Last week I was talking to a client who has been on a spiritual path for decades and he said to me… “Have you noticed how the path of a spiritual discovery is not an easy one?”

Even though you’re on a spiritual path you can still feel alone, vulnerable and isolated, cast into this cruel, dog-eat-dog world…

…and there are so many confusing and conflicting ideas and beliefs being thrown at you all the time. 

I get that…

It took me decades to unravel the details on the wide spectrum of forces affecting our every day experience. 

Have you ever felt like if you keep going, somehow, someday, you will attain total fulfillment, completion, and enlightenment? 

…you are driven to keep trying, seeking, building, learning, acquiring, and controlling, but for some reason you never achieve lasting fulfillment or completion?

To discover your spiritual truth, you need only turn your attention to it with the intention of reconnection. I know that sounds simple, but it took me a long time to figure out exactly how to do that.

The key to transformation utilizing the soul is through opening the heart center to the soul’s deep love. This is how you bridge the broad gap between seeking and searching for spiritual awakening and actually attaining it.

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony.” Notebooks (1451-1519), 

…and Alice Bailey (Theosophist 1880-1949) said, “It is the Soul alone that heals the form.” 

By utilizing direct connection with your soul, you access a healing force on your health, relationships, finances or anything else that directly affects your happiness and fulfillment.

I have a short free audio that explains merging with your soul.

Next I’ll will reveal to you what the big block is to knowing your soul, and what you can do about it, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for part 3 in this series. 

From the heart,

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