There are 5 mantras to become more enlightened

Here’s why they work…

Did you know your soul is already Enlightened and Ascended?

In other words, your soul is already intelligent and wise, ever compassionate, unconditionally loving, deeply peaceful, joyfully happy, playfully light-hearted, optimistically positive, free-flowing, creative, fulfilled and harmonious.

Now, you just need to get the rest of your thinking, feelings, and beliefs to catch up with it.

One way to help you do that is to repeat specific affirmations and powerful mantras on spiritual light while you are in a meditative state.

Your soul is already a radiant light. By putting your focus on your inner light it expands and brightens because whatever you pay attention to grows, whether it’s your favorite hobby, your relationship or your soul.

For example:

Relax and repeat the following while keeping your attention on your Heart-Soul Center in the center of your chest…

Practice saying these 5 mantras to become more enlightened slowly and reverently, pausing for several seconds between each statement…

  • I allow myself to ascend into light
  • I love the light of my soul.
  • I invite the light to fill me and surround me
  • The light feels good.
  • I love the light.

The light of your soul is your most transformational resource, so you’ll want to spend time discovering its gifts.

In my next email in this series, I’ll give you more ways you can accelerate your spiritual evolution so you can achieve ascension and enlightenment in this lifetime.

It’s within your reach in ways it has not been in all of recorded history. We are truly living in a very special time.

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