The soul of each person on this earth has made choices to participate in particular life experiences for many different and yet specific reasons. Nearly everyone instinctively feels they have a purpose, yet at times it can be difficult to determine exactly what that purpose is. In order to find this out, and many other important aspects of one’s being, one must first develop spiritual awareness.

To become spiritually aware, means to connect with one’s soul, inner spirit, and eternal consciousness. It also means to connect with the inner peace that lies within all humans, albeit often at a deep level. In doing this, one can allow his or her true nature to emerge from the divine Source that lies within all human beings. This is the peaceful spirit that connects one to his or her own body and life experiences. This inner being is sometimes called our true self, authentic self, higher self, or our natural state. It is the aspect of who we are and know ourselves to be at our deepest core, and it is the part of us that enables us to connect with the divine and know our purpose.

What Can Happen Without Spiritual Awareness

Generally, when people do not feel fulfilled internally they seek external experiences in an attempt to fill those needs. This is often what drives people from one person or experience to another, and to wanting more and more.

In more extreme cases, lack of spiritual inner awareness can often lead to the kind of unhappiness that causes people to choose drugs and alcohol or other destructive means, as escapes from the demons that life sometimes hands them. The individual who has drug addictions or some other type of serious problems that keeps him or her in a state of unhappiness, can benefit greatly by becoming spiritually aware. Doing so can be a life transforming experience, because it can instill or restore those feelings of inner peace that are so important to living a rich, fulfilling life. It can negate the feeling that one needs to have those types of negative experiences altogether.

The Awareness is Within Reach

For some, becoming spiritually aware lies buried at levels that may seem impossible to access. Life can be tumultuous and stressful. Without a doubt, it can be busy, fast-paced, and at times challenging and difficult. Some people allow this to overcome their thinking and turn to the aforementioned things for escape or in an attempt to find fulfillment. Some are not even aware that inner peace can exist, but be assured it is there, waiting to calm and soothe the spirit and straighten out the chaos of everyday life.

You may have encountered some who have found becoming spiritually aware is an easy task. It is something that was easy for them to achieve. They have fashioned their lives around eliminating stress and engaging in regular meditation practices. They have a sense of order and direction and know how to make the kinds of choices that will result in peaceful outcomes. They make life look easy.

However, for others, finding, recognizing and drawing out the inner peaceful spirit is not that simple. It might not manifest as naturally for those who are not as in touch with their feelings and emotions, or those who live in a particularly stressful environment. These are the people who do not understand that they can consciously choose the direction in which their thoughts can go. This latter group simply needs to slow down and develop a routine that includes practices that deepen their connections with their inner soul and spirit.

How to Cultivate Spiritual Awareness

Allowing one’s inner spirit to guide him or her, anyone can summon inner peace to the surface so that it will be the predominating factor in one’s demeanor and life. When minds are at ease, lives are ordered and calm. Decisions can be made with more clarity and problems will begin to resolve themselves as answers surface. It can change everything for the better.

The first step to becoming more aware involves quiet. It entails stopping everything to listen to the silence underneath the distractions. One must reach deep within his or her inner consciousness to summon that which is peaceful. One must seek out a quiet place, not only in his or her physical location, but also in the body, soul, and heart. The quietness must be allowed to flow into and through one’s mind and body. One must give it permission to be drawn into his or her being.

Connecting with the spiritual heart and the peacefulness that is there is the place to begin. This is most easily and effectively done with the eyes closed while holding an intention to drop deeply into the inner peace that lives there. Hold your focus on your heart center where your soul anchors into you. The first several times you do this you may not notice much, but with practice you will connect and transform.

Spiritual Help is Always Available

If a person finds this difficult, it does not hurt to ask for help. This may seem confusing, but the option exists to simply ask the universe, God, and spiritual resources for help in finding inner peace. In order to receive we must first ask for what we want and need and then live in peaceful trust that we are being guided.

To find spiritual awareness, one should take a moment to find the sensation that one has when he or she is doing something that allows him or her to commune with one’s own spiritual presence. It is that feeling of being awake and alive in a way that is unhampered by external distractions. If one quiets oneself and simply asks, he or she will be shown the way. Our divine connection is closer than our breath. We have only to ask, trust, and be open to receive.

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