The New Age – A Metaphysical Revolution

The search for understanding the meaning of life goes back to the earliest chronicles of recorded history. Ancient records are replete with accounts reflecting rich traditions of cultures looking beyond themselves for meaning. Today we are on the threshold of a New Age in which breakthroughs in science are finding parallels with the ageless teachings of mystics and philosophers. The exploration of inner space has become as important as outer space as meditation and visualization practices are increasingly being used for breaking new frontiers in the transformation of consciousness and leading to the realization of our greatest potentials.

We at this very moment are standing at the gateway of the greatest leap of the human spirit. We are unraveling the deep inward mysteries of life and coming to understand our nature and the place it plays in the complexities of the universe. What was once esoteric and paranormal is now being understood and revealed as quite normal and perhaps even easy to understand in the light of a new matrix presented by theoretical physics. We have now arrived at an age of new discovery, self-discovery, and growth unparalleled in human history.

 Much of what the New Age is concerned with is the vast and fascinating field of study known as metaphysics–the study that deals with the nature and meaning of all existence. It is the most fundamental and comprehensive of all searches, for it is concerned with reality as a whole. It is not really the study of the supernatural, for metaphysical laws are natural– even if not yet discovered by science.

 Ancient Philosophers & Modern Scientists

Before the word “scientist” was coined in 1840, philosophers and scientists alike were known only as philosophers. Before then (and for some time afterward) a philosopher like Plato and a scientist like Sir Isaac Newton were called philosophers. To distinguish between them, it was necessary to call Newton a “natural philosopher” and Plato a “metaphysical philosopher.”

As recently as a hundred years ago, scientific implements like test tubes and Bunsen Burners were still described in popular literature as “philosophical instruments.”

During the 20th-century a sharp line was drawn between science and philosophy. Recently, however, that line has begun to diffuse once again! Thanks to the work being done in such “philosophical sciences” as quantum physics and new theoretical physics, we learn that it is really impossible to separate science and philosophy into two different distinct areas of inquiry– they are quite interconnected. Both seek to define what is ultimately real and what is merely apparent. The word that best describes this union is metaphysics–which is perhaps more relevant to today’s scientific inquiry then when it was first used more than two millennia ago to title a treatise written by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Metaphysics Underlies all Religions

Since metaphysics is concerned with the meaning and purpose of existence, it encompasses many of the underlying teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Jewish Mysticism, Indian philosophy, Sufism as well as many ancient cultures such as those of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Mayan’s. In more recent times Jungian psychology, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and the theories of quantum mechanics have all been associated with the vast aspects of metaphysics.

The broad path of metaphysics offers freedom from superstitions and fear-ridden beliefs. It gives an understanding of the forces that influence our lives, of the universe as an orderly system, and of how we determine our own life circumstances. “Religion” is a word that originally meant “to connect with the source,” and through metaphysical exploration a person can experience the source of all existence — the Soul or Divine essence.

As we explore more deeply we see that many of the great figures of history, philosophers and scientists alike, are numbered with influential Metaphysicians. Some prominent names included philosophers such as St. Thomas Aquinas, Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Leibniz, Alfred Whitehead, Rene Descartes, and John Dewey. Important writers such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, revolutionary psychologists such as Carl Jung and William James; noted leaders such as Benjamin Franklin and Mahatma Gandhi; and eminent scientists such as David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, and Karl Pribram. The list, of course, could be far more extensive where we to enumerate all who have been involved in contributing to metaphysical thought. The field has attracted many of the greatest minds of all time and is now poised on the threshold of the greatest breakthroughs in history.

Metaphysics & Science Begin to Merge Again

In the science called quantum physics, physicists have demonstrated what practiced meditators have long said: space and time are not absolute; the universe is an individual will; matter isn’t actually solid; “empty” space isn’t empty at all. As revolutionary as these concepts may at first appear, they underlie the mystics philosophies that span millennia. We are only now learning that mysticism and the new physics both reveal the oneness of all things and the nature of reality itself. The perception of oneness with the universe that is often spoken of by meditators is not only the central characteristic of mystical experiences, but also one of the most important revelations of modern physics.

Physicists David Bohm has stated in his book, that wholeness and the implicate order postulated by relativity and quantum theory, imply the need to look on the world as an undivided whole in which all parts of the universe, including the observer and instruments, unite in one totality.

Metaphysical thought maintains that we are not separate, but connected to and in unity with everything. Scientists have joined the humanists in recognizing the amazing array of possibilities that lie within the human potential. We are starting to see that there are human capabilities that lie literally beyond genius…and we are starting to tap into them.

Advanced thinkers the world over are predicting that humanity, so long in turmoil and without understanding of the universe, is on the brink of a golden era. We seem to be at the beginning of an exciting new age which promises to change the quality of life for all people everywhere. Recent discoveries in brain research, parapsychology, consciousness research, computer technologies, molecular biology, and physics are building toward a completely new world view. Experts in consciousness studies agree it is possible to take control of our life and what happens inside our bodies, even at a cellular level. We are on the frontier of knowledge that could eventually create a world free from physical and psychological pain or limitations.

It is simply not possible within the limits of this brief introduction to cover the variety of empowering experiences available to you through the programs offered through our spiritual and metaphysical programs, but know this, everything within your life is capable of being changed. Nothing, however, will change until you decide to accept responsibility and begin those changes. You know in your heart that your life can be different in ways that are closer to an expression of who and what you really are. This is the revealing of your true self or soul which has all the qualities you have ever admired in saints and luminaries.

To reach these levels of awakening you must remove layer upon layer of false premises and programming and the many self-created and self-defeating illusions by which you have lived life. Much of what you believe  about yourself has to be let go before progress can be made. The progress and rewards that await you are wonderful beyond imagination; a fulfillment of health, prosperity, abiding happiness, joy, contentment, energy, a love of life, pure unconditional love, and an understanding and realization of deep truth.

It is these qualities that our audio programs can help bring about in your life. If you ready to release your limitations and reach out to new levels of growth, why not take the ultimate journey inward in pursuit of your true self? Your future is in your hands–no one else’s! You hold the key to your own destiny and there is a higher, happier, and thrilling way to live.

The hundreds of recorded programs by Dr. Jonathan Parker contain the wisdom of the ages distilled from a lifelong search. In these programs you will find hour-after-hour of intimate instruction containing a wealth of intricate information presented with amazing clarity and simplicity, and you will be immersed in enlightening guided meditative experiences. These programs are about learning to understand the flow of the universe and your rightful place in that flow.

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