid basis for my beliefs not only from my direct experiences, but also from the experiences of thousands of people I have personally known and helped.

When you allow yourself time to be with your soul, you will strengthen the knowledge of the Divine essence that is inherent in you.

Here’s why that is important for you.

When I wrote my book, “The Soul Solution,” I made sure I included experiential meditations so you could have your own direct experiences too.

I even recorded some of the meditations from “The Soul Solution” for folks who hungered for their own experiences like me. 

You’ll find the link to the meditations here along with some other really great free stuff. 

 Just click on the “Claim Free Gifts” button and enter the code given in the book.

If you don’t have “The Soul Solution” yet, you can pick it up from Amazon.com or BarnesAndNoble.com for about $11 bucks.

Once you read it you’ll discover your own light…not just what someone else has told you. 

…and here’s a 10 minute video with insights into how to connect with your soul and bring positive change into your life.

I’ll have more for you on the soul next week.

From the Heart,

PS If you decided to read my book, as always, I’d love to hear from you personally about your experiences or questions you may have.

PSS Here’s a  review from Amazon…This was the perfect book to help me to move forward in my life. Through the guided meditations, I have been able to move beyond fears that have been making me miserable and keeping me stuck in a rut. Jonathan’s easy-going style and simple explanations makes the process of reconnecting with your sense of purpose easier than I had imagined.

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